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Tuc Tuc

Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!

6/16/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 33, Luv 53
  • from Duuuubliiin
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 1,070
  • Member since: April 2008
  • Last active: 10/30/08
  • www.bebo.com/AlanjoC
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About Me

Lifes a garden baby DIG IT!!!
Me, Myself, and I
Me 28, me got woman..... aoife ..... she got big bongos.... me likes them.... they smell like sex... ... my friend poos in a bag attached to his hip...... my other friend is loco!!!! he grunts a lot!!!!! oakey says ahh ehh ahh ehh .... he looks like woody from toy story... his girl beats him.... cat is funny... sandy is RED.... oh and i am a plumber...::P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
the kilfanora set dancing band, Padder the banjo player who sits outside abrakebra in crumlin busking at the weekend(worn out many a shoe jigging to his god given talent to make that sweet angel like music). his breath stinks of taco chips though.....
in diana jones, harry porked her , road to perdition, class film , i nearly cried.... I SAID NEARLY...
5 knuckle shuffle champion 2 years running now!!!!!
Scared Of
having a sweaty ARSE! god bless talc.... and aoife!!!!
Happiest When
i have a hangover plop!
i didnt realise it was illegal to park my jeep in thru the front window of central bank....... it looked like a good spot to me????
My guns are 7" in diameter. i dont know if you Noticed but i did over a thousand !

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  • Aoife Boyle
    luv Aoife Boyle

    You're a freak!!! Dont worry bout it, I haven't got the time for your time-wasting shenannigans anywho :P Smell you later x

  • Catherine Delappe
    luv Catherine Delappe

    Here Amy Marie go get stuffed. He is spoken for. :P Thank god not by me. Whahah Ah no buddy how are you? I hear u are off the smokes and would like to wish you well. "Luv isn't easy, but bebo is" :o

  • Aoife Boyle
    luv Aoife Boyle

    For you ------> P.S. I am dying :(

  • Catherine Delappe
    Catherine Delappe

    Did you Know It is believed that the fear for the number 13 stems from primitive man being unable to count past 12. Numbers beyond 12 do now have an individual and independent name but are a combination of the first 12 numbers. With 12 being the end of the line, 13 was moving into unknown territory. :o

  • Aoife Boyle
    luv Aoife Boyle

    P.S. you're a SICKO!!!! - Miriam O'Callaghan looks like your mam!!!!!! We've had this conversation a number of times Alan. Tut tut...

  • Elaine Cowley
    Elaine Cowley

    Shower's workin a charm, thanks!! Between that, the kettle and a basin of soapy water I've never been cleaner!!!! :D Will sort electrician out too as soon as. Bet my house'll still be ready before Sandy's!!! :L :L

  • Aoife Boyle
    Aoife Boyle

    Never proposing eh?? :L Get over yourself.. You fookin know you cant live without me and if I want a a big sparkler, by God you will get me one! So enough of the macho man act, you silly silly little boy.

  • Catherine Delappe
    Catherine Delappe

    Sure will! Will call down when ever I get the chance. Don't a min at the moment pal! So I hear your the new Mr DIY World!! Always wanted that title. Well I mean Miss! Have my very own tool set you know. Its all a bit up in the air. Cant even think about at the moment to be honest what ever happens on that front happens.

  • Aoife Boyle
    luv Aoife Boyle

    I AM the best ;) Just workin workin workin.. Lucky you out doin a spot of shopping.. I'm jealous. I hope you got me somethin nice :D See ya later skater x x x

  • Catherine Delappe
    luv Catherine Delappe

    U dont wana mess with ME! Tats it give me that case i am off.... Tump tump tump.... Cat ITERUPTS *eh casey there not ur clothes in there hehehehwhahahahahh* I am grand and you me aul mucker? Here is some love. We have to get a game of switch 2geather soon.

  • Aoife Boyle
    luv Aoife Boyle

    Lllloyyyyd Grossssman!!! Get back online.. :)

  • Aoife Boyle
    luv Aoife Boyle

    Have some birthday lovin x x x Two days till sanghria's by the pool my dorling!! ;)

  • Catherine Delappe
    Catherine Delappe

    Defo you tuc tuc..... I will pick one for jr to.

  • Aoife Boyle
    luv Aoife Boyle

    Dominick Purcell? Is that you???? :O PS. Baby, here's that bathing suit I was telling you about for the holiday.. I think it's really nice...

  • Dean Delany
    luv Dean Delany

    did yahs hav a gud nite in the end