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Jessie Carridge

she says hi

5/12/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 197
  • from Plymouth =) but live in IOM !!
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 6,279
  • Last active: 12/19/08
  • www.bebo.com/Bball_jess
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About Me

Bring on the 20th June =)
Me, Myself, and I
My name is Jessie and i know what i got ...

What have you got ?

I got a team that is hotter than hot ...

How hot is hot ?

Batman and Superman ...

Uh huh uh huh

Cant do what fellas can ...

So bring the beat


Fellas for league title next season =)

Live for basketball

NBC 2008

Seb Masawi - 'The moment that you stop dreaming, that is the moment that you stop living'

Lee Evans = Funniest guy on earth !!

Muse are Gods =)

I love Peter Petrelli =) (Heroes)

x x x x
The Other Half Of Me



I love music ... especially muse =) ... I have seen ... Bloc Party, Patrick Wolfe, Snow Patrol, Muse, The Who and The Young Knives ... i am a true indie girl =)
Comedy =) sean of the dead, hot fuzz etc !
Disney Films ... Classics =)
Scary films ... NO !
i love the green mile .. so sad ! =(
Basketball ... i think u get the point now ... i love it =)

Hockey ... startin team this year ... wow i must be doin summit right =)

Cross country in the rain ... haha wel i think its fun !
NBC Tour 07
awww... tour was ace ... nearly been a year now but i still miss you guys ='[
12 inch tom, ash hooole, amberger, johnny line, betty brooks, begzy, ballin, charity, freaky deaky dutch boi, dobby and strangely! Thanx api and steve .. best 2 weeks ever ! Mates 4 life =)
Lee Evans
August 6th 2008 Villa Marina ... front row seats ... shook his hand =)
November 16th 2008 ... MEN Arena ... cannot wait !!

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  • This amused me... no rude comments please !! Muchly appreciated ! =)

    01] I _____ Jessie.

    02] Jessie is _____.

    03] If I were alone in a room with Jessie, I would _____.

    04] I think Jessie should _____.

    05] Jessie needs _____.

    06] I want to _____ Jessie.

    07] Someday Jessie will ___.

    08] Jessie reminds me of _____.

    09] Without Jessie _____.

    10] My memories of Jessie are _____.

    11] Jessie can be _____.

    12] The Worst thing about Jessie is _____.

    13] The best thing about Jessie is _____.

    14] I am _____ with Jessie.

    15] One thing i would like to know about Jessie is _____.

    16] Jessie should go and _____.

    17] Jessie _____ me

    14 Comments 299 weeks


    The longest survey you'll ever fill out! Do the world a favour: fill it out and post it for all your friends. Do this because the person who sent it to you didn't sit here for ages for nothing. Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.

    Starting Time: 00:33

    Name: Jessie Carridge

    Sisters: 2

    Brothers: 0

    Shoe size: 6

    Height: 5ft 5.5

    What are u wearing? Pyjamas

    Favorite Number? 6

    Favorite Drink: Irn Bru

    favorite Month: October

    Favorite Breakfast: crunchy nut

    *****Have You Ever*****

    Broken a bone: nope =)

    Been in a police car: Nope

    Been on a boat?: Yes! God i hate them things!

    Came close to dying: nearly got ran over by a taxi in tenerife once ... it was horrible !!

    Swam in the ocean: of course

    Fallen asleep in school: erm .. apart from wen i was lik 5 ... no

    Broken someone's heart: Dont think soooo ...

    Cried when someone died: yes

    Fell off your chair: many many times

    Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: erm ... no dont think so ..

    Saved emails? yes ... nice 1s !! that i like

    Been cheated on: dont think so ...

    *****What is*****

    Your room like? realli messy and smelly and horrible !!

    What is the last thing you ate? Matchmakers!! =)

    *****Ever Had*****

    Chicken pox: Yes

    Sore throat: tons especially at nbc ... bt thats coz i shout 2 much and then laugh 2 much as well !! haha

    Stitches: yes ... in my mouth ... it was horrible !!

    Broken nose: nope =)

    *****Do You*****

    Like picnics? who doesnt?

    Like School? i like the friends part of school ... funny stuff !!

    Like Friends? LOVE LOVE THEM !! couldnt live withour them !! =)


    Who was the last person you danced with: Sarah at lunch time ... last christmas i gave you my heart !

    Who makes you smile? everyone ... its not hard to make me smile ... or laugh in fact !


    Did you last yell at: erm ... my mum ... she was bein annoyin and embarressin !! grrr

    *****Final Questions*****

    What are you listening to right now? the funny sound the computer makes !!

    Hated someone in your family? erm .. at times ... bt it doesnt last !!

    What car do you wish to have? oooh anything yellow =)

    Good singer: always =) 3 rd in a singin comp oh yeah !!

    Diamond or pearl? Diamond!!

    Indoors or outdoors: outdoors!!

    *****Today did you*****

    1. Talk to someone you like? yeah of course i did .. bt depends on wot the term like means ??

    3. Get sick? yeah .. i have a cold =(

    4. Sing: of course i always do !

    5. Talked to an ex: nope !!

    6. Miss someone: yeah !!

    *****Last person who*****

    7. Was in your bed besides you: nbc tour america ... bt we wernet in beds we were in sleeping bags lmao !!

    8. Talked to on the phone? my dad

    9. Made you cry? amber

    10. Went to the movies with? erm ... i dunno !!

    11. You went to the mall with: in america i went 2 an actual mall ... the last 1 i went 2 i got extremely lost in tho .. i got suicides 4 bein so late and worryin the team .. was horrible .,... i cried haha !!

    12. Been to Europe: Yep

    13. Been to Asia: No

    14. Been to Russia: nooo

    15. Been to the Bahamas: No

    16. Been to Mexico: Nope

    17. Been to Canada: No

    18. Been to Africa: No!


    19. Do you like someone at the moment: yees

    20. What books are you reading right now: Stolen - Tess Geritsen

    21. Best feeling in the world: when you laugh so hard ur belly hurts !!

    22. Future kids names: erm ... not sure !!
    23. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Nope

    24. What's under your bed? dont wanna know !

    25. Favorite location? any type of glen !!

    26. Who do you really hate? my music teacher !!

    27. Do you have a job: ha you realli think i wud work if i didnt need 2 ??

    28. Ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with? dont be silly .. of course !!

    29. Are you lonely right now: nooo!!

    Finish time: 00:55

    0 Comments 305 weeks

  • Questions!!

    1. [Currently] Single
    2. [Shoe size] 6
    3. [Parents still together] Nope
    4. [Siblings] Little sister && twin!
    5. [Pets]Dog && Fish


    6. [Color] Yellow
    7. [Number] 6
    8. [Animal] Panda
    9. [Drinks] IRN BRU !!
    10. [Soda] Orange =D
    11. [Book] Into thin air!

    ---DO YOU---

    12. [Color your hair?] Once 4 red nose... bt it went ginger =[
    13. [Have tattoos?] Nope!
    14. [Have Piercings?] Ears
    15. [Cheat on tests/homework?] From time to time yes!
    16. [Drink/Smoke?] Drink !
    17. [Like roller coasters?] Who doesnt?
    18. [Wish you could live somewhere else?] Definetley
    19. [Want more piercings?] erm ... not sure yet?
    20. [Like cleaning?] Depends wot the chore is ?
    21. [Write in cursive or print?] huh :S
    22. [Own a web cam?] Yeah !! =D
    23. [Know how to drive?] sooon =D
    24. [Own a cell phone?] of course
    25. [Ever get off the damn computer?] from time to time!

    ---HAVE U EVER---
    26. [Been in a fist fight?] Yep
    27. [Commited a Crime?] dont think so :S
    28. [Lied to someone?] who hasnt??
    29. [Been in love?] yep!
    30. [Made out with JUST a friend?] nope!
    31. [Been in lust?] lust??
    32. [Used someone] Nope
    33. [Been used?] Dont fink so :S if u hav please tell me =D
    34. [Been cheated on?] Nope
    35. [Kicked someone in the nuts?] hahaha yep
    36. [Stolen anything?] Yeah
    37. [Held a gun] no!


    38. [Current clothing] Pyjamas
    39. [Current mood] Happppy !!
    40. [What you currently smell like] erm ... im not quite sure!
    41. [Current hair] Mess!
    42. [Current thing I ought to be doing] Sleeping
    43. [Current CD in stereo] Newton Faulkner
    44. [Last book you read] Harry Potter !! =D
    45. [Last movie you saw] Transformers
    46. [Last thing you ate] Shepards pie !
    47. [Last person you talked to on the phone] My nan hahaha
    48. [Do drugs?] nope !
    49. [Believe there is life on other planets?] haha aliens ? yep
    50. [Still love him/her?] nope !
    51. [Read the newspaper?] yep
    52. [Have any gay or lesbian friends?] nope
    53. [Believe in miracles?] Yep
    54. [Do well in school?] id like 2 say so ...
    55. [Wear hats] only when skiing!
    56. [Hate yourself?] nope
    57. [Have an obsession?] VASELINE !
    58. [Collect anything?] nope
    59. [Have a best friend?] yep
    60. [Close friends?] yep
    61. [Like your handwriting?] erm .. not realli
    62. [Care about looks] of course ... who doesnt ?

    ---ARE U A---

    63. [Daydreamer] yep
    64. [Bitch/Asshole] sometimes i can be a bitch yes !
    65. [sarcastic] haha yep
    66. [Angel] of course i am hehehe !!
    67. [Devil] nope
    68. [Shy] can be ...
    69. [Talkative] id say so yes =D

    0 Comments 309 weeks

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  • Erin M
    Erin M

    [15:35:00] Bebo Mobile Timestamp Hiya! I am messaging you from the Fall Out Boy group of which you are a member of. I thought that you might be interested to know that there's a contest at avenue7.com right now where the winner gets 2 tickets to watch FOB live in concert. WB if you have any questions! From your Ultra FOB Fan :)

    9/22/08 via Mobile
  • I Wanna Be Brian Habana
    luv I Wanna Be Brian Habana

    Well judt had my interview for the NSC today so fingers crossed i will find out tommorow:) Well u need to be able to jump high cause ur kinda short :P take that :D well i will come see u at M&S and i will go. " this is not just jessie sitting round pretending to work, this is realy lazy jessie sleeping while shes meant to be checking stock, this is M&S jessie :P " sounds alot better in my head with the music going and all that :) Ha ha so it was u who broke the computer u refused to tell me who broke it before :) but as u mentioned u broke it :) DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY DUNCY :D

  • I Wanna Be Brian Habana
    luv I Wanna Be Brian Habana

    Im very good :) n that not a good enough excuse " my laptop broke " :P oh yeah i passed life guarding wooo :) if i didn mention it last time :) my holiday have been alryt so far got paid 140 quid for 3 days work :) so not bad :) how where the stupid french:) n im sorry to inform u eatin frog doesn help u jump higher so u can slam dunk :P so the french lied to u :P neway ill talk to u soon :) Bryna

  • Hannah Courtenay Taylor
    luv Hannah Courtenay Taylor

    I just realised, i didn't reply to your last comment, but, i took so long its gone of my page, and i really can't be bothered to go back through all the comments to find it to reply, but i think its somthing along the lines of - yes, we need to do that sort of stuff more often, friday was the best fun ive had in ages.. then somthing else but i cant think , so ill give you a big cheese instead :D wellllllllll, yeahhhh, i have the feeling your away actualy, but im not sure, so this will be the nicest of presents for you when you get back, and if your not away, it will be the nicest of presents for you when you next come online and read it :) feel honoured. im typing quite an essay here, maybe i should just give up. thing is i have nothing else to do, im going oot and aboot in aboot an hour and im ready now, which is anoying, but i dont know why ive decided to tell you my life story, so im going to go :) what a tatally useless and pointless reply :L oh well.. love you xxxxxx LOVE

  • Rachael Barnes

    Re: hi Doane This hot chick with huge tits is showing on cam! Hit up jane21bebo@live.com on msn messenger before she gets off. Shes crazy....lol

    7/18/08 via Mobile
  • Alex Mealin

    I think!! i seen u in town! x

  • I Wanna Be Brian Habana
    luv I Wanna Be Brian Habana

    I am very impressed and spreading your toes is no major achievement unless u can pick stuff with them like pens etc. :) And by you saying you have many talents automatically made me think of u cleanin a toilet, washing up :P JOKES :L Yes i am back at school n i just saw u like 2 hours ago n kicked all ur asses at basketball, your coach asked if i wanted to take it up full time :P i sadly refused due to my body bein finely tuned for hockey ( a better sport ) Well i just bought a brand new matress n pillows so nerrrrrr :P i will enjoy the comfort :P soon enough neway :D Well i cant tell ur mum as i have never seen her and dont no what she looks like :L so ur secret as long as your mum identity is kept secret from me:P i will be looking foward to your next message :) this is a well long comment maybe longer than yours :) alot longer :L muhahahhahahahah xx

  • Spencer Osborne
    luv Spencer Osborne

    :L :L :L i could say the same ;) ahhh cool =] haha! erm.... .... your love ? :D hehe , i love you =] xxxx

  • Becky Xo.
    Becky Xo.

    Haha, well yeah this is quite a pointless message as its just going to say you can come here if you want! but as you've gone offline ill just ring you in abit! :D :L erm.. yeh might do! but think were going down to mount murray to see vicky at the prom! As my sisters going down to see someone too! AHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED! :L i havent booked for nbc over here yet! :L aha wooops! o well if i dont get on ill just come to cqarnival night :D XXXXXXXXX

  • I Wanna Be Brian Habana
    I Wanna Be Brian Habana

    :L so half a pint a day :) WOW im impressed :) what else can u do :) how did u break the lapyop ??