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James Bigwood


6/3/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 163
  • from crowborough
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 11,565
  • Member since: April 2006
  • Last active: 12/31/11
  • www.bebo.com/slap_my_fanny
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About Me

slap that fanny cat!
Me, Myself, and I
In T'middle!
James Bigwood, go to beacon, year 11, pretty shit really.
Enjoy having the occassional alcohomolic beverage now and again and seeing all my mates who are all great. Can't wait till the summer, its gonna be good!

oh yeah i like the word beef nd big up my bush jumpin crew! lol
By the way, if i offend anyone with my harsh sence of humour, its probably nothing personal (unless you are a cock), i just find things funny like that

 ooooo Nemo!
The Other Half Of Me


my best mate

i like everything really especially oasis, the kinks, the jam, paul weller, the who, the rolling sones, nd loads of other stuff like james brown, the beatles, bob marley, the doors, the eagles, elton john, elvis lol, clapton, fatboy slim, fleetwood mac, james taylor, jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, madness, squeeze, the specials, marvin gaye, the prodigy, james brown, simon and garfunkel, r.e.m, the chilli peppers, supertramp, travis, the animals, status quo, the yardbirds, hot chocolate (you sexy thing) lol, booker t and the mg's, the troggs, the frattellis, razorlight, the kooks, the verve nd loads more really
My best film is Forest Gump, but i also really like stuff like the Green mile, the shawshank redeption, Fight club, lock stock and 2 smoking barrels, snatch, unforgiven, the Krays, die hard, for a few dollars more, the good the bad and the ugly, quadraphenia, the godfather 1 2 and 3, scarface, pulp fiction, true romance, red dragon, the silence of the lambs, hannibal, se7en, the shining, one flew over the cuckoos nest, good morning vietnam, layer cake, raging bull, taxi driver, alfie, sin city, the business, the graduate, momento, carlitos way, lord of the rings, indiana jones, prates of the carrabean, the waterboy, monty python films, casino nd that new bond films pretty good aswell
none really lol go to the gym wen i can be arsed nd play pool nd stuff nd i watch the big fite live wen its on, lol bear fishing and bush jumping are also quite good sports i am proud to say i compete in lol the occassional moose hunt also
Telly programmes
harry enfield, the fast show, only fools nd horses, friends, the simpsons, THE ROYLE FAMILY!!!! blackadder, ali g, men behaving badly, eastenders, alan partridge, fawlty towers, all murrys happy hour, the 2 ronnies loads of other comedys i cant think really
Happiest When
Going round best mates houses and gettin pissed, or playin pool in my shed whilst listening to music and drinking. on holiday
Stuff i like
Tea! Beer! mates, lambrettas, old music, havin a good time, lol bush jumpin, girls, old memories, the word beef lol, fun stuff, centre parks, family, havin a few drinks, playin pool in the summer with my best m8s, makin new friends, lol and as jason knows, cats. lol
hmm mates well to start off with my best m8 george whom ive known since i was like 3, nd hes always been a great mate, then theres matt nd dorris (alex), jack, mike, jason, coates, berry, pix, oconnel, charlie, dave, christy, conor, adam, maddie, emma, wallwork, georgia, gemma, sam (N.L), seb, ali, lou, Hannah and of course, Lyneth!!!

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  • tell me wat u wanna be

    My hero= lou
    My everthing= beth
    My wife = Lukeyboi
    My 2nd wife =
    My Mummii = sam commoau lol
    My Daddii =
    My Daughter = Kayleigh
    My Son = hugsy
    My babi =
    My Twin = daveeeeeeeeeeeeey boy lol
    My Main man = berry boi
    My Bigg Sista =
    My Lil Sista =
    My Bigg Bruva = a slice of jason
    My Lil Bruva =
    My Bezzii Boii Mate = George Bailey
    My Bezzii Gal Matez =
    My Guardian Angel = laura
    My PlayBoii =
    My Babii gal =
    My Idol = Billy
    My Babe =
    My Sexii gal=
    My Bit On The Side = lol well as anna let me choose... lol
    My Secret Admirer = Bailey
    My Stalker = Bailey
    My Bad boii = conor
    My Rudegal =
    My Rudeboii = jason
    My Babiiz God parents = Matt and Bailey
    My Pet = The Cat
    My Hairdresser =
    My Massager =
    My Dirtii Dancer = Matt and lil george
    My Bodii guard = the harvenator of course lol
    My Hardcore Gangsta = Hugo lol
    My Partner In Crime = oconnel
    My Bitch = Meat eatin' matt
    My Partii animal = lou
    My medical buddy =
    My babygurl =

    24 Comments 331 weeks

  • yes...

    Put an X in the box if its a yes leave it blank if its a no!
    [_] go out with me?
    [_] give me your number?
    [_] kiss me?
    [_] let me kiss you?
    [_] watch a movie with me?
    [_] let me take you out to dinner?
    [_] take a shower with me?
    [_] be my bf/gf?
    [_] have a fling with me?
    [_] take me home for the night?
    [_] Would you let me sleep in your bed?
    [_] re-post this for me to answer your questions?
    [_] give me a piggyback ride?
    [_] have a relationship with me?
    [_] Dance with me?
    [_] Spank that ass?
    [_] Help me with homework?
    [_] Tickle me to death?
    [_] Let me tickle you?
    [_] Stick up for me if i was being put down?
    [_] Carress my body?
    [_] Play strip poker with me?
    [_] Say yes if i asked you out?
    [_] Get wasted with me?
    [_] Instant message me?
    [_] Greet me in public?
    [_] Hang out with me?

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  • ahhhh is that the pudding?

    1. Whats your Name?
    2. Are we close?
    3. What do you think of me?
    4. Do you hav a crush on me?
    5. Would u kiss me?
    6. would u fuk me?
    7. Describe me in 3 words?
    8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?
    9. What was ur first impression of me?
    10. Do u still think the same?
    11.. What reminds u of me?
    12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    13. How well do u know me?
    14. What do u like best about me?
    15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?
    16. Could you ever love me?
    17. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    18.R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?
    19.Anything 2 say b4 u go?

    8 Comments 359 weeks

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  • Chris Scar
    Chris Scar

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  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    ahaaaa they are all from me, a whole page of comments from gib ow your soo lucky. yeah well i ust about beleive you mohaa. rant at him? yeaaah you were just scared when i came on TRAITOR. mash you uppppp YEAH# oh laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bigWOOOOOOOOD. xxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    luv Kerri Gib.

    hello snideeeeeeeeeeeey, fuck mine 5 weeks since i left you a comment ohh im sorry i have been talking to you on msn much more you are a right rudeboy me recks. and telling that certain person and saying it in front of that certain person, of such certain big mouth of a certain certainty... i beleive you really mohahahaaaaaa just having you on... but seriously.. merk yaaaaa up blaaaad.. have the love i am i very nice person :D

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    goooooodnight FAILURE. xxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    'Claps all round, but not so many claps for kerri as she is a FAILURE, she failed to reply within the time of 0.45252 seconds' 'HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH' 'we are all so disappointed in her' 'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH' 'but we forgive' 'more clapping' i feel like iv gone CLAPPING MADE. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    'seeing as your a new person to the group they allow a speech' 'well as i said im james, and im very proud to be in this society, i have achieved many things.. uno my scarfs.. because i lost one and gained two.. so im pretty happy with myself and its a real honour to be in this group of civerlised people, btw kerri is also super cool and i think she desurves another clap' 'woo woo woooo' CRIST james i think im writing bollobks to you, but finding it soo amusing. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    'hello everyone, im james' 'HEEEEEEEELLLO JAMES' 'so what have you achieved?' 'well i got two scarfs' 'we are all soo proud, everyone clap' actual soo funnyyyy. xxxxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    luv Kerri Gib.

    TWO LOVE. now i am not in debt to youuu. :D

  • Kerri Gib.
    luv Kerri Gib.

    as promised.. ONE LOVE.

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    i rather muchly like our chats : ) the patamime.. if i was there i think i would have actually been in tears. hahahaaaa, made me chuckle you just telling me about it. well expect two loves tomorrow you snidey animal. a h a xxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    ahaa my birthdays on the second of june. soo urm maybe you are rather muchly older than me.. haha. aww thankyou : ) i hope santa brings jamesy nice gifts. well iv been an awful good girl, so i hope so :D what you doing tonight then booy? xxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    ohh i heard someone say trollied.. i love it when you over hear people say .. 'ahh mate, i got smashed last night' ahahaaa a few months? probily abit more than that.. whens your birthday youngen? :L and tbh i thought i didnt really want anything this year but when i was asked to make a list i wrote loads.. haha. like this diseal perfume, makeup, hair stuff, clothes, bracelets, money.... the usual really. but im not really fussed if i dont get everything this year, well i havent been for the recent xmas's. xxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    what about chaired? + where the h e l l did lampshade come from? have you one in the same room as you atm? hahaha.. made me chuckle. and aww you must feel well privileged to be in my illness crew (Y) hahaa. what did you ask santa for xmas then youngen james? xxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    sloshed thats well funny. what about... 'i got well skraggged last night' ahaaa : ) awwww well join the lurgieeey club. urrm yeah i supose i am looking foward to the presents, haa youu? xxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    tanked matee, ahaa. well kerri will make one up- bulldosed mate (Y) and tonight... im watching telly till i fall asleep. iv got abit of a chest infection and feel rubbishy havent been out all weekend.. howa bout youu? xxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    oooooh iv never heard that expression before. oh lalaaa whos flash.. i want a job :( ahahahaha i was flicking through going.. hmm i know him, seen him before, kinder know him, and o m g thats bigwooood. haaaa. well, i would have given you the love if i had it... to make up for it you get two tomorrow.. then theres no hard feelings. ahaa xxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    tanked? ahaaa meaning... awww where you work then? ahaaa narr jems brought one, its hung in her room, she showed me it, then i spotted a certain somebody with a certain big.... guiter:L . aww thanks i repay the love tomorrow : ) as; Luv is rare. You can only give it 3 times a day. xxxxxxxx

  • Kerri Gib.
    Kerri Gib.

    hellooo youu, good weekend? jemma showed me the naked calander + guess whos in that. pahahhaaa xxxxx