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Jo-Anne Paterson

Officially a one tree hill adict!!!!

1/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Ok jennifer i wont forget the 11th of august again!! Im sorry, not good with remembering birthdays!!!!!!

Tool!! haha better not forget my buddies the TEMPLE and of course the CRIME SCENE haha oh good times!!

Becky...dont you think that door ar the college should have had signs telling us where to go? That way we could have avoided creepy doors and just painted walls!

anyways i wont bore you all anymore!
have a look through my page - which is probs very boring - and leave me a comment if you wish
The Other Half Of Me
Hannah McSporran

Hannah McSporran

Punkass!! Loving the jogs, and crazy dancing :D xx

xX-Nice PeopleXx
James :D Rebecca (as in my wifey) :D to infinity and beyond, Cookie, My wee punkass, loving the business convos :D which no1 should hear...but some1 always does! Eilidheeee, Siggi, Jennifer, Sarah, Megan, Karen, Kerri, Susan, Alix, Hannah and Claire (my x employeees) and Yaz (my new one) :D My fellow 6th years, luv yous all! xxx
Bowbles and Jowbles
Yeh we are the random two, bowbli and jowbli, bowbles and jowbles...and we just love randomness!its so much more fun then being all serious and boring. Thers just been too many funny times to mention but lets just hope thers alot more to come! Yay randomness is super!! Wont be long til we're deadly teachers! Thank god we have each other for the child and youth studies, thinking its going to be tough at times but hey isnt any full time course!
She motivates me to get on with my work :D :D I get easily distracted!!

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  • for you
    for you

    ok guys, it is clear that me " not reccomended" in second year means that i am the best artist out of the lot of you!!

    the house i drew is just amazing! xxxxxxxxx

    Hannah McSporran 1 Reply
  • Ahahaha

    'Uh Ball' ;)

    Hope you appreciate it (Ok I know you will :L )

    Advanced Higher Art certainly pays off :L :L (Just kiddin flooze) But I is the best :) :P (You love it!)

    Anyways, just a little pic for ya chick


    Re-Becca 0 Replies
  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday

    Well as you can see a B in higher art pays off!! haha! Done by bestest!!!

    Susan Houston 0 Replies

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  • Re-Becca
    luv Re-Becca

    Just thought I'd share some love...it's been a while... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    9/24/12 via Mobile
  • Aimee McGougan
    luv Aimee McGougan

    Well done for passing ur exames. WELL DONE xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

    7/12/10 via Mobile
  • Aimee McGougan
    luv Aimee McGougan

    Thought u never new ur password

    7/12/10 via Mobile
  • Lewis.B

    heyy jo-anne wuu2

  • Aimee McGougan
    luv Aimee McGougan


    5/17/10 via Mobile
  • Aimee McGougan
    Aimee McGougan

    Ur never on

    5/5/10 via Mobile
  • Aimee McGougan
    Aimee McGougan

    Happy Easter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4/5/10 via Mobile
  • Alison Semple
    luv Alison Semple

    Happy Birthday again huni!!:) :) Hope u have a lovely day. Lots of love and hugs Alison and Daniel x x

  • Aimee McGougan
    Aimee McGougan


  • Aimee McGougan
    luv Aimee McGougan

    Hi big sis have a luv

    3/14/10 via Mobile
  • Julie Brown
    Julie Brown

    Hi chick, got invites for you and all the girls and partners for James' 21st in Argyll on 26th of February. Hope you can make it.x

  • Clare McIntyre
    Clare McIntyre

    Hey Huni :) Hws You? Long Time No Speak :o Hws Things? xxx

  • Jaamiie
    luv Jaamiie

    heyy:) hw u doinn? bn uptoo mch? xxx

  • Hannah McSporran
    luv Hannah McSporran

    have a love shite bag xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Re-Becca
    luv Re-Becca

    I miss you even more...you're further away :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :L :L Hope your havin a Lethal times babes :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Becca Wong
    luv Becca Wong

    Hey hun, finally back on the tinternet!! Goin cold turkey is tough!!:P Och you're a wee clever clogs, im sure you'll do grand on your coursework! Naethin new with me, just workin away - booring! Had overtime this wk - i even came in for a couple hours sat morning!!!!!!!:O Definately miss our little chats :( Do much this wkd? Was out last nite in whiskys, was actually really good! Done bugger all today though!:D Laters xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hannah McSporran
    Hannah McSporran

    can't wait for haloween now...woohoo! although i still think you should come up earlier to see me!! xxxxxxxx

  • Re-Becca
    luv Re-Becca

    Heya hunee, just thought I'd share the love with ya :D especially afte you went to the effort of goin on Bebo :L ! I sent you a wee bit of mail on Groupwise today sorry I aint been in touch. I got that job by the way, its pretty good, making a hoora money on tips :) !! I must just have one of those faces, lol!! Oooh i forgot about the nosying, dont know if they would really say that much about what they've been up to though!! lol code talk, great fun!! Anyways, shall speak to you laters chick Love ya to infinity and beyonderererer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx HUGS xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hannah McSporran
    luv Hannah McSporran

    hey precious! i'm good, we had a party last night and i didn't get to bed til about half 7 this morning so i am tired and hungover, lol! not realy missing home, but missing you lots and lots! :( when are you coming up to visit me? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hannah McSporran
    luv Hannah McSporran

    just got sad about going away there, i know ive got a whole two days left but im going to miss your sexy ass :( xxxxxxxxxxx