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The Gap Year - Challenge New Zealand

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Me, Myself, and I
Five people...
Four weeks...
One incredible adventure...

This is The Gap Year: Challenge New Zealand!

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The Gap Year: GMT #6 - The Reunion

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  • Antonio Blog - Wellington

    Hey friends and family so this is the first real time since sat I’m able to write a blog been traveling a lot and have been in the middle of no where. anyway so Chris went on Friday which I,m gutted about got on really well with him and he’s a sound guy.cant wait for the night out when I,m back defo gona tear the town up. So we left rotorya and headed down to Wellington the capital of new Zealand, after 6 hours traveling we were all pretty tierd but had quite a night planned for us.
    Rebecca from the south tourism board had organize a full on meal at this lovely restaurant called duke carvel where we were looked after very well by the staff we were actually treated like Celebes felt very surreal but was also very nice the food was absolutely delicious. I was very much full by time we came to desert so didn’t part take in that but the girls looked very nice and wish I would have saved room for some.

    We left there and went to a bar to meet Rebecca who had organized a free bar for us so like true cronio/gap year style we took full advantage….but that wasn’t enough Rebecca wanted to take us to some other bars so while the girls flaked off early I carried on a little bar crawl round Wellington. after visiting many bars I ended up up in a bar called sandwich bar which was defo my kind of thing music was banging and like true Antonio style I got home at 6.45am having to be up for the ferry at 7.15 I jumped on my bed to close my eyes for as long as I could.

    No sooner had I closed my eyes it was time to get up .luckily I had lay down in my clothes so like a proper traveler I just jump up and put my shoes on to make this treaded journey to the next destination. Thank god we were in the vip area of the boat so had a massive sofa to myself and slept and all the way there to finally reach portage where this weeks challenge would commence.

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  • Emma Blog - Challenge Day

    I felt like an iron woman contestant. We lugged a log up a hill. Literally honestly what we did. They fed us some story that we were recreating a Maori journey with a traditional kayak, but we knew the truth. They just thought it would be hilarious footage to see us clambering up and down patches of uncut bush with a fat trunk. And I really got the wrong side. I was quietly puffing away not wanting to draw attention to the fact that I was completely exhausted, when Anton getting a bit of cobweb in his hair, dramatically “dropping” his side of the log and realising “hilariously” that he wasn’t taking any of the weight. FUN TIMES.

    When vwe got to the beach no one was exactly sure how to row a boat. Now I know that sounds stupid and there has been occasions where I have leisurely rowed along the chiester canal or done a round trip on swanbrourne lake, but this was entirely different. This was a race to the death. And when it becomes a race to the death, panic sets in and tyour frantic rowing just doesn’t do it justice. You can see a person ahead of you, appearing to seamlessly be gliding along, in contrast to your clumsy splattering of oars. It honestly is a bit soul destroying.

    When we finally reached the dock, we had to catch a fish again panicing really wanting to do well I managed to get my line all tangled up. (dad if you had taken me fishing all those times I asked it wouldn’t of happened) so much so it was deemed a fisherman’s basket, (for any of you out there who know the lingo) anyway, my fish plight was failing, while the other charged ahead getting bites and in the end actually fish… (holly ended up killing her because she was so over excited to have actually caught it she was waving it around like and I quote “a maraca”.)

    so sans fish I returned back to the shore where we THEN had to jump into a kayak…and again there was a clear element of danger with the kayaks being the easily flippable ones so doing the intense “im going to row a heart out” involved trying to keep your balance and I kept accidentally swerving out to the left, out into the open ocean, and the instructor, clearly not wanting give to9 much away, despite the fact I bwas heading out to desolate seas was like “MAKE SURE TO LOOK AT THE MAP EMMA” …. “LOOK CAREFULLY EMMA” it was lol times.

    When I finally made my way over to the bay we had to find green tipped mussels. I was looking forever. Honestly I found them so difficult to find. It is the hardest thing to try and find mussels on a sea bed when the tide us inb and you’ve got a lifejacket on. It is near impossible to bob downb and collect them. It just the image in my head of my bum in the air trying unsuccessfully to dive down. So yes I came in last. But I did try my hardest, and put my all into it so I don’t feel awful. Also im in new nealand!!!1 im taking the challenges seriously burt nit enough to let them destroy my life.

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  • Holly Blog - Marlborough Sounds Challenge

    Our challenge this week was held in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds on the South Island. We were staying in a very comfortable resort in Portage… with running water and a washing machine this was fantastic as my clothes were in need of a good wash….doing this I threw in my bikini that I wore in the mud baths as it still stunk… BAD IDEA, since doing this was all my clothes now stink of egg lol not a good look ! I am turning into a true traveller I haven’t washed my hair for four days lol and people who know me know that it takes me at least an hour to get ready… you’ll be proud to know ive got it down to 15 mins lol !

    Personal hygiene issues aside we were here to complete a challenge consisting of three main parts …

    Firstly was Team Work… myself Anton and Emma had to carry a heavy log through a famous Maori trail which they done many years ago. This was pretty easy as there were three of us carrying it, Anton led the way dragging me and Emma behind thus making us do all the work lol it was pretty rough terrain as it was down hill through a wood, I got a few grazes but nothing serious… the trail led us to the next part of the challenge on the beach side.

    Here we found three dingy boat things… one for each of us as from this point we were ON OUR OWN! We had to row all the way to the dock and then catch a fish … we all tugged our boats into the sea, jumped in and paddled away… not knowing what the correct way to row… I just used my instincts and imagined I was on the rowing machine in the gym haha, this worked to my advantage as I was the first one to get into a rhythm and actually get some distance across the sea… Emma wasn’t too far behind me but Anton was well out of sight lol I don’t think he grasped the rowing technique lol. Knowing I was well infont I just steamed ahead and went for it, once I got to the dock I had to put the bait on my fishing line and drop it into the sea… this was a first for me as I have never been fishing before and im not the kind of person to fish lol but I just went for it, once I dropped my line Emma turned up next to me, we got into abit of a tangle trying to stop our boats from drifting, once I was steady I felt this tug on my line… to my amazement and complete and utter shock I had caught a little fish !!! I was so happy but then realised it had swallowed the line and was unable to survive so it died bad times! Aton arrived about 5 mins after this and he managed to catch a fish too !
    The next part of the challenge was awaiting us on the shoreline… three Kayak’s with maps and lifejackets, we were instructed that we had to kayak to ‘Taken Bay’, and on the way collect five mussels from the rocks. As my friends and family at home know I am rubbish at reading maps, so instead of figuring out where I was going I just jumped into my Kayak and paddled away I got some serious speed up and to my astonishment I was waaay ahead again! Infact I was loving it I felt like a sea woman ! Lol I was at one with the sea! Once I got some distance I checked the map again in order to know where the hell I was heading to… I managed to find it this time so I headed in that direction, with Taken Bay in sight I saw some rocks where I could collect some mussles… I parked my Kayak up and jumped out… they are hard little buggers to find but once I got my first one I realised where was best to get them, I was on a roll, Emma joined me in the same place to gather her mussels too, as we were doing this we saw anton making his way closer to Taken Bay… I thought to myself ‘has he got his mussels already’? Once I got all five I steamed across to Taken Bay with my five Green Mussels in hand ! On arrival Anton was there to greet me, saying ‘ ive got my mussels’, I was like how did you get them so quick?! He had got them in the bay where we caught our fish !!!! I couldn’t believe it… I automatically thought he cheated as we were specifically told to gather them

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    When are you in the Bay of Islands??? Any of you been sailing on a tall ship before?

  • Chris Charalambous
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    Ya alrite people just a quick message to say thanks to everyone who has been leaving me good luck messages i dont think i could have come this far without you, And to everyone who hasnt left me any messages, Get involved!!! you know it makes sense leave me a message and make my day!!! Lots of love and kisses Chris x x x x x x x

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  • Holly Stile
    Holly Stile

    Heyy everyone im having the most amazing time in NZ it truly is an amazing and interesting place! hope ur all enjoying the vids, the most recent one has given me a right laugh and i know my friends at home are gunna love it hehe its getting tough now and very competative but im still giving it my all and ready for anything BRING IT ON GAP YEAR lots of love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx