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Replying! :D

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About Me

Hello there! I'm a tagline! Please to meet you!
Me, Myself, and I

Okay sooo heres the facts! You know the life story already so theres no point me writting that down...:D

.x.Ginevra Molly Weasley .x.

.x.GinGin or just Gin or Gin-gin Robin ;) .x.
.x. 11th August 1992 .x.
.x. Sixteen .x.
.x. Brown Eyes .x.
.x. Reddy Brown Hair .x.
.x. Hogwarts .x.
.x. Griffindor .x.
.x. Fifth Year.x.
.x. Taken by Logan :D xx .x.
.x. Blissfully Happy as always .x.
The Other Half Of Me


Love them both! In differnt ways of course! :] x

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  • Ooc: The Real Me! x

    Ooc: So I just wanted to let you all know about the girl behind Ginny just in case you think that some RPers are just dirty old perverts trying to talk to young teenagers! :P Now Im not saying that there is or anything but you can never be too sure! :L but just to tell you that I am a real person! :D
    Okay so here goes!
    Im Vanessa...Also known as Nessa to most of you and all my friends in Ooc life but you can call me whatever you like! Such as Soup bowl for instance (eh Lauz? ;) )
    Im fifteen years young ;) and loving life at the mo'! :D
    Im from Ireland...And Im not going to tell you where abouts cos tbh i dont want stalkers! :P
    The reason i started roleplay is that Im a self confessed Harry Potter geek, as many of you are and i wanted to be with 'my own kind' so to speak :L
    I wouldnt say Ginny is my ultimate fave character but I roleplay her anyways! :)
    Ive made a lot of Ooc friends on this and i just wanna tell them all that they are so cool and i love them loads! And if i ever have to leave roleplay without saying goodbye I'll never forget you guys! Im not gonna name names but you'll know who you are! ;)
    I'll admit that every once in a while i just feel that i cant be bothered with roleplay anymore and i get really close to deleting but something always stops me and i think its all the awesome friends Ive met on this! <----- Did i mention Im a bit of a gay somtimes! :L
    Anyways thats basically me! :D I'll edit this if i think of anything else you need to know but for now thats it! ;)

    P.S. Random fact: This just shows how much Im addicted to HP - I have a ginger cat....which i named Dobby, yes as in 'Dobby the House Elf"! :L
    Love Nessa
    :D x

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  • The-Mars-Bars
    luv The-Mars-Bars

    "Nothing..." Veronica frowned, "He just left..." she frowned and took another scoop of ice cream just as a loud noise echoed from above them. Veronica couldn't help but laugh. "That'll be your fiance awake" she grinned at Ginny. [Ooc] :L :L lol yeah i've met too many Team Edwarders XD Yeah i used to hate Jake but now i love him XD Well he's really funny and tres amusant and when you're in his head in Breaking Dawn you see how much loss he's had and how much he loves Bella and wanted her to live :) xx

  • The-Mars-Bars
    luv The-Mars-Bars

    Veronica grinned and moved over so she had enough room. She took a spoon and ate a large scoop of ice cream. "Yum!" she grinned. "Well... remember Ollie?" she asked, "Well a while ago he... he proposed to me... but... he went away for a long time.." she sighed. "He's back now but i don't know what's happening" she frowned, looking at the ring on her finger. [Ooc] Oui XD :L :L Yeah! So many times! Still to go see it with my folks and my friend Nicole XD Everyone's on Team Edward *rolls eyes* i've came to assume it of everyone :L :L I'm Team Jake XD xx

  • The-Mars-Bars
    luv The-Mars-Bars

    "Like it? I love it!" she squealed, pulling Ginny into a hug. Veronica clapped her hands together and grinned, "All hail yummy stuff" she laughed. "Oh don't worry about it. I love cupcakes" she laughed again, taking the cupcake. "Hmm... Cookie Dough!!" [Ooc] :L :L Koolio!! How awesome are they!!? :D :D Let me guess... you're on Team Edward? xx

  • luv Lestrange'

    "Jake destests me, he's some popular Slytherin and I'm just some Ravenclaw prefect who nobody looks twice at," he replied hastily before laughing softly. "There's only one girl I like," he muttered silently, more to himself than to her.

  • Ella Hayes
    Ella Hayes

    hi there

  • The-Mars-Bars

    [Ooc] Oui oui :D :L Yep! I love that boy XD Oooh!! You should!! XD Have you read Twilight? :) Oooh!!! Yes! Very naughty :L :L xxx "Oh Gin, you know i love you very much. If you needed to talk, i would always listen" she grinned. When she handed her the box she raised an eyebrow, "Thought you were already engaged" she joked, laughing then opening the box. "Oh my god... Gin..." she gasped, "It's beautiful! It must have cost so much money..."

  • The-Mars-Bars
    luv The-Mars-Bars

    [Ooc] :L :L Then that's all of them XD Although, Kassie (demi) has a split personality called Kyra XD lol i like rp-ing boys :D You get to stare at pictures of them :L :L OOOOHHHH!!!! You!! You have!! yey!! *claps* :D :L xx Veronica's jaw dropped open at the blonde comment but her eyes stayed shut. When she mentioned the present, however, her eyes shot open again. "Oooh!! Gimmi gimmi!!" she grinned, clapping her hands.

  • Lestrange'

    Ben shrugged with a small sigh before glancing around before back at Ginny with a tint of red in his cheek. "I like you Ginny, I don't care if anyone else likes me."

  • Lestrange'

    Ben looked down nervously as she shouted at him slightly too loud for his liking. "Of course not, you have many friends and why would anyone think twice to look at me."

  • The-Mars-Bars

    [Ooc] :L :L Yeah i'm pretty much the same XD I have? Who's the last you can remember? XD Don't see why not :) But i warn you... if you add someone, you'll want to add more XD It happened to me XD x Veronica's eyes shot open and she yawned sleepily before closing them again. "Yeah Gin... i know... you and Logan *yawn* engaged"

  • Lestrange'

    Ben rubbed the back of his neck with a nod before quickly shaking his head. "Of course I don't Ginny, I mean your too popular and too good looking for me."

  • The-Mars-Bars

    [Ooc] :D :D lol XD Jolly good! I'll really do my best to get on more too :) Sure thing :D And we were off to get Veronica's birthday present XD Um... not much really :L :L What about you? xx Veronica was in the Gryffindor common room. She had fallen asleep on the sofa that night after staying up late to do her homework and her parchments and books were spread across the table and some had fallen to the floor. The ink had also fallen over and had dried onto many of her things. She rolled around on the sofa, still sleeping, mumbling stuff under her breath.


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