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bebos the one place i can go where nothing has changed,and nowone has grown up<33

12/7/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

bebo iniiiiiit. facebook me(:

bebos the one place everyone can go, where nothing has changed, nobody has grown up and we're stuck in the moment, all the good old days where we was all young+didn't care. times change, people change- but memories last foreverrrr


The Other Half Of Me


still best friends foreverrrrr!


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  • memories(:

    write a memory you've had with me; good or badd:]

    36 Comments 216 weeks

  • Hacking'ss#ox'..x

    hacked once again
    Chloee Nicole Rundlee, shes rather tall compared to me :$, she likes to take the piss alot aswell , she makes me laff alott! if she changed bein chloe then i dunow wa i wud do tbh loveyou chlo x ^ Thatss Sophiee E btww

    Heloa . ilovechloetbh . She likes talking about sex anaa likee . God the nicknamess wee gott . i dunt actually know wa life wud be like without Chloweeee Shee's Mine & Johnnys Sexy Bitch :) . Uhm, and she has veryy rood emoticons on msn . She's a freak; but i love her . Love'you ;Rundaal' . By, Ryan; on friday 13th of Feb . 12:09

    h a c k e d d ! !
    Well tbqh, Chloe's quite Tall not very tall though because Jarred's catching up & he's not very tall, Well anywayys . Chloe 's just dirty minded tbh , she's just constantly talking about wanking an all that shit an Always Flirting with sum poor bugga But what people dont know is , shee's acctually knecked RYAN Harris & even though she's singull naww she's had 5 Valentines Cards , Paaah (H). She really is a Emo at heart you see, because she keeeps sayin haw sad her life is but acctually its not very sad at all , cause she's got me , ann i brighten up everybuddies world , ann tbh the problems she's had in the past few days ., Phew ! thank gods their ova . Butt Despite all the rudenesss , dirty mindedness ann the cheek , I lovaaa' i doo . Ann tbqh theres neva a dull moment when your with her . even though she's got a bumm facee ann takes the mic of a certain Lauren Luckett But i still lovaa & i always Will

    Nadiaa Louisee Roberrtsss Hackingg Chloee Nicolee Rundlee
    Onn thee 27 Aprill 2009 :D att 21:07 ;) Ritee thenn, Thiss girll iss suchh aa laugh, Everydayy, Sheee's a fabb frienndd too havee andd alwayss will bee,
    She's Randomm ass fuckk !! ;) , Andd shee's willingg to beatt upp anybodyy, :L ;)
    Shee's a happy chapp :) , Imm soo glad ivee gott her as a friendd, I wouldnt havee laughed soo muchh inn my lifeee (Y) !!,

    Ilovee'uu Louisee JonessChloeeee :) xxxxxxxx

    Robertaaa on Rundle'ss Page Babyy!
    bloody hell where do i start! She's My Girlhugs,kisses the lott ;) She's well tall Man, i mean i'm tall but tha is just talkin the piss :L The Boys Must Be queing up cos, she's a stunna! Chlo, i'm always here for youu nomara wha babes (yn). iloveeyouu:) Haackkkeedd By RobynHaycox on the 30th April 2009 at 22:00 love you Chlo xxxx♥

    catherine in thuu housee.
    well well well, i love my chloe lots&lots. im a propa shawtaay next to her; buh its only cause shes about 20ft higher than me building with feet maan aha. (: shes gorgeous tbh +& anyboy would be lucky to have her. always here for you nmw ok? uu jus gor hacked on 28th april at 19:18pm. iloveyouloadsprincess!#♥

    !#♥ Raaacheeel Haackkiin chloeee'Rundleee's blogg x8)
    ^Onn'thee 27th/06/09 , :L
    Welll welll well, Chloee' aint half a wankkaa ayeee;) :L
    youu wunt get borred of her , noo waaaayy !!!x, sheee's an irregulaar sizee & makes me feel depressed cause i'm shorrtt buttt theree youu goo ineeehh, Shee's got a never ending cold, and heer nose blowwing noises are fawll fair play like, Bhuurr shee;s beaasstt when it comes to arguementss:L , shee's the onee for all the comebaacks anaat, likee a daay when someone said to 1 of us , we aint got no pubess, so chloe goes"She's got more pubes than you havee hairr, baatt"!! pmsll!!, Shee aint half a stunnaa too:L , totallyy obsessed with Jarredd Evaaans btww:P , & we've finally got him to go out with herrr x , after non stopp naggingg:P , she's lookiin forward to her neck off him big time anywaay, butt it'll bee funn to watch tbqh, Cause,cause jarreds ac

    5 Comments 230 weeks

close 11 Layers of Me

11 Layers Of Me

Layer One: On the Outside
Full Name: chloenicolerundle(:
Birthday: 26 sept.
Current Location: house.
Eye Color: brown.
Hair Color: brown(N); dyin ir tho(:
Righty or Lefty: rightyyy
Zodiac Sign: libraa
Layer Two: On the Inside
Your Strengths: dance.
Ambition in life: to become a dancer[L]
Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: [yawn] fukk.
Your bedtime: i make my own bedtime(:
Your most missed memory: the people ive lost[U]
Layer Four: Pick Your Choice
Pepsi or Coke: coke
McDonald: MCDONALDS[h]
Single or Group dates: wharever(:
Adidas or Nike: nikeee
Lipton Tea or Nestea: normal teaa. with a teabag.
Chocolate or Vanilla: bubblegummmm.
Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee: hot
Layer Five: Do You
Smoke: do i fukk.
Have a current crush: yeaa(:
Think you: yea alot of times.
Want to get married: yeaa(:
Believe in yourself: yeaa:L
Think you: fuk no.
Layer Six: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: yessssh
Gone to the mall: nope.
Eaten Sushi: naah
Gone skating: nope...
Dyed your hair: no(:
Layer Seven: Have Your Ever?
Played a stripping game: naaaah
Gotten beaten up: noo:L
Changed who you were to fit in: yeaa i did. regrets(N)
Layer Eight: Getting Old
Age you are hoping to be married: whereverrrrr;D
Layer Nine: Perfect Mate
Best Eye Color: dun caree;
Best Hair Color: dun caree;
Short or Long Hair: i dont pick friends for appearence.
Layer Ten: What were you doing...
1 Minute Ago: typin this(:
1 Hour Ago: outttt.
1 Day Ago: on here:L
1 Year Ago: fuk knows(:
Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
I Love: you(:
I Feel: oryte[y]
I Hate: bein tired!
I Hide: nuthin(:
I Miss: a frienddd.
I Need: sleep.

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