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INTERNET IS DOWN AT THE MOMENT. I'll reply to it when I get a new internet provider

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              to do list.
       - finish the following games: Devil May Cry, Deadpool,
             Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite & Remember me.
       - get to PLAT in season 3.(LeagueofLegends)
       - download textures and brushes again.
       - get up to date with Hawkeye (Matt&David)
       - catch up to the following series: Game of Thrones
             and Shingeki.
       - reblog pictures for tumblr daily.

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            Ⅰ . Answerer [?]
            Ⅱ . Mikhail [NeedtoReply]
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  • - 神 -
    - 神 -

    My Desktop is very clean ;3; just a shit laptop, all the 100's of animes/Movies/TV shows/Pictures & anything else I download is stored on MANY MANY external Hard drives >_>

    32 minutes ago
  • ᴘᴏʟᴀʀɪᴢᴇ

    Directors making better movies, then again some films these days are superbly amazing, cannot wait for The Amazing Spider-man 2, aparently the actor who plays Spider-man/Peter Parker, wants a gay Spider-man, I LOLED so hard. I mean, I'm gay and all, but I could NEVER imagine that happening :L

    Dark Knight Rises, was also good, but it left too many questions of the next film series, being "Nightwing" :L Which I Highly doubt, but it would be amazing if he got his own film. :L

    And you making skins again? Possible If I could get an agent 47 skin done? Animated and stuff? Black background, red font?
    When you have time of course :D

    6 hours ago
  • lara -
    luv lara -

    No worries.
    Hope things are going well for you.

    6 hours ago
  • Iηori º
    luv Iηori º

    Heyy Remember me?o:

    7 hours ago
  • Sluzz - Muffïn
    luv Sluzz - Muffïn

    PFFFFT, obv. loool, nah I don `t care.
    I friggin` love cuddles anyway. < 3 I
    know huehue I `m so happy & like
    he aint ` giving me any reason to break
    up with him c: 'cept he `s going to
    a college, or do you call it university ?
    fml. LOL I don `t! :L

    Ball? Oh. :L ALRIGHTY THEN, but yeah
    I got a purdy dress C:

    9 hours ago
  • тѕυкυмσ
    luv тѕυкυмσ

    -Oooh that's not good ~ Glad to see you got it back I assume ~ That sucks, school and the freezing part ~ And the tired part. . . xD I'm all good thanks ~ Just been working is all.

    10 hours ago
  • hawkeye 10 hours ago
  • Xɪɪɪ.

    Play some real video games sometime.

    Like Street Fighter or Tekken.

    20 hours ago
  • Xɪɪɪ.
    luv Xɪɪɪ.

    Oh, damn. Lol you still play LoL? Lol.

    1 day ago via Mobile
  • Xɪɪɪ.

    Why would they need a female Hawkeye?

    1 day ago
  • - Hiro
    luv - Hiro


    soz ;~; I wish I could've been your host haha
    yepp meet someone else, but nobody suspicious!!!!
    wow! school in Japan's awesome, if you're cute + foreigner they like... surround you lol
    excited to be a japanese student? face some kind of manga-like love romance ?:L
    awwww hope you have the best time in Japan TT without me there lol
    uh... happy reading books about human bodies.... mmm... sounds so wrong :L
    yepp, after getting in med school doing anything else sounds so much... free lol
    yepp really, he went to NY to music school WOWW lol yea, he wanted to...mm... we'll see, who knows, maybe I'll like it there at med school.
    mm.... football player... I prefer it as a hobby haha it'd be hard to do it as a living
    no way! I bet you'll fly through your exams~ no problem
    radiologist = awesome~ sounds so cool!
    now you'll be stuck with me staring at human bodies ;')

    3 days ago
  • - Hiro
    luv - Hiro

    yupp the good old days when everybody was on bebo... not it's so deserted :L
    oooh, well, Japan has cold beaches when it's cold :L
    I splashed them with water... too cold to bother throwing them in again lol
    I can swim average so... I don't think I'll drown haha
    mm not sure, I haven't been to beaches in Korea, only New Zealand and Japan
    haha, I will get a girlfriend at some point when I'm not marrying my books :L
    I mean, honestly, the girls these days around Korea are scary, they go after guys with lots of money... and yea...
    haha, asian parents would send you to a mental institution for even thinking of quitting school
    Yea... schooling is so annoying and confusing haha
    THANKS! I need all the good luck I can get...
    haha, and who is this everyone that thinks I'm smart!? xD
    psh, you're still smart, no worries!
    good good, have you decided on a uni yet? I bet you have with asian parents? LOL
    me too TT exams= OTL

    3 days ago
  • - 神 -
    - 神 -

    It is. But then again I have so much shit on it, plus laptops have no SD's like Computers have which makes for better FPS's LOL.

    4 days ago
  • Sluzz - Muffïn
    luv Sluzz - Muffïn

    What `ll happen? I `m confused. ; n ;
    Hmm, say it `s like what 5 - 6 months
    now? Huehue he asked me to his debs
    yesterday < 3 it `s probably called
    prom where 'yer from? idk where yer
    from. ; n ;

    4 days ago
  • - Demon
    - Demon

    Hey, can't blame you for using Ebay. It is the Shit. I got you, just make sure you write your password down. I go through the same with my amazon sometimes. :L

    Alright, later I might give the Mac Pro a try. It seems pretty cool. :D

    4 days ago
  • - Demon
    luv - Demon

    True, and its a damn shame. Well all and all least you get the game. But not the right original version....

    That's true, and I wish some of those games they made for the handheld's were on the PS3 and other big consoles. Yes there has been only 3 games so far for Dynasty Warriors 3. And I know later in the future Xtreme Legends will be coming out for 8. I also heard that Warriors Orochi 3, and this time it's called Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. Which will have more characters and stages.

    I know that pain. Going through the hassle of downloading all those brushes again is real pain. But don't worry, as long as you know where to go your fine. :D

    4 days ago
  • - Demon
    luv - Demon

    Well it might be simple. But when you look at it in another view, your skin's match your pages even if its simple. Regardless I like it and dig it. :D

    4 days ago
  • - Byαĸυyα
    luv - Byαĸυyα

    Ah, that is good then! The nicer the community, the more likely the better to live at a place!
    Yes, I have had run into some while I was out there, but not too many. Ahaha! I suppose that it could be pretty cool, it is crazy how just a tad bit of elevation could change the weather! Well, most of the beached are nice and clean. though Venice beach is filthy. Not really a great beach. But other then that, the others are quite nice.

    I have never actually picked up Dota either. I am probably going to try league some time this week, two of my friends have the game and are now going to make me try it haha!

    4 days ago
  • ᴢᴀʀᴀкι.
    luv ᴢᴀʀᴀкι.

    Ahaha! I guess that facebook appeals to some people a tad bit more then bebo does! XD

    4 days ago
  • - K
    luv - K

    Lol sorry I haven't replied in like MONTHS. How was Malaysia?

    4 days ago via Mobile

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