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Steve Wilson

Winning Return!

10/30/11 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Steve Wilson is a former online wrestling Superstar who retired 2 and a half years ago. He left behind various world, mid-tier and tag team championships that he held. He now holds himself in American Wrestling Revolution.

Steve see's AWR as one of the most rising federations in online wrestling at the current moment in time and Wilson is a huge apart of that. Wilson is looking to install a mentality in AWR that rises the federation to the heights of previous federations he competed in; CDW,WBW,UBW and Steve just has one comment to make;

Join The Revolution
Current Federation
Death Valley Wrestling
Current Championships
DVW World Champion
DVW Tag Team Champion
Record Since Return

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  • Record in OW since 24th October 2011

    - Steve Wilson V Justin Williams V Evolution - Resurrection 30th October Win
    - Steve Wilson & Craig Rankin in Tag Team Mayhem - Resurrection 30th October Win
    - Steve Wilson V Sean Christie - 3 Stages Of Hell - Hysteria 13th November Win
    - Steve Wilson V Daniel Williams - Falls count anywhere - Resurrection 24th November Win

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  • Long Time Since Writing Blogs!

    Hey guys!! I've missed a lot of you and its been a very long time since i was last here, around 18 months now. Its been hard to come back on here because this has so many happy memories but also holds so many sad ones especially when i left here. Now before anyone gets any ideas im not on here to join again, im here because there are a lot of people i've missed and i wanna see how they are getting along.

    So a quick update on where i am. My life really kick started as i left the online world, i picked up a girlfriend, got great grades in my GCSE'S and now taking my A level exams. There are a few personal projects that i've been trying to set up that include long term best friend Chris Edwards but a cash flow problem could halt them for the time being. Anyway to stop me from rambling on about my life i will get back to the main point. I'm here not to play the game again although i am very very tempted, i'm here to see some of the friends i made here. So by all means drop me a comment; especially looking forward to hearing from Ched, Lee Wallace, Craig Adams and a few others :) .

    Also good luck to anyone who's taking their GCSE'S or A levels this year. I hope you get the grades you are after :)

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  • Title History As Steve Wilson

    Title History;

    2x THW Champion
    1x LWO Champion
    1x JWO Champion
    1x SCW Champion
    1x DWO Champion
    1x DVW Champion
    1x HWF World Heavyweight Champion
    1x AWR Online Wrestlings Icon Champion
    1x DWO United States Champion
    1x XWA Pure Champion
    1x PCW Television Champion
    1x THW European Champion
    1x RCW 24/7 Champion
    1x PCW Tag Team Champion
    1x DWO Tag Team Champion
    1x TEW Tag Team Champion
    1x THW Tag Team Champion
    1x DVW Tag Team Champion


    Undefeated for 8 months.
    DWO Hall Of Famer
    DWO Triple Crown Champion
    Last LWO Champion
    HWF Money In The Bank Winner
    Wrestling Decloration trophy
    Inducted Into Levi Chandler's Hall Of Fame
    Last Ever HWF World Heavyweight Champion
    THW Triple Crown Champion
    Last Ever AWR Online Wrestlings Icon Champion

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  • Lee Wallace
    luv Lee Wallace

    Steve, how you doing :D

  • 11/26/11
  • Thursday Resurrection
    Thursday Resurrection

    Hey Steve.

    Just another friendly reminder to promo this week. Your in the main event and would be cool if we got a full list of promos.

    You can also promo for the 24/7 championship. The rules and regualtion can be found:



  • Thursday Resurrection
    Thursday Resurrection

    Dear Superstar you have a match this week, details are below.

    Singles Match
    Against: Daniel Williams
    Deadline: 21:00 UK Time 24th November2011.

  • Hysteria

    Please promo for Sunday 9PM UK time.

  • Hysteria

    Please promo for Sunday 9PM UK time.

  • Thursday Resurrection
    Thursday Resurrection

    Please promo for sunday.

  • Craig Rankin
    luv Craig Rankin

    That's what I'm talking about..

  • Thursday Resurrection
    Thursday Resurrection

    Dear Superstar you have a match this week, details are below.

    Triple Threat Match
    Against: Justin Williams,Evolution
    Deadline: 21:00 UK Time 30th October 2011.

  • Craig Rankin
    luv Craig Rankin


    I'd like to ask you if you would want to team for the tag titles in DVW.

    If not it's okay.

  • Remember The Time
    Remember The Time


  • Hayden Porter
    Hayden Porter

    Well sit back and relax then Steve because I'm going to make AWR a nightmare.

  • Hayden Porter
    Hayden Porter

    We'll see Steve, we'll see. Lets just say once he does, i'm going to make life real interesting for you.

  • Hayden Porter
    Hayden Porter

    Surprise suprise, I'm back from Florida! And I'm back to AWR and you!

  • Lee Wallace
    luv Lee Wallace

    I bought a new pair of shoes, I got a new attitude when I walk. Honestly though how awesome is Pixie Lott? absolute weapon, The Saturdays - All Fired Up is amazing also. I miss Miley.

  • Johnny Viper
    luv Johnny Viper

    This sounds interesting! Sorry I didn't get to you on chat in time... Send me a private mail and we can discuss stuff (:

  • Johnny Viper
    luv Johnny Viper

    Aw cool man, i've never tried non-promo either. You enjoying it so far?

  • Lee Wallace
    luv Lee Wallace

    I think we need to have a tag team match soon ;)

  • Johnny Viper
    luv Johnny Viper

    As you can tell from the lateness from this comment, just dropping in aha xD You back in online wrestling as a competitor or are you just running AWR?

  • All Star Wrestling
    All Star Wrestling

    All Star Wrestling is now back open! As everyone should know, we are non-promo and obviously we are looking for superstars! So please, get us going again and signup!