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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
"WSPA’s vision is of a world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends"
WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) are working to stop animal cruelty, but they desperatly need your help!
If you want to stop animals dying in tiny cages with no food, water or friends, or want to stop 3 month old bear cubs dancing for your entertainment, or want to stop 30,000 baby seals being murdered for their fur, then please become a member, but most importantly go to this website:


We want to live in world without meat, fish, circus', bullfighting, fur, animal testing, animal abuse, bear baiting, bear dancing, so please donate now!
Never ever wear fur, as the flashbox explains, animals are killed in the most inhumane way possible, they are skinned alive, electricuted, strangled and lots more horrific ways of torture. Think of the animals.
Please do not advertise on this page unless it's about animals.

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  • Help End The Longest Journey With A Single Step.

    Cruelty to any individual animal is wrong. Cruelty to millions of animals is shameful.

    Millions of animals suffer unneccessary cruelty when they are transported long distances in terrible conditions, on their way to be slaughtered. WSPA is determined to stop long distance transportation of farm animals – but we need your help to do it. Will you show your support for the campaign to stop long distance transport by making a donation today?

    It’s beyond cruel. It’s unnecessary. Let’s end it.

    Long distance transport is both cruel and totally unnecessary; argument enough for it to end. Add to this the fact that all the economic, scientific, cultural and human health arguments also support an end to long distance transportation and we think that we have a campaign that can really succeed. Will you be part of making it happen?

    How you can help...

    A donation to WSPA will help us carry out our campaigning and animal welfare work to achieve our vision of a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends. Long distance transportation is animal cruelty on a massive scale and stopping it is something we must achieve – and you can help.

    £10 could help pay for copies of a report on long distance transportation to be sent to those with the power to end it
    £50 could help fund research into the latest scientific studies revealing the suffering caused by long distance transport
    £100 could enable an expert to travel to a key country to lobby their Chief Veterinary Officer to stop long distance transport
    3 ways to give your support
    Online: To make a donation (or set up a direct debit regular gift) online, please complete the form opposite.

    By phone: You can call WSPA on 0800 316 9777 (lines open 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday).

    By post: If you would prefer to send your donation by post, please complete the donation form sent to you or downloading a form and send to:
    WSPA, Dept IW4, FREEPOST, SCE6686, Melksham, SN12 6GZ.
    Cheques should be made payable to WSPA.

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  • Send in photo's of your pets!

    Would you like your pets to be in the album called:
    Send in photo's of your pets!
    If you would then please comment on this blog stating the following:

    What type of animal is it.

    What is his/her name.

    Your Name.

    How old he/she is.

    Anything else you would like me to put.

    Thankyou xxxx

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  • The Crullest Fight

    Bear baiting puts a tethered bear, whose teeth and claws have been removed, against specially trained aggressive dogs. As the dogs attack, hundreds of people watch the bear weaken as it tries to defend itself. Soon enough, the dogs’ powerful jaws get hold of the bear’s face, tearing the sensitive skin and leaving agonising wounds. Handlers often have to intervene to physically drag the dogs off the bear.

    Is this entertainment?

    For the last few years, WSPA has been working tirelessly with our colleagues in Pakistan to stop this despicable cruelty. And for the first time ever, bear baiting is in decline.

    But the wealthy landlords who organise these events are powerful, corrupt and difficult to prosecute.

    We are so close to ending bear baiting for good, but now we need your help to stop this final, hard-core of events.

    This year’s bear baiting season is just beginning so we must act now. Because this weekend, another defenceless bear could be facing the dogs. Please will you make a donation to help us end this unnecessary cruelty for good?

    £14 could pay for a week’s worth of mosque visits by a religious leader – educating local people about why cruelty to animals is wrong.

    £40 could pay for a monitoring team to track down bear baiting events for a week, and prevent them taking place.

    Bears that we rescue from baiting matches need caring for.
    £63 could feed a rescued bear with nourishing food for six weeks.

    Your donation could also help pay for us to rescue bears and treat their injuries, run anti-bear baiting TV and radio ads, and campaign for an increase in fines for bear baiting – currently a ridiculous 50p.

    With your help, we really can end bear baiting for good in the next couple of years. So please, make a donation today, and help us protect baited bears and all other suffering animals from cruelty.

    Thank you

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    Mick .

    please check out my group www.bebo.com/anticruel

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    Xo Monique Xo-


  • Animal Competitons
    Animal Competitons

    <--Join Animal Competitions Enter many comps Including: Best Horse Best Jump Best Showjumper And many more Please join and enter pictures Thank you

  • luv Nay

    Joined, thanks for joining my group below, And to 'Gone Lamping' U idiot they dont kill sheep for wool u twat, And no we will probably never stop hunting, but we can stop twats like you spreading ignorance! Maybe we should hunt humans?, i know for a fact i would find that very entertaining.

  • Bullfighting

    "PLEASE join this group show your support against the evil sport http://www.bebo.com/banthebullshit4gd

  • . Mosey .
    luv . Mosey .

    Shooter: Wow, actually, my shoes aren't leather And my clothes are Denim and Cotton And how are we a joke? Because we are compassionate? because we don't wack ourselves around with thought of killing an animal? Give a good reason explaining how we are a joke. Because we care about something that is equal to us? Something that feels pain? Something feels fear? Something that mourns the loss of its mate, its family? Animals feel as we do. Why do you bastards think its fun to blast the brains out of them? To get another animal to painfully, and brutally kill another? What is wrong with you? How do you sleep? How can you get a thrill out of something like that? And what, because we care were deemed 'idiots.' Perhaps you should take a look at yourself, prick.

  • Markus.

    so your shoes arent made out of leather no ? so your jumper isnt made out of wool no ? your a joke the lot of you antis :L fucking idiots! why try n " stop " hunting when simple fact is you aint ever gona make it happen, fools!

  • My Name Is Eve.

    i wonder how the public would react if the government decided to skin humans. would you wear it? im not talking pluraly, i mean you. the person reading this right now, reading these words. would you skin your friend? get a knife and slowly strip the skin of your best friend until she bleeds to death infront of your very eyes, screaming with pain. no, she didnt do anything wrong, but who cares? shes just a human, right? wrong. you would not skin an innocent being of a vital organ just to keep you warm! how disgusting can we be. there are such things as duvets, arent there? 100% free range meat is the only suitable meat to eat. 100% fake fur is the only suitable fur to wear. and 100% against cruelty. anyone who disagrees with this, come and skin me. come on, come and fucking skin me. be my fucking guest. then you can wear it, to school, show off your knew coat made out of my skin. stop animal cruelty FOREVER.. xxxx

  • luv Aisling

    love animals HATE animal testing if THE BODY SHOP can make stuff without testing on animals why cant other companys do it *if u want sometin so bad test it on ur self not animals* *fur is worn by ugly people and beautiful animals* *meat is murder* GREAT GROUP.....KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK :D X.x.X.x.X.x.X.x.X.x.X.x.X

  • Stop Horse Fighting
    Stop Horse Fighting

    Great Group I've joined this group, and the official WSPA, and it's great to know that my money is going to a good cause =) Join to stop horse fighting? Thankyou! =)

  • CNN

    If you are interested in conservation then you might be interested in the following programme. "Planet in Peril: Battle Lines" airs on CNN International this December. Host Anderson Cooper; chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and "The Oprah Winfrey Show" correspondent and National Geographic host Lisa Ling examine the environmental conflicts between growing populations and natural resources in this award-winning series. To watch video clips of ‘Planet in Peril: Battle Lines’ including one on the murder of gorillas in Congo go to our Bebo page. Also, we want to know what YOU think are most important environmental issues where you live. Just post a comment or take our poll and join the group.

  • The Orphanage
    The Orphanage

    ah auckland, new zealand.

    11/24/08 via Mobile
  • The Orphanage
    The Orphanage

    Big ups to WSPA and all the work they do! Feel free to join my animal shelter, The Orphanage, diff kind of work, same kind of love :)

    11/17/08 via Mobile
  • luv Janice S

    love to all the animals imprisoned in the name of science,blinded ,scalded,poisoned and suffocated for nothing at all...xxxxxxx

  • Lyd

    aww, i love your profile photo

  • End US Military Cruelty To Animals
    End US Military Cruelty To Animals

    Please add my new group! Igwig -x-

  • Stop Animal Abuse
    Stop Animal Abuse

    Keep up the hard work :D plz join <<<<<

  • veggies and vegans UNITE
    luv veggies and vegans UNITE

    hiya how r u all im fine goe veggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M A R Y
    luv M A R Y

    Keep Up Thee Good Work Help Stop The Abuse Guys