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Why thanks lizanne :P Its meee birthdayyy :)

8/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Knicked thro boredom(H)

    1. What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?
    Aaw ur lucky. Dont leave, u brought the nice weater with u! Ur gona take it away again :( x...from steven :L

    2. What was the last song you sang outloud?
    emm the irn bru song fi the advert haha!

    3. Do you have any nicknames?
    banana but only by ann :L

    4. Who was the last person to message you?
    Leane :D

    5. What time did you go to bed last night?
    1 am i watched some telly ha!

    6. Are you currently happy?
    yes butttttt im bored the now :(

    7. When was the last time you cried?
    emm sun night...too much to drink and a crap week =/

    8. Who gives you the best advice?
    hmm steven or leane i think lol

    9. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
    yes :$

    10. Who Did You Talk To Last On The Phone?
    steven like 45 mins ago (H)

    11. Is anything bugging you right now?
    Nope im caefreeee

    12. What was the last thing that made you laugh hysterically?
    hmmm think it was with my mum but cani mind what

    13. Do you wear toe socks?
    emm nooo lol

    14. Who is the last person you missed a call from?

    15. Have you ever had your heart broken?
    hmm sorta but its fine nowww

    16. What annoys you most in a person?
    i dunno lol

    17. Do you have a crush on anyone?
    emm not really

    18. Have you ever done coke?

    19. What is the color of your room?
    cream and pink :)

    20. Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollars?
    emm nah i dot hate anyone tht much!

    21. Do you believe in the saying "talk is cheap?"

    22. Who was the last person to lay in your bed besides yourself?
    emm i dunnoo ha!

    23. Who was the last person to hug you?

    24. Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed?
    nope well maybe my neighbours ha!

    25. Do you have a life?
    noooo im a big sadcase with noooo life (H)

    26. Have you ever thought someone died, when they really didn't?
    i dont hink sooo

    27. Do you own an iPod?
    yessss cldnt live without it

    28. What is the reason behind your bebo song?
    I like them 8-)

    29. Who was the last person you saw in person?
    my family 8-)

    30. What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
    cant get thro anythin without a mention of him! but man in the mirror..

    31. Last time you smiled?
    this question made me smile :O

    32. Ever had a drunken night in Mexico?
    ohh aye 8-)

    33. Have you changed this year?
    emm dunno ask others...

    34. Whats ur fav holiday ?
    Summer it has my birthdayyyy :D but tbh this ones been shit!

    35. Are you talking to anyone while doing this?
    nope on ma normmm

    36. Do you walk with your eyes open or closed?
    ehh open duhhh

    37. Is there a quote you live by?
    not particularly!

    38. Do you want someone you can't have?

    39. Have you ever played an instrument?

    40. Whats the worst idea you've had this week?
    not had a bad one :P

    41. What were you doing last night at 11?
    emm on msn and watchin friends

    42. Are you happy with your love life right now?
    well i have none but its all goood in the hoood

    43. What song describes your love life?
    Black eyed peas...where is the love?!

    44. Does the person you like know you like them?
    I dont realy like anyone

    45. Who always makes you laugh?
    Steven r leaneee

    46. Do you speak any other languages?
    German (H)

    47. Are you a blonde?

    48. What's your middle name?

    49. What are you doing tomorrow?
    docs, town with leane :)

    50. Who is your best friend?
    Gemma, Leane, ann, fran, Emma, steven :)

    0 Comments 208 weeks

  • This is what boredom does to u!

    Who is the last person you wrote a letter to on paper?
    when i was like 5 to my mummy ha!

    Do you fold your underwear?
    I do actually ha! keeps em neat ;)

    Do you like to drink the juice out of freeze pops?
    mmm yes :)

    Name something you have in common with all of your siblings:
    does second name count...coz tht is alll, and the fact we live in the same house ha!

    What was your first job?
    Happy castle :)

    What do you want the most right now?
    a drink, but its downstairs (N)

    Plans for the weekend?
    hmmm...work, see mates, maybeeee football (y)

    What color is your favorite hoodie?
    Blue...NY jumper, soooo cosyyyy :D

    Who do you consider your second mom or dad?

    Name something that you strongly dislike?
    exams right now :@

    What's your typical ice cream order?

    What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

    What did you do today?
    revised German :(

    What did you do last night?
    on laptop...and revised German( shows my fun life!)

    Do you have a mobile phone?
    obvvv! cldnt live without it!

    Are you emotional?
    i cry easily yes!

    Have you ever had the same dream more than once?
    emm dont really remember dreams, only the odd one

    Name a song that makes you sad?
    I will always love you :( cry everytime ha!

    Do you use chap stick?

    nope...had alot when little

    What was the most recent thing you bought?
    sweets coz i needed them to help me revise

    What is on your refrigerator door?
    a koala and a note pad hingy!

    Name something you have to do tomorrow?
    revise german and maths |-) :(

    What was the last movie you watched?
    watchin Goal right now...watched goal 2 last night (wrong order i know :L )

    What is your favourite holiday?
    summer...away fi scotland, my birthday, alot of time off school

    Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
    regular...choc milks usually too strong for my liking

    When was the last time you had Starbucks?
    like 2 weeks ago...love it there <3333

    Do you have a trampoline at your house?
    no :( wish i did

    What do you know every line to?
    every friends episode...i always annoy folk with it ha!

    Do you know how to do a cart-wheel?

    Do you maintain any friendships originating from primary school?
    i do...Gemma boma for 10 years :D

    What are you wearing?
    Pj'sssss! :D

    What was the last thing you ate ?

    Do you take pills daily of any sort?
    sometimes need them =/

    When was the last time you did the dishes?
    dishwasher mate!

    How much sleep did you get last night?
    9 hours...doorbell woke me up :(

    Do you own any band t-shirts?
    yes i doo...scoting for girls, mcfly, s club 7 :$ doesnt fit tho :( , leon tshirt aswell

    Last song you sang out loud?
    hmm...shake it i think when i was revisin :L

    Last time you fell asleep on the floor?
    have i ever? :S

    Who have you talked to today?
    alot off folk tbh!

    What comes to your mind when I say pumpkins?
    orange :L

    Friend that lives closest to you?
    hmm...leane or nicola

    Color of your shirt?

    Do you drink alcohol?
    i do indeeed...bad effects :O

    What is your background on your computer?
    Ross McComack or cardiff (H) hes a stunner likes :P

    What is the background on your phone?
    me and emmy in JC toilets :L

    Do you wish on 11:11PM?
    well it has passed ;)

    boredom on a study leave night are u surprised ;)

    over and ooot x

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  • Omar Javed

    your hot :$!

  • Lizanne Sarah 4/8/10 via Mobile
  • Lisa Tierney
    Lisa Tierney

    Hi Merry Christmas

  • Lou
    luv Lou

    Hey Sis :L whats been happening with you?? Kerr and I are going to stay in Glasgow on Sunday night just to get a wee break away, so looking forward to that :D Anyway hope you good and hopefully catch up soon. L xxx

  • scars on 45
    scars on 45

    Hey! We are Scars on 45, a 6 piece indie band from Bradford. We’re pretty new to Bebo and have just set up our profile. It’s looking pretty sweet so we wanted to invite you along to check it out! Come and listen to our Tracks (you might even recognise one from CSI!), watch our videos, check out our pics and send us some luv on our comments board. Enjoy! Scars on 45. x

  • Lorna Williamson
    luv Lorna Williamson

    Hey hannah thank u for my birthday present hen x x x from lorna

    8/15/09 via Mobile
  • The Unders

    Wow. Where does time go. Where you folks hanging on Saturdays these days then? Any new clubs popped up? 2009-08-08 06:01:32

  • Lizanne Sarah
    luv Lizanne Sarah

    hey-ho :) how were the results?? <3xO.

  • Lou
    luv Lou

    Hey Missy hows u doin?? How was ur birthday?? omg your getting old LOL :L Hope ur good and catch u soon :D L xx

  • Emma
    luv Emma

    Aw that's good :D Glad you had a good time! I was also wasted that night :L Fell out the toilets, lost my key...what a fanny! Love you xxxxxxxxxx

  • Rachael
    luv Rachael

    belated birthday love. hope you had a nice day:D xxxx

  • Lizanne Sarah
    luv Lizanne Sarah

    Hope you had a good birthday :) <3xO.

    8/1/09 via Mobile
  • Emma
    luv Emma

    Happy Birthday :D Hope you have a good day and got lots of nice pressies. Don't get too drunk ;) See you when I get back :P Love you xxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Rebecca

    Happy Birthday!! xxxxxx

  • Steven G
    luv Steven G

    Hiyaaaa Happy Birthday :D Canni slag you for being 16 now :( Have a great day :) xx

  • Lizanne Sarah
    luv Lizanne Sarah


    7/31/09 via Mobile
  • Lorna Williamson
    luv Lorna Williamson

    Happy birthday hen

    7/31/09 via Mobile
  • Lizanne Sarah
    luv Lizanne Sarah

    17 soon!!! xoxox

    7/30/09 via Mobile
  • Jackie Moon
    Jackie Moon

    haha definetley it was soo shit! nahh nothing planned yet :( holidays have been shite sp far like! what you been upto??xxx