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Miss'n my dad's side of da aiga heapz :(

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Welcome to my page....Aponiva Tautala Fonoti is the name brought to this world by my beloved father Va'aimalae Toso Fonoti (Rest easy dad...Always in my heart) and beautiful mother Tufui Lile U. Leha'uli Fonoti...Dad's from Apia/Western Samoa (Faleapuna) and mom's from Kolomotu'a/Tonga (Longolongo)...I'm the middle child of 4 currently residing in Hawaii (Oahu) born & raise in the city side kalihi...Work hella hard to be where I'm at today and have no regrets...Drama free cuz that's how I roll so if you wanna start something then DON'T...Hang it up! then talk to me...lol...Feel free to drop by and be fe'iloz or faikakala'z...jus watch out b4 I shock you...lol...stay up...stay bless...vii ia le atua...le aso uma lava...le aso uma lava..vii le atua...Big ofa atus and Much alofa teles...Soifua
I love my Poly, local and reggae jams...
all of Madea movies...love em all....
Volley ball, football, singing, basketball, eating, eating, and did I mention eating....
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NOBODY...but my mom...who aint scared of theirs...LOL...love ya mom...
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I know that your happy.....I'M HAPPY.....The End...
Oldest Eseta Fonoti Kata married 2 Sione Mapili Kata (Leimatz) got 3 kids (Mele Kelekele..Alati Etisimoa Fangupo..and Tautala Sifia Tuitagava'a Kata)..2nd comes my only brother Va'aimalae Fonoti Jr married to Sa'ofetalai Fa'aleiloa Taufete'e Fonoti residing in Alaska with 3 kids (Margaret Lusitania Losilosi , Va'aimalae Joseph Fonoti 3rd & Baby Siosiua Richardson Fonoti) then comes me (Aponiva Tautala Fonoti) SINGLE to MINGLE still LOOKING for that right one then last but not least my baby sister Dorothy Stella Lile Fonoti taken by Nu'utele Veena with 4 kids (Isaiah Matagimaisaua "Kusa" Fonoti..Akanesi Lusitania Fonoti..Kimo Kimuoh Phillik..and Baby Arella Angel Veena..) Loves them to death...

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    I learned something in church this past week...It's the word "WISDOM"...
    The definition of Wisdom is " to take your values and knowledge and do good things to for better the benefits of others"...This word is so true in my life...Just realizing what values I have to know that I can for better myself and not only myself but others as well....I jus realize that life is too short...No one knows when their time will end...And to live life to the fullest...Cherish every moment of life while you can...Cuz you only can live life once...Say "I LOVE YOU" to everyone you know...b4 its too late...I know I've been through that and wish I can turn back in time and say I love you once again...And throught thick and thin, your family will always love you unconditonally...Friends...choose them wisely...Church...Keep praying and know that GOD is GOOD...Viia le atu..le aso umalava...Le aso umalava...Viia le atua...


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  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    Eseta Nazia Ali

    Damn no hearts left, but stl just wanna say hi sis....alwys remembering you gals....luv u heaps.

    Jun 5
  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Hi my dear sis! How are you guys over there? Miss hearing from you....Hope u got sent an invite for the reunion via Facebook! the reunion is on Easter and will be in wellington...hope u can make it sis along with the others....take care my sis, hope to hear from you soon...alofa atu...to u all.

    Feb 3
  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Sis, oa mai? just a quick hello, have lots to do but just thought to pop in and see how u are. Dad aends his regard 'nd love to all of you there....hoping to see you all at the reunion nxt year. It will be in Wellington-change of plans. Reunion plans have not finallized yet but wl let u kno as soon as we do. Say hi to sister Eseta and her fam. Hope all is okay wf u. Alofa tele atu sis.

  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Sis, how are u all? long no contacts. How are things wf u? Just thought to pop in and say hi...say hi to everyone from me. Mujmuj alofa mo oe le uso. Take care.

  • luv -JazNiv-

    heei niva lahi fefe ? jusd stop by to share dee lovee :) ofa atu

  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Hello there my dear sista,,,,sori fo'i for not being keeping in touch. It has been 2 weeks now since mum Heta got burried. Really sad and I miss her sooooo muj.....Dad is just ok, he is not feeling that well @da mo...U try n take a break when u can, or else u mit get sick.How is our whole family there? The reunion is next year but nufing is finalised yet. I wl keep u posted on that....in advance I kno sis hehehe....so u cn plan your trip eh haha... Sis take care and don't work too hard. Alofa tele atu sis mo oe.

  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    I know u are missing my mails sis, m so sori for not being intouched for awhile....mum Heta ua alu so that has been the rason why....anyways, how are u and da rest of our aiga there? I wl mail u soon k, luv u sis....always.

  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Hi sis, oa mai oe? Just saying hi....I'm stl at home. Ova le ma'i. Ae alofa atu, wl mail u agen sometime.

  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Hi my darling sis! I just saw your comment on the home page....breaks my heart....I think of you guys all the time.....I am @ home sick, so thought to try and come by to see you and say hi. How are u? take care, mujmuj alofa always sis. say hola to the rst of u there....wl visit u again soon when I'm a bit better. Bye sis.

  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    My dearest cuz! just a quick hello so u kno tht I have not forgotten u guys...I have been so busy since February trying to organize my older son's wedding. Now things are slowly back to normal, I cn actually email u agen. How are you? I got your mail about your new found bro...Wat a good news! Looking forward to seeing and meeting your new bro/my cuz @ the reunion. Anyways, I will chat a bit longer wf u next time, cos I have to get back to work now. Mujmuj alofa mo and Eseta, Stella and Va'a.as well as our whole aiga there. Luv u sis.

  • Sia Nafatali.
    luv Sia Nafatali.

    fanx sis hvent bn on foa ages.....hows finz ova dea???? Love to yous all

  • Mark

    Ofa atu !

  • Mark
    luv Mark

    Thank u

  • Mele Tonga
    Mele Tonga

    Hi Apo!! Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you and ur fam have a very blessed Memorial weekend as well!!! Glad to hear u made it back safely from LA although I'm sorry for your loss!!!! Well ttyl have a blessed Sunday!! :)

    5/27/12 via Mobile
  • luv -JazNiv-

    Hi Niva lahi ! im good pehe kihe toenga ae famili we're all good from here . hope everything is good out ur end . Ohwell loveyou all and the rest of the famz :* jah bless

  • SIfa Malafu
    luv SIfa Malafu


    3/22/12 via Mobile
  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Malo sista! M stl @ home, trying to get better. How are u? Hope u passed on my b/day wish to bro Va'a. Anyways, just thought to cum visit u and drop off a hart lol. Dad is in Samoa, he went for grandma and uncle Pa's unveiling. Sis don't work too hard. how are Eseta and the children? Say hi to everyone for me pls....u take care and will bebo back when I cum here again. muj love to u sis and our whole fam there.

  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Sis, hello! How are u and our fam there? Dad is in Samoa @da mo. M not working today, a bit sick. Sis say Happy birthday to bro Va'a pls frm me. Hope all is gud wf u. take care....muj alofa to u and the family. bye sis..

  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Hi there sis! thanks for the mail, but hey I feel bad tht I was a bit slow in sending u the Orator! Cool movie a sis! Anyways, it is gr8 to hear tht u are all ok on yr end. Would bro Va'a be far away frm u? say hi to him and his fam. Life here is da same also, just work and home, busy, but nufing exciting . We went to Aussie, and it was a busy trip, and no we did not see uncle Mose as we went to a different city, Sydney. It's about 12 hours away frm Sydney if u trvel by car. how's work going? Has mum cum back frm London yet? Ok sis, wl mail u agen anoda time, this old kamaloa of mine is making a fuss about me being on the computa. Take care sis, and say hi to everyone....frm me pls. mujmuj alofa mo oe le uso.....Tofa for now.

  • Eseta Nazia Ali
    luv Eseta Nazia Ali

    Hey cuz, how are u all on your end of the globe? Sooooo sori that I haven't been in touched for a while but u 've been thought about everyday...Just got back frm Australia and now busy wf work agen amongst other things....so this is just a quick hello and a note to say hi and to let u know that I have not forgotten u my favourite cuzzies. Luv u sis....say hi to everyone...take care.