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  • Female, Luv 48
  • from Droitwich
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 838
  • Last active: Apr 22
  • www.bebo.com/KerryM4247
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
<< Kerriee ;)

Leighaa hackedd babeyy
Well well well if it isntt kerry well all ican say kerry is thankyouu so much for what you have
donee for mee :)
because if it wasnt for you i wouldnt have asked lewis out and you are a truely amazing person tbff and your a stunnaa to :)
i love you lots and tots as a mateyy

Now Ashlee's Hacking! God Kerry Stop Giving Out Your Password! Kerry You Are Tbf My Favorite Stalker!!! We Will One Day Find The 10 Inch Piano Penis And Rape The Fitty (Saving All Mews Hourly) Inside, And We Will Look For The Penis In The Blue Pages!! I Love You Loads Kerry xoxoxo

The Other Half Of Me
Freddie '
just been hacked by freddie :P
told ya i would :P
Reggie Hacked You!!
This Is Reggies Hacking Message:) hello there Person i am now hacking, hope you are good :) i might change your skin :P to sommat gay, meh or maybe not, I am CopyRight !!! yeap 'cause i rule :L lols bye bye gays xx
Scared Of
People!! :L
Happiest When
BeingGay :P
Whos Fred Karry ??? :) He Your BF? :L :L so yeah hi fred :)

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How does your heart really feel about him/her?


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  • Jay Gore
    Jay Gore

    im good thank you , how are you ? xx

  • Jay Gore
    Jay Gore

    hello :]

  • Dekikins

    oh hai der ;D no love left sowweh ;< (L) xxxxx

  • Jamie The Rev
    luv Jamie The Rev

    Hey there :) I realised i have never left you a comment, so i thought i would today :) Anyway i don't really know what else to say :) byeeee XxXxX

  • Cray-Egg .
    Cray-Egg .

    Thanks for the add =] Hows things. ?? xxx

  • Millzie
    luv Millzie

    Nom =3

  • Aberedi
    luv Aberedi

    Added Anymore Hot People Since I've Last Been On Bebo? Of Course You Have :D So Anyway, I'm Bored. Bye x

  • Harley Gude

    hey thanks for the add. xo

  • Steve Rawlings
    Steve Rawlings

    lol yh :L feels like known u 4 ages :L xxx

  • Steve Rawlings
    luv Steve Rawlings

    how r u aniwaiis :) xxx

  • Steve Rawlings
    Steve Rawlings

    lol :L hoe hoe hoe u nd freddie are santas bitches :L xxx

  • Steve Rawlings
    Steve Rawlings

    lol i almost went home :L :L hoe hoe hoe merry xmas :L :L xxx

  • Steve Rawlings
    luv Steve Rawlings

    heya kerrie :D we had a good day 2day didnt we lol ma hoe :L :P xxx

  • Steve Rawlings
    luv Steve Rawlings

    lol kerrie ur a hoe :L :P xx

  • Solitary Man
    luv Solitary Man

    kerrriieeee =D!! ello ^.^ how are yooouuu? w//b xxx

  • luv Maddiie

    Heyya uu alright? wubu2? kk tb x cya x

  • Aberedi
    luv Aberedi


  • Aberedi
    luv Aberedi

    Kerrie You Tard!! The Ring 2 :L Ringu - pingu Coming Up The Well Instead ;) iluu x

  • Freddie '
    luv Freddie '

    hello dotty lol i am bored u ok lol wuu2 xx

  • Cutmylifelineshort

    heyy, yea im grand thanks :) yourself???