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:D ♥ A Memory Lasts FOREVER. Never Does it DiE. True Friends Stay TOGEThER && Never Say GOODBYE. ♥ :D

6/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from derby
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
lovin those speciall people tha have stuck by me thru everythinn,
whaa real mates are for.
memoriess are the things tha keep me smilinn thru evrythinn.
x x x

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steph brown

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  • memoriess.(L).

    Andy I love you so much.We have been through so much to gether already. You always cheer me up when im down and you always make me happy. When im with you theres nothing else in the entire world that i would rather be doing.You've made me the happiest girl ever and im always on about you.Words can't describe what you mean to me.Your so sweet and i can always count on you being there.Your my everything and i never want to lose you. I love you Andy Mark Cross Loads and Loads babe if i ever lose you life will never be the same. 31st of May until Forever and ever x3

    0 Comments 200 weeks

  • Hacked ;)

    Hacked On the 28th Of August 2009 at 16:24.
    Well well well..
    What a great friend you've been ey?
    Geez, how many times have you had me in giggles for hours? We've had some fantastic memorys which are never to be forgotton. ;)
    We've been best friends since reception, all the way up too now.
    Your like a sister to me tbh, always there for me, always there for a shoulder to cry on.
    Don't know what i would do without youu.

    Hope we stay best friends for long time (:
    i love you
    x x x

    0 Comments 259 weeks

  • do this plsss :)

    Do This [: 168 days ago

    Чour Dεtails;
    Namε →
    Λgε →
    Location →
    Status →
    Lovin →

    What Do Чou Think Λbout Mч;
    Pεrsonalitч →
    Eчεs →
    Hair →
    Bodч →

    Would Чou Evεr;
    Hug Mε →
    Hold Mч Hand →
    Kiss Mε →
    Gεt Off With Mε →
    Gεt With Mε →
    Havε Kids With Mε →
    Hurt Mε →

    Havε Чou Evεr;
    Huggεd Mε →
    Hεld Mч Hand →
    Kissεd Mε →
    Got Off With Mε →
    Gonε Out With Mε →
    Broke Mч Heart →
    Spεnt Thε Night With Mε →

    Do Чou;
    Lovε Mε →
    Fancч Mε →
    Think Im Fit →
    Hatε Mε →

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  • Waltonn.
    luv Waltonn.

    alright steph wuut

    6/13/09 via Mobile
  • SukhjitkaurDhanoaa.

    hiyar bbe youu okayy i know your secret sorry carnt give you lovee givee it you tomrow carnt tell your secret here sorry ii love чouu ♥

  • Casper
    luv Casper

    Aup babe You alrite? Add me msn(Y) Its on me homepage. Bin up to much? Wb when you can xxxxx

  • XX.Toni.Xx

    al of thiss

  • 'Sophiee
    luv 'Sophiee

    Hiaa Babe, Aint left a comment in a while, You alritee? Thanks for today with Tom, Seriously, hes getting so pathetic, Anyway, Love you lots, :D Bestfriends, x

  • Ben Ten Like Pow
    Ben Ten Like Pow

    bang bang howz u doin chik wubu2???? ly

  • Emily.Stil.Missing.Him

    why, u added me??

  • Ben Ten Like Pow
    luv Ben Ten Like Pow

    elo sxc howz u doin??? wubu2??? love benjamin

  • Emily.Stil.Missing.Him

    y u added meh?


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