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Tess Callaghan

on half term wooop wooop xxxx

2/17/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from good old penners!!!
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hey babes...
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Helen Clerey

Helen Clerey


lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
the kiddy fidler herself ... what more to say xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx shes fucking good in bed thats for sure!!
Films and TV
legally blonde ... chick flicks really not really a scary film person despite everyones efforts to convert me xxxx
swimming, tennis, running netball, athletics! man united all the way .. love going to old trafford to watch them with my daddy ... ronaldo and becks ... gods gift to the earth haha
sex on the beach shots - emily ;)
vino ... champers... vodka diet coke n helly flamming sambukas wil never be forgotten xxx
probably one of my favourite things to do in the world!! nicky i cant wait for our little train trip to leeds on the 27th ... is going to be extra sexual!!! next year i think we should drive and make more of a road trip!!
xxx Rachie xxx
well ... think it is safe to say she is the most amazingest sister ever!!! love you darling xxxxxxxx
xxx helly xxx
darling ... i miss you like crazy i cant wait to see you but i will be coming to see you sometime very soon i cant wait!!! think you should make an appearance in penners sometime soon to see you favourite two boys ;) god dont we just love them!?!?! missing our love tri walks to the famous akay!!! cant wait for you to take another exeat with me to your fave place in the whole wide world if your lucky i may even take you to carlisle so you can skive games again! think the start should be at 1 this time .. miss all your lessons too!! god that was one fun weekend .. castle springs to mind!! god i love you hels xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Cant wait till half term

    Love always

    Bridget Pickthall 0 Replies
  • helo!

    even tho iv spoken 2 u 2day n im seein u 2mz that just isnt enough 4 me so i thort id drop u a lil note 2 say LOOK AT MY BEBO PAGE!!how fantastic lol
    but plz dnt go :( i really do not want u 2 i mean wot will we do without p,k,n partys??answer me that miss callaghan!!anyways better go i love u ...

    Rachael Wilcox 0 Replies
  • hello ther :)

    why hello ther!!i know my bebo page is rubbish bt dnt really use it bt i will try 2 jazz it up just 4 u!!we deffo need an excursion i mean penrith is ssssssoooooo BORIN!!im thinkin brighton gud idee yer?ul hav a gr8 time ;) shoppin of corse!!haha.hope mum dusnt ask me or else basically im screwe...

    Rachael Wilcox 0 Replies

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  • Nick Faulds
    luv Nick Faulds

    ahh ok well u can tell me ur thoughts later!! jst returning the love xxxxxxxxxxx

  • The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon
    The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon

    Yeh it was at the cotswalls in a bar i was at my cousin's wedding. O ryt k how are u any way. xxxx Jay

  • The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon
    The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon

    Gdgd took u a while to reply lol dnt worry about that babe its alright i was in england last week and i was in a bar there was a girl that looked like u i had to ask her what her name was lol to see if it was u. xxxxx

  • The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon
    The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon

    Hi hows it going u alright is there any nice mates u can introduce me 2 plz ? xxxxxxxx

  • The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon
    The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon

    I know lol sorry X

  • The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon 10/20/07
  • Ms Roe
    Ms Roe

    haha ya so if its your final giv it your all babeeeee for sue haha!!!..nothin much..still wi jodie??...missing you always..love you!!Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon
    The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon

    its ok now cheers any way X

  • Ms Roe
    Ms Roe

    i'm fine thanks!!omg really dat will be amazing...missing him like crazy ya??...true love right dare!!!awwwwwww... skul is a doss dis yr...ne news?..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon
    The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon

    hi its me again tell ure dicked boyfriend to unlblock me cheers X

  • The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon
    The Legend Killer Jamie Dixon

    hey hows it going i hope ure not missing jodie to much lol this is my new bebo X

  • Ms Roe
    Ms Roe

    hey babe!!!how are you???haven talked cha in ages!!!still wit jodie??hows skul??...missing you loads!!!mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dancer Boy
    luv Dancer Boy

    thax i have it tomorrw im soooo shitting myself now lol :S ill call u right after i have done it :D i bet u couldnt beat me :P the party is next thursday so quite soon........ u would love to see my outfit ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dancer Boy
    Dancer Boy

    no not yet its on friday :S soooo scarrry :S have u had yours yet? well done :) i can imagion u playing badminton its sooooooo funny :P cos its like for us to all get to know the year bellow but all the colleges that are part of ours come as well so there are soooooooooooooo many people that come lol i cant wait he he xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx luv luv luv xxxxxxxxxx

  • Dancer Boy
    Dancer Boy

    he he it would be so funny if i did :P u beein almost a year older then me ;) lol ok fare enough :S wow mooving on up :) we dont have that team in college lol :S college is going good :) i have just started human bio as so its going to get a lill bit harder :) but its all good and we have a HUGE college party coming up which is going to b ace lol wb much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dancer Boy
    luv Dancer Boy

    hi sweety im fine thax u ok? not much i have just started college and i got my driving test a week on friday :S so been doin loads of practice lol. say hi for me even though i dont know dem :S what u mean get ova her lol? :S what u been up to? and hows 6form goin? hopefully i can pass my test first time so i can come up and see u :) its been way to long :( . so much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx