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  • Male, 19, Luv 314
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 8/3/11
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About Me

---卐---卐--- ---卐---卐---卐---卐- ----卐---卐 ---卐---卐----
Me, Myself, and I
----๏ мαχ ๏----



hellow.. im max im 15 live in a small part of leeds called DRIG .
l iove spending time in drig and morley or at mine :)
im mostly known for my outspoken racism to all people not English.
for a start..
If your of a pakistani oragin or basically your a paki , indian polish or of any other ethnicity apart from British and white quite simply mate
josh (ginger)

now this guy is a big time clown
we have been through alot of things us two a few include bringing people two tears, argueing with doms mum on msn, and one of the most recent beeing chased by some diks who live in beeson coming at us with golf clubs

at the end of ther day were good m8s and its cool
now this fat lil dwarf is quite a guy
he throws quite a good party and he is always up 4 getting pissed
top pie

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seriously, didn't the green pixies tell you to stop smoking like, 10 minutes ago?! goshumz even they've given up on u.. sad
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  • JR.
    luv JR.


  • JR.
    luv JR.


    2/20/10 via Mobile
  • JR.
    luv JR.

    tell me about it bby:L xx

  • JR.

    maxwelll... youur queer babe. and YOU FUCKING SMILE! ly<333

  •  Aaron Partridge
    Aaron Partridge

    ano m8 been ages aint in wht u been doin with urself

  • JR.

    panche now this fat lil dwarf is quite a guy he throws quite a good party and he is always up 4 getting pissed top pie and likes naked men (y)

  •  Aaron Partridge
    Aaron Partridge

    ryt bud long time no speak whats ur xbox live name lol

  • luv YourMum

    lalalaloveformax :)) x

  • Yeahwelliihateyouanyway 12/8/09
  • GayBoy Corruption 12/6/09
  • GayBoy Corruption
    luv GayBoy Corruption

    A D D O P T E D :L

  • Viki.
    luv Viki.

    Love you x x x

  • Big Up Ur Chest
    Big Up Ur Chest

    ya fink jazz won that fight last nite

  • -Jaade
    luv -Jaade

    Lmao x x

    11/12/09 via Mobile
  • -Jaade
    luv -Jaade

    Thankyouu! Av it agean Daddy lmao . Av u noticed me n beth ant gt a mum lmao x

    11/10/09 via Mobile
  • Yeahwelliihateyouanyway
    luv Yeahwelliihateyouanyway

    Maxxxwelll!! Lovee for you babes :) (L)

    11/9/09 via Mobile
  • JR.
    luv JR.

    MAX! (L!) i love you big brother, have my love cause i proper love you too much<3 gi us it back babes, <333

  • Bx
    luv Bx

    Daddy gets his other daugters love x

    11/6/09 via Mobile
  • -Jaade
    luv -Jaade

    Lovee for daddyyyy ; luuu x