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Highway Three Eighty

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Nicholas Lefevers
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About Me

You Will Never Know Whats Around The Corner
Me, Myself, and I
I'm Nick Lefevers and I write poetry and short story's. (More Details See . . ."Hidden Talents")
I'm developing a passion for writing and exploring all the aspects of the writing world.
My favorite Author is "Stephon King". He is one of the best next to "Frank Herbert".
My personal wish is to be someone elses Favorite Author.

(Highway Three Eighty is about a man named Daniel who is brilliant beyond belief , but lacks the ability to get over an untimely death, which holds and blocks his mind from being truly free, in other words he is bound by basic laws. But recieves help from an unexpected visitor)

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  • (Poem). . . ."My Year Companion"

    January is where we met for the first time. You was with your friends and I was with mine.

    February is when we first touched. We were holding hands to make your boyfriend jealous.

    March is when we started to fall for each other. We were passing love notes back and forth.

    April is when we first kissed. It was under the stars, where we was happy.

    May is when you tried to commit suicide because your parents divorced.

    June is where I held you so softly in my arms, telling you never to leave me.

    July is where we went to our first party, having sex in the back bedroom.

    August is where you attempted suicide once again, because life just got difficult for you.

    September is where we drank icy cold beers, under the sun, holding each other tightly.

    October is when we found out you was pregnant with my baby.

    November is when we was driving to a party on 5th and elm.

    December is where we hit a curve to fast and I slammed the brakes on your life.

    December the 13th is when i tried to commit suicide because I couldn't cope with your death.

    The thing is when i tried to commit suicide . . . .I Succeeded.

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  • (Hidden Talents) . . . . "My Outlook"

    Starting out is the hard part, like when your trying to search for those first couple puzzles peace’s, in a box of millions. You look and look, but nothing seems to match. Every time you believe you have the right one, it doesn’t seem to fit together.
    This is the point, where you desire the rhythm. It’s kinda like a flow of words, in your brain, which seems to automatically, fit the puzzle peace’s together for you. It’s like a kick to the face when it happens.
    It’s hard to remember afterward but you know it happened. It’s a magical feeling to have this kick to the face. Myself personally, I wish this would occur to me more often.
    Maybe I’d get the gratitude Iv been longing for, half my life. It’s a fast but steady feeling when you know that something you’ve wrote is now being read by hundreds of people. I like to think of it as satisfaction you can’t buy.
    The only real secret to it all is you just need a little inspiration, now and then. My personal inspiration would be “The Great Stephen King,” the author of “Bag of Bones” and “Misery.” He didn’t earn “The Great” in his name over night. It took him many years to become, who he is today.
    I wanna be just like “Stephen King” or like “Edgar Allen Poe” Heck. I’d settle with “Frank Herbert,” author of “The Dune Books.” I’m not putting “Frank Herbert” down but he really doesn’t . . . write to my interest. On some nights, I’ll be laying on my green railed bed, which is the first thing you will see when you enter my room.
    I’ll be laying there, imagining me and “The Great Stephen King” drinking coffee together, talking about our last few pages of our award winning tale of two boys, lost in the wilderness, battling the elements. This isn’t really an imagination. More like a goal.
    A goal that is a long shot from success, but the though will forever remain in its place. Well, until the end of him or me. If he was to have an unfortunate accident, I would be wondering what if we had met or what if we were sitting and talking about our tale.
    It’s not a big secret that I admire what our fellow “Stephen King” has accomplished in his life time. Unlike the late, late “Edgar Allen Poe,” it was only after his death, he got the recognition he truly deserved. I would be telling you a lie if I said, I’m a patient person.
    I don’t think I’d care much if my life was recognized for being great in the year, 2434. I don’t consider myself selfish neither. Growing up in Bell County, KY. Has its own challenge like it does in the rest of the world. I guess a personal goal of mine would be to change how people look at Kentucky.
    It’s honestly not a bad place to live, despite receiving the latest technology last. People like to look down at us, like were second in line. I believe the main reason people look at us, like hillbilly is “HIP-HOP,” where as a gangster is the greatest thing, someone can accomplish in their day. (Not True).
    Even if I am a Hillbilly from Kentucky, I can still do what is needed to be done. That’s all that counts. But, will anyone come around and change how were viewed?
    Can that view be changed? I don’t know. But it is certainly possible, that a great knight will appear and dissolve all of our problems.
    This knight is welcome in my book. Since 2003, I was trying to renew my life through Religion. Just a turn of bad luck, I discovered the opposite, in which I had enrolled in the bad crowd. Fighting for nonsense, I wanted peace, myself, but it seemed like all my brothers and sisters wanted more gangster type attitude.
    I suppose they expected more from me. But I did my job and left. They carried on with acts of Stupidity and Childish ways.
    I can’t mention who they are, but these people are the reason, parents fear their child’s first day of school or even their last day. In early 2005, I met up with a few friends, who lived like me, saw things from my angle, who

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