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Jill stewarts comment of the day: 'i got wet for you bibi!!'

1/27/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from dublin....for now i guess
  • I am Down for Whatever
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Dont worry....be HAPPY :D !

'Rudeness is the weak mans imintation of strength!!!'
Anything....i really mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anything that makes you tingle......you know wat i mean!!:)
U know..the usuall
Anything......sport is my life!
Scared Of
Some stuff!Being sick and hospitals are in there along with fainting!
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Eating, outside or just chilaxin with d bhoys!n of course; the morning after when ur still locked!
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  • tulach do deo,sorry cailín i ad 2 steal it,its brill

    Conamara xxxx
    Ó Montreal go dtí Seattle,
    Ó New Orleans go San Antone,
    Tá dhaoine óga ann ag taisteal,
    Ag saothrú saoil dóibh féin níos mó.

    Ú Conamara tá tú imithe uaim rófhada,
    Ó mo chuimhne ó mo chroí:
    Ú Conamara chaith tú seal le bean a’leanna i do luí.

    Ó nior theastaigh uathu imeacht,
    Óna gcairde óna gclann,
    Ach céard eile a Bhí le déanamh,
    Nuair nach bhfuil aon obair ann.


    Ó indreabhan go hiorras aithneach ,
    Na hOileáin Camus Ros A Mhíl(inár gcroí)
    Bíonn dhaoine óga ann ag taisteal,
    Ní fhillfidh mórán arís choíchin

    0 Comments 11 days ago

    'S má théann muid síos go Meicsiceo
    (An) mbeidh saol níos fearr ann?
    'S cad atá cearr lenár cuid grá?
    An dtogfaidh an ghrian slán mé?

    Be cheart dúinn seans a thabhairt dár ngrá,
    Gan tú thart bhí'n saol dom chrá
    Is thug tú slán mé

    'S na botúin bheaga ghrán
    I bhfad níos mó ná uair amháin
    's níor thug sí orm é

    ABAIR LIOM "beidh saol níos fearr ann"
    's an ghrian a thogfaidh ár ngrá slán,
    CíBE FAD gur tú mo leanann.

    Is cuma liom,
    Is cuma liomsa.

    'S má théann muid síos go Meicsiceo,
    An mbeidh tús nú ann?
    Chífear an lá a ghabhail faoi scáth,
    's an oíche a ghabhail chun cinn ann.

    Cois abhann peacaí tráth a bhíos,
    Is mé ag iarradh bheith istigh,
    Is thug tú slán mé.

    Is rinne mé dearmad ar an lá,
    I mí na Nollaig-í a chrá
    's níor thug sí orm é.

    ABAIR LIOM "beidh saol níos fearr ann"
    's an ghrian a thogfaidh ár ngrá slán,
    CíBE FAD gur tú mo leanann.

    Is cuma liom,
    Is cuma liomsa.

    'S má théann muid síos go Meicsiceo...

    Sin sin.

    3 Comments 357 weeks

  • METRO STORY OF THE WEEK ! {quoted directly from the metro} 28/02/06

    A man has been forced to marry a goat after he was caught having sex with the animal.The goat's owner,Mr Alifi, said he surprised the man with his goat and took him to a council of ELDERS.they ordered the man,Mr Tombe,to pay a dowry of "15,000" SUNANESE DINERS,nearly 40euro to Mr Alifi.'We have given him the goat,and as far as we know they are still together,'he said.'When i asked him: "what are you doing there?",he fell off the back of the goat,so i captured and tied him up.'

    0 Comments 387 weeks

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  • Ruth Byrne
    luv Ruth Byrne

    yeah u organise it ur good at that!! spain wit who so unfair can i come in your suit case!!please!!??!!haha!! wat type of fone u gettin?

  • Cian W
    Cian W

    cheers man!

  • Cian W
    Cian W

    could i use one of them next time were goin man??

  • Cian W
    Cian W

    alri man u got ne free gym passes left??

  • Ruth Byrne
    luv Ruth Byrne

    ha ha just about!!wat about u? any news for me??:) :L

  • Sinéad
    luv Sinéad

    love hearts!!

  • Megs

    well ur welcome and thanks 4 coming! so u have fun on wednesday...;)

  • Caz H
    luv Caz H

    Heya! How are ya? What's the story with skiing? By the way ever look up kenny versus spenny? Hilarious! What was the thing you were saying to look up? Funny accidents or something? :)

  • Amy Johnston
    Amy Johnston

    Mucho Thanks :) get home alrighty? Faggit Juice. . ! :o

  • Hurlo

    Like d picture? Da Vinci my bollox. My picture is amazin!

  • Amy Johnston
    Amy Johnston

    A sham?? You not go either in the end? Was toooo nAsty out! Ha yea, i loved every min of it...?! EH the bobbin is most definately mine! Who told you such lies?! Ha cool, sounds saucey! :)

  • Amy Johnston
    Amy Johnston

    Ha took me ages to cop on to that 'Tantilisin Third level Tuesdays' , what to see? Gotta be my bloody valentine! :D yea, ye didnt even seem that bad, ok well not beat up but punch in the tummy ! dead man... it is an amazing bobbin :) blacks the new....purple...? I hada great night ! much fun, music was a lil 'different' but was all goood. Yous jus head home after ?

  • Amy Johnston
    Amy Johnston

    Yea was good! How come they wouldnt let you guys in?.. Haha ye not remember?! Yes yes, you gave it to me for my deadly bobbin! and then you beat me up....ha, i'll get you back when you least expect it!.. You hava good one?

  • Eimear Larkin
    Eimear Larkin

    ye ye wateva!! ur the disappointment...were seeing bloody valentine soon sooooooo wana see it! heard u nd eoin won in football?!?! how did u guys manage that?...ur opponents mustve been pretty BaD!! :D hehe oooooh nd i heard yas got ur ag place all done up wit comfy coaches?! im there! mite pop into yas tmoro wat time u in coll till?!

  • Amy Johnston
    Amy Johnston

    Haha yea yea bet you have!.. No, nothin manly about It, was tourmenting....seriously..! Yea no cinema, was one a the girls bdays! ''Super Student Tuesday'' sux for me anywho, dont have student card so havte pay a whopper 9.50, sux ass....ha i know ye would have! Bet ye went to see it by yer tod anyway.. :D ha jk...Bloody Valentine, thats a must see! 3D n all, creeepy!

  • -.Kinicio.-
    luv -.Kinicio.-

    hey pedro how go u?¿ yeah im moovin down to malaga permenently in july look fr a job n shit!!! ur more then welcome to take advantage of it hahahhahahahahah!! so no news?¿ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Amy Johnston
    Amy Johnston

    :) Haha!! ah iz only buzzin of ye! :) And i most certainly am not a weirdo. ! The one night in that room was enough for my, My Gosh... snorin outta you n ducker was unreal, UNREAL!! :L haha ok ok deal! ill hook ye up wth a deadly colour too then. No work today, woop woop!

  • Amy Johnston
    Amy Johnston

    ''It's not that I don't like you, I just don't like to eat with other people'' ok im done im done! cant remember anymore... ha I KNEW it! Next tym, next tym. Ok ok ok i have a proposition for ye, how bout i giv you a deadly bobbin, - nothin ''shabby''bout this one, we're talkin the good stuff here, n in return you giv that nasty bracelet back to me ? eah eah? Its a win win! :D Plus you got the watch back in spectictacular form. Yea defo, im up for it in easter. Eh lets put someone else in charge a bookin the rooms this tym tho know ye did it on purpous...but whatever... :D