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  • Female, Luv 769
  • from Enniskillen
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: March 2008
  • www.bebo.com/Bum_chum_1
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About Me

The Other Half Of Me
Conor Black

Conor Black

i suppose ur an assshhhoollleeeeee=­D

Aoife Bronagh Jenna Kelly Shannen & Eadaoin
Suppose i love u again

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  • Boooorred:(

    Full Name: Hannah Ingram
    Sisters name(s): Laura, Eimear, Maebh.
    Height: 5ft 3
    What are you wearing right now?: Jeggings,hoody and toe gloves:L

    favourite number:15
    Boy's Name: Turlough
    Girl's Name: Molly
    Month: August
    drink: Mi Wadi Blackcurrant
    Breakfast: Coco Rocks

    Have You Ever..

    Bungee jumped: Yep
    Gone skinny dipping?Yep
    Played Truth or Dare: Yep
    Been in a police car: No:D
    Been on a plane: Yep
    Came close to dying: Yep
    Been in a hot tub: Nope:(
    Swam in the ocean: Yep
    Fallen asleep in school: Yea:L
    Broken someone's heart: Yea
    Cried when someone died: Ye[
    Cried in school: Once I tink
    Fell off your seat: Yea:L :L :L
    Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:Nope
    saved MSN conversations: One
    Saved e-mails: Nope

    What's your room like: Tidy 4 a change
    What is beside you: Eeyore Teddy and fone
    What is the last thing you ate: Oreos
    What kind of shampoo do you use: Strawberries and Cream:L

    Ever Had...

    Chicken pox:Yep
    Sore throat:Yea
    Broken nose: Nope

    Do You...

    Believe in love at first sight: yea
    Like school: Some days


    Who was the last person that called:Stacey
    Who was the last person you danced with: Hanley
    Who makes you smile:Nice ppl in general

    Who last

    Did you last yell at: Maebh
    Broke your heart: Quite a wile ago soo nt mentioned
    Told you they loved u : Eims

    Do you like filling these out: Nt reali
    Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?:No
    Do you like yourself ?:Nope
    Do you get along with your family: Ayee

    Final Questions:

    What Does Your Last Text Message Say? Cumin 4 a walk?xxx
    What did you do yesterday?Cnt member:L
    Good driver: Nvr tried
    Who's The Last Friend You Couldn't Stop Laughing With?Stacey
    Do You Believe Everyone Deserves A Second Chance? Sometyms

    Today did you...

    1. Talk to someone you liked:yea
    2. Buy something: Yep
    3. Got sick: Nope
    4. Sing: Yea
    5. Talked to an ex: Nah he walked past tho:L
    6. Miss someone:Yea:(

    0 Comments 208 weeks

  • BLOG

    I _______ Hannah.
    Hannah is ________.
    Hannah thinks a lot about _______.
    When I think of Hannah, I think of ________.
    I think Hannah should/needs ______.
    Under the stars me and Hannah would _____.
    If I could describe Hannah in a word: ____
    Hannah has a cute ________.
    Hannah will never _____.
    Together me & Hannah =_____.
    I hope Hannah never _____.
    I _____ Hannah because_______________.

    8 Comments 271 weeks

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  • BiG Ella M Lad'
    luv BiG Ella M Lad'

    i dont go on anymore as much silly :P lol.. anoo me flash is hot :) okayy pet, will do :D love ya

  • BiG Ella M Lad'
    luv BiG Ella M Lad'

    love you more :* ohh cause your neve on to realise it :) ,, bullshit bitch !! sure ring me when you get this hun , am at julie and nicoles house and working thmara.. that pic is sooo hot ;) so is your bebo one :/ :L :L <3

  • Francy Hynes
    luv Francy Hynes

    you deep down and i mean deeeeeeeeeep:L

  • BiG Ella M Lad'
    luv BiG Ella M Lad'

    olaaa :) loveeee E056

  • Francy Hynes
    luv Francy Hynes

    why do you go in to town dressed like a tramp :/ have a love i feel sorry :)

  • Shannen Woods
    luv Shannen Woods

    babes...u looked hot today;)

  • Shannen Woods
    luv Shannen Woods

    hey poodle:D

  • Bazza
    luv Bazza

    Love Buzz X

  • '
    luv '

    Returned :B

  • Conor Black
    luv Conor Black

    love =D x

  • Conor Black
    luv Conor Black

    I love you princess

    3/20/10 via Mobile
  • Shannen Woods
    luv Shannen Woods

    ur sexierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  rrr

  • Meg P
    luv Meg P

    hey there hunnyyyyyy ;)

  • Gary Q
    luv Gary Q

    happy valantines day :D

  • Ryan Brewster
    luv Ryan Brewster

    i look like a fukin panda:( sore:(

  • Bronagh
    luv Bronagh

    alryt stunnin pie. ;o

  • Kellie Moohan
    luv Kellie Moohan

    Thankyou for my stunninng Cake & Card :P :L

  • Ciara
    luv Ciara

    My side has suddenly changed me :L

  • Niamh Hanna

    is dis da 1 yourr n bout:o?