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Trina Lathlin

LOL bebo .. real oldschool . just had to check it out .. and now they have chat like facebook haah <3

2/3/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Regina/ Opaskwayak Cree Nation
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Me, Myself, and I
  trinɑLɑthlin , seventeen
  mouuntRoyɑl ;



The Other Half Of Me


Best friiends ; iits a promiise, not a label♥

My Lovess ツ♥♥
♥The famm ♥ Kieran ♥ My girlss ♥ Green ♥ Adidas ♥ Shoes♥ DC ♥ Regina ♥ The Comp♥ The Cellular ♥ Powwows ♥
I love Crash, Thirteen, and Forty Year Old Virgin, basically all Adam Sandler movies, The Notebook
Bitch! you've been HACKED!! lol by keesha.. luv yah:D aug. 17, 2008
<3Lil' Wayne ツ
Never Regret Something That Once Made You Smile<3
no stress . love . live life . proceed . progress.♥
LAugH as much as you BrEAtHe&&LOVE as long as you LivE♥

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  • . * . Liife . * .

    I am nowhere near perfect
    i eat when ii am bored
    i fall for boys too easiily
    im vulnerable to believing lies
    im hoping that one day i wont need a fake smile
    I live by quotes that explain exactly what i am going through
    I make up excuses for everything
    i have bestfriends and enemies
    ii have drama and memories
    I am an average teenager
    and thats life.
    Live it. Love it. Learn from it

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  • ツ yee

    Don'tt let a fiish briing yu down, putt hiim back && catch a new one. ;)

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  • Quotes Get You Through The Days You Think No One Knows What Your Going Through.

    I'll always love you. You were my first love. From the first kiss to the last tear

    I miss you and the sad thing is I know you'll never find someone who cares for you as much as me

    Isn't it funny how you can think you're completely over someone but if you drive past his house, stumble upon a meaningful song you both shared, or even get a glance of him on the street....just in an instant, it can change all that. And you start to remember the pain. And that hollow space is feeling more and more like the Grand Canyon with every second that goes by. But you bury these feelings deep down, so deep that you're sure no one will be able to tell. To the outside world, you smile and act like nothing is wrong or will ever be. Everything's just perfect. For that split second that you've locked eyes, a tiny whisper, say 'make this last forever, only and just this moment forever and ever'. But after a second or so, you go along your own merry way, all the while home realizing how much you do miss him, how much you still love him...and it sticks with you for days, weeks, maybe months, until fate decides to hand you another one of those unexpected moments. And then you finally understand the worst feeling in the world is when the person you love most is standing right next to you, yet you can never have them.

    If i would have known that the last time i saw you would be the last time..I would have stopped to memorize your face, the way you moved...everything about you

    I've accepted the fact that we can't be, but I've also accepted that you're going to be that one person I carry with me for the rest of my life, the one that is always going to make my heart jump a little and my stomach tie up in knots no matter how happy I am otherwise.. no matter how long its been

    And when I said 'I missed you' I didn't expect for you to say it back, because I knew you hadn't. I just wanted to let you know that I had.

    I shall hold you in my heart, till I can hold you in my arms

    And as I stand here looking at you, I wonder if there will ever be a day when I will get over your smile...when I will let go of the hugs you gave me, that I continue to feel...A day when I forget the words you said to me, forget what you meant to me, or forget how much I love you. But no matter what you did to me, or whatever happens to us...I know I could never get over, let go, or forget you

    And even though I know he's a jerk and I know all that he'll do is hurt me, I still love him. I still want him. And I hate myself for it.

    I guess I thought you'd be here forever. Another illusion I chose to create. Don't know what you've got until it's gone. And I found out just a little too late

    I've never understood the reasoning for someone to "move on" from a relationship. It's not like you are really going to "move on", you are just trying to tell your heart to stop thinking about that person every second of every minute of everyday until it finally becomes a routine and you don't notice it anymore. That is, until you see that person again, with someone who isn't you, and then you have to remind yourself again.

    You may not realize it, but you've broken my heart.

    I don't know what hurts more.. missing you, and knowing that I can't be with you.. or knowing that you don't even miss me

    Loving someone means loving them forever...even if it means letting them love someone else

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I've been through a lot of sh* this year, but I'ma keep my head up like my nose is bleeding'

Yes im the best, No I aint posivite im Definate!

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  • luv Jon B

    juss wack ass bebo lol

  • Jaysea Taylor
    luv Jaysea Taylor

    heyyyy bbgirl :) love yourrr personaility your prittyyyness and everything ;) come chill sometime with me 2447174 sorry i dont ahve a cell anymore i brokted it when it fell in a toilet bowl lmao

  • -Dbabey

    babey if you hear form tanielel or those girls, tlel em to call me asap ! :@ thanks

  • -

    HOMIE , your in my tops ;

  • MiChelle

    heyy long time no talk so hows life treatin u me alright jus in regina at the moment lol well i had a baby girl her name is aurora shes almost 4 months well heres a pic of her talk to u laterz peace miss u to

  • luv Dakota Morin

    hey fat ass just thought ii would shaare the love cause uu know ii havent shared in a while haha lovee yaaah ♥

  • Katrina P
    luv Katrina P

    hey trina just stoped by to share the love

  • A.Taypotat.
    luv A.Taypotat.

    Here my luv.... have a Heart.... well T2ul babe. <33 Tymes a Million lol. <3

  • A.Taypotat.
    luv A.Taypotat.

    Hey there babe, whats uhp?? But anywho Just Droppin in to share my Love. well T2ul and cant wait to see yu Friday .... missing yah already lol well Pce.

  • Tmj
    luv Tmj

    love :) that night was fun and you neeff love 4 daat ? :)

  • Tmj

    w'dup hunnnie , shaare tha love babe ; that night was so fun :D

  • luv -

    suup` goregous.

  • Miami L.A
    luv Miami L.A

    thanx miss yaz 2.. :L :L :D

  • A.Taypotat.
    luv A.Taypotat.

    Hey heres some good 'ol Avery Love..... well T2ul <3

  • A.Taypotat.
    luv A.Taypotat.

    Heres the Love Trina. T2ul.

  • luv Sdres

    Haha you better miss me too! :p jk well you gotta come back again to visit zee baby and me :) love yeahsss <3

    8/13/09 via Mobile