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My party last night was bloody awesome, thats to everyone who came.. was a well good night =p

12/20/08 | me too! | Reply

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oooooooooo mannnnnnn!! pandas are pretty awesome likeeee =p
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[[☆..Dude.. YEAHHHH!!..☆]]

..ωιld ¢нι∂ =]
..яσ¢к ¢нι¢k

I ♥ my girls!!

I ♥ my raves!

♥.. Charli.. .
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♥..Lauraa.. .

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  • wot do u want 2 b?? hehe

    please fill dis in n put in wot u wnt 2 b!x!x!x!

    *My Mum* --- Becky boo billy hehe hehe my mummi.. she takes care of me =]
    *My Dad* --- Stephie, always looks out for me, love youu babe xx
    *My Husband* --- Damo wel.. we r now aparently accordin 2 mr beard the two people in da class dat e finks wil ger married haha love yoo loads xx best lad goin xx
    *My Cousin* --- Ty ud b a funni fukin cuzin 2 me we wud av a reyt laugh lad haha our likkle handshake hehe
    *My Baby* --- its bcz ur sooo young hannah ur da baby of da crew luv yooo
    *My Bro* ---Damo ud b a class bro haha ud stik up 4 me n slap me all da tym as usual u bitch haha bst buddies 4 lyf xx
    *My lil bruvv* --- Splashhhh!! haha love yoooo xx
    *My Twin* --- charli has gotta b u.. we r so alike luv yoo xx
    *My Sis* --- my biiiiggggg sis laurarrrrr
    *My hardcore raver* --- da whole robinson family wheyy! xx love yoo all!!
    *My fuck buddy* ---
    *My everything* --- ashwee cook is my everythingggg!! love yoooo lots xxxxx
    *My hardcore boi* --- steviee.. gotta b u baybee love yoo xx best mayts forever nd ever!
    *My Handsome.. Gorgeous friend* --- haha jamesss monkhouse!! pahh haha love yoo xx
    *My Daughter* --- Tanny baybee.. i love yooooo xxxx
    *My Son* --- laura... i love u son xx and always will
    *My Sexciiiii Mofo* --- charli sexciii ;) haha love yoo!! xx
    *My wonderfullll boifrwend* ---
    *My Besssie Frwend* --- Claire is gotta b u hun i luff ya so much xx
    *My best mayt eva* --- Laura Robinson dat is u u crazy girl!! love yoo lots nd lots!!
    *My Best Boi* --- Stevieeee i love yooo princess.. best friendlingsss! xx
    *My gawgeous Girlie* --- Chazzzzzzz baybehh love yooouu xx
    *My Babygirll!* --- Ambieee Utt! I love youuuuuu xx
    *My fabolous mayt* --- Claire r haha ur top nd obv fabooo!! love yoo x
    *My Rock Star da Ledgend* --- Reece u r da rock star haha luff ya mwah xx
    *My lovely frwend* --- Abbey.. ur soo lovely i love yoo 2 bits baybee xxxx
    *My High Buddies* --- Lauren, Laura, Claire, Toni!! dudeess ly x
    *My High Raver* ---Tsaaaa Ben Laneeee hahaha love ya x
    *My Horny biatch* --- laurarrrr u horny muva foooka haha nd ste horny mofo!!
    *My Sex GOD!* --- laura k.. u told me 2 put it :S i must b sexy to her or sumet haha luv yoo xx
    *My Lova 4 Eternity!!* ---
    *My Biatch* --- Charlye ya ma propa Biatch hunni lol lv u xxxx
    *My humerous nigga* --- Robyn we av a laugh 2eva wots wrong wit u??xx
    *My Nigga* --- Liam ur a wog so ya no nig nog golly wog lmao
    *My uva bitch* --- hannah u r nw my bitch :D :D :D :D :D ;)
    *My Sexy Panda* --- laura is my panda ;) ;) haha we av a reyt laugh u smelly sweaty panda :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    fankooo 4 fillin it in hehe lv midge xx

    13 Comments 360 weeks

  • How well do u no midge??

    xxHeyaxx fill dis in 4 me n den i can c wot u fink o me hehe!!
    1. ur name?
    2.ow do u no me?
    3.wot was ur first impression of me?
    4.wer did we meet n ow?
    5.do u lyk me as a frwend or more;) ?
    6.wen was da last tym u saw me?
    7.u ever missed me?
    8.what do i remind u of?
    9.if u cud give sumfink 2 me rite now wot wud it b?
    10.r u gunna put dis on ur blog n c wot i av 2 say bout u??
    fankooo 4 fillin it in lv midge xXxXxXxXx

    10 Comments 361 weeks

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  • Wot is most lyk me......

    1. a fuckin loser hu has no mayts wot so eva.. nd da mayts i fink i av ma mums pays em...
    2. a fuckin crazy muda fuka hu loves food....
    3. a fuckin ledgend hu every1 loves...
    4. sum1 hu is constantly happy nd says random stuff lyk.. wud u b ma mayts if.... haha nd a gd mayt
    5. is da most beautifullest pwrincess in da world hu loves eeryfing nd is always happy gigglein 24/7


  • Nw dis is a toughi!!! bt wot film do i like best??

    1. Family Guy!x!
    2. Jackass!x!
    3. Da Scary Movie Trilogy!x! - da 4th 1s shit haha
    4. Lee Evans!x!
    5. Barbie As Rapunzel!x!


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  • Lauren Kirkbright
    luv Lauren Kirkbright

    lv 4 u my lil niga xxxx

  • Kirkie

    oioi look who it is ... its middggeeeee !!!!!!!!! how u bin xxx wot u doin this weekend xxxx wb lv u xxxxxxx

  • Lauren Kirkbright
    luv Lauren Kirkbright

    oh helo jess just thought id giv u sum real lv 4 the faten last nite hehe xxxxx

  • Lauren Kirkbright
    luv Lauren Kirkbright

    oooooohhhhhhh jessicaaaaaaa u dirty monkey hahahahaha xxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Kirkie

    hey ... im gd ta how bwt u ... n yeah it beta ta ... im glad i came out it wa a gd laff ... u best cum my 18th biatch .. love 4 u .. love u xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Xx Sarahh Xx
    luv Xx Sarahh Xx

    Happy Birthday :D xxx

  • Smithy II
    luv Smithy II

    heyyyy......how r ya? wuu2 hunni? scribble bk soon x x x x

  • Charr
    luv Charr

    love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu x x x

  • CL

    Helloo Im having a party for my 18th on the 6th of December and your more than welcome to come theres a few from school going so you’ll know a few faces and it’ll be good to have a bit of a catch up :D Its at Burnley Boys Club, Barden Lane but if you need directions il give them to you :) Let me know if you can come Love Claire xx

  • Miss Jessica Leigh
    luv Miss Jessica Leigh

    Jessicaaaaaa !!!!! :D How be you ma deariee?? Jus to let ya know .. i fair bloody love you ;) I think we need them piccies up from today and t'other week haha .. fun times !! JESS UNITE ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Tashmate
    luv Tashmate

    ha jus dun open evin at college... ya im at burnley college doin public services :D o ho ya knoooo??? oooooooo okies aslong as laura n hanah n that goooooooo :D oooooooo that be well sick nite :P :P n ya will hav id wooooooooooooop lucky bugga hahaha love you x x

  • Tashmate

    awwwwww gud gud :D x is it a lot harder like wiv the work this yr?? im doin public services its mint i love it way betta than 6th form lol yeah yeah ill deffo cum be gud 2 c every1 like :D :D x wooooooop n you will be 18 !!!! hehe :P xxxx

  • Tashmate
    luv Tashmate

    hiya hun :D :D x x ain heard from you 4 ages n ages :( how you doin??? hows 6thform goin?? im at burnley college now meeee :P shud meet up sometime :D miss you x x

  • Stephie-Jade.

    is making sure shes free for the 19th of Dec :D love youuuu xxxx