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Máirtín Stundún

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  • Male, Luv 249
  • from Tourmakeady!!!!Ireland
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 11/23/10
  • www.bebo.com/M0LLYS_CHAMBER
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About Me

'Twas I who fucked the dragon,Fuckalize sing-fuckaloo!
Me, Myself, and I

BEEP: You have 113 new messages

BEEP: How are ya? I was just wonderin where d news paper boy was,haven seen d newspaper in a couple of days, wonderin if you ever goin to come back

BEEP: Sorry leavin ya so many messages, just lonely here thinkin bout d MUSSELY ARMED paper boy, wonderin if you'd call by and bring me some good newWWWS?

BEEP: Guess whooOOO?


BEEP: Boy, your startin 2piss me off! you little pigme son of bitch!!!!. . . . . . .
CALL ME!!!!!!!!!
(family guy)
-* **\________/
If you luv sineads tea, put this
on ur page
The Other Half Of Me


D rashers r stickin!!!D RASHERS R STICKIN!!!!!!!

Headball!!!!!Yes HEADBALL.all that is required is a head, a ball, nd a table in gibbons... sounds simple but have u what it takes 2take on THE paul the paul paul staunton or gAydrian or BRIAN..eh..dolan than b at gibbons after trainin!! nd bring a.....ball....
Lots of gaelic nd headball..............
Scared Of
Get spooked out pretty easy.as dolan nd paul will tell ya.but basically what scares me most is mice under my bed and in the middle of the night comin out nd attacking me or something equally as evil.
I love jammin nd listenin to JOHN HOBAN quote"its great great, absolutely fantastic fantastic"nd Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Smashin Pumpkins, Nirvana, Peral Jam, Flook, Metallica, REM, Billy Talent, System of a Down, Artic Monkeys, MSI, Biffy Clyro stuff like that.

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  • asdkkrg

    now you better.... Come back 2 mine!!!xx!!!

    Now im not gonta..... WAIT any longer for that spanking;)



    Adrian Lydon 0 Replies
  • You better know what this means !!!!!
    You better know what this means !!!!!

    I got bored on this so I drew a pic and you know what it means not long now Mairt till THE FOO FIGHTERS !!!!!

    Brian L 0 Replies
  • Hey!!

    So hows donegal goin?! an the whole job thing?! any craic?! gees, skul is soooooo weird without ye, thank god its only a week that ye go for!!!:L
    anywayz, chat ya soon dude!!! write back to me 4rm all the way up there!!!!! Bye!!! xXx

    Sinéad Daly 0 Replies

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  • Sinéad Daly
    Sinéad Daly

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  • Heloize Hoyos
    Heloize Hoyos

    Bebo sucks! I barely use it anymore! you should hit me up on xxxmatch, its the best place for hooking up ever! check it out at http://goo.gl/PwBO6

  • Dave Coen
    luv Dave Coen


  • Aisling Bell
    luv Aisling Bell

    MOOSE :D

  • Aidan 'Dermo' Dermody

    hey mairtin wats up? i thought id let u know that im aven my 21 in burkes in clonbur on the 14th of november, wud be glad if u came

  • Sinéad Daly
    Sinéad Daly

    K, dude...!! Your in galway, and im in galway.... We gotta meet up, finally have birthday drinks, get drunk, dance and have a bit a craic??! Yeah?! How does tomorrow sound??!!:D Im ringin you!! Your comin to the college bar tomorrow at 6!:D

  • Shona Ní Éanacháin
    Shona Ní Éanacháin

    MÁIRTÍN!!!!!! come visit us in limerick!!!!!!

  • luv Adrian Lydon

    i want a second helpin of lastnight.... u bring the lube;) ;) x

  • Brian Gibb

    wel boss how are ya getting on any craic? how was the leaving?

  • luv Sophie Doyle

    heloo how did you get on?¿

  • Linda
    luv Linda

    hey mairtin!! how did ya get on 2day??

  • Eilis Maloney
    luv Eilis Maloney

    Hey wats the plan 4 later r ye drnkn n tmac?

  • Patrick Lally

    i need your number.. im at sineads rite now and im here til the 9th of august.. so lets get hammered txt me and let me know its you... 0874167299

  • Sinéad Daly
    Sinéad Daly

    Where are you dude?? Havn seen you all summer??:( :( I miss you...:( xx

  • Marc Mac Giobúin
    luv Marc Mac Giobúin

    michael jackson on a rope me hole! fuckin priceless!

  • Aine D
    Aine D

    tanx again 4 the lift the lastnyt dude;) ;) enjoy bruce..... try ur hardest 2come n 2 oxygen, tell us the craic if ya are, we'l go nuts!!!!

  • Eilis Maloney
    Eilis Maloney

    I totali kild d buz las nit haha ...twas tasty stuff tho very nice..:D :D

  • Tj

    mairtin staunton. i get to see your lovely ass in 50 daysssss biotch!!!!! excited? i am. kkkkkkk byeeeeeee.

  • Championship Man
    Championship Man

    This year, it doesn’t have to be a sober tie or Pringle socks for Dad at Father’s Day. Finally, a present he will devour – ‘The Adventures of Championship & Other Cruciate Stories’, a GAA humour CD launched specifically to coincide with the Father’s Day, and Gaelic football and hurling, seasons. The collection, by journalist and broadcaster Liam Horan, deals with such crucial, or cruciate, GAA topics as: The Man With The Radio To His Ear, Getting Out Early To Beat The Traffic, The Third-man Tackle, The Top-of-the-toe Kick-out, Championship Man Comes Out, and Championship Man’s Broken Heart. Watch out for Advertisements in this weeks match programmes Available at all good music stores or contact: Sean Maloney 0872275184 Damage = €15 Take a look at our Bebo page