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7/31/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • So, I says to him, I says "you can have the apple, I have the tree!"

    So I was watching TV a while ago(which I mostly avoid), and an ad comes on with a guy writing some Maths on a whiteboard and I say "ooo, Army ad", turned out to be an Air Force ad.
    Does that seem weird to anyone else? I know they're just trying to show the contrast between Air Force and education, obviously the Air Force is much more exciting, you get to fly around cities in helicopters to scare bored Math under-graduates for some reason. But, isn't this sort of a bad way to get recruits, don't we like educated people? I doubt too many educated people will be brought over by it, but instead it'll just encourage the younger sorts to avoid education, or something.
    Any opinions? I'm probably a bit biased.

    In other news:
    I had my interview for school the other day, turns out Mrs(Ms?) Fitzsimons is going to University so there's no Japanese class year, so I'm doing it by correspondence. Now, this means I only have two subjects at school: Physics and Chemistry, if you don't know I'm doing Maths at University and Computing at Polytech, so I'll be enrolled at 4 institutions. I worked out what I think my timetable for school will be:

    Monday: Physics 3rd, Chemistry 5th
    Tuesday: Physics 3rd, Chemistry 4th
    Wednesday: Chemistry 2nd, Physics 4th
    Thursday: Chemistry 1st
    Friday: Physics 2nd

    I think my Maths will cut across a few 4th periods, the computing thing and Japanese are pretty flexible by the sound of it though. I'll probably show up to some other classes at least until Uni starts, which will probably be Sam's Music class and some Biology class, possibly a Classics class or Ben's History class, we'll see.

    Anyone know when scholarship results are out? Sam 'n I figured if either of us get one we should get real wasted to be ironic.

    Queens of the Stone Age and Smashing Pumpkins are coming to Christchurch on Easter Monday, I think we'll go up for that. For me that means I'll be going up to Christchurch at the end of March and April(did I mention I'm gonna be going to Armageddon as well?), I should probably get a job.

    Wow... I've done so little nothing this holidays, it's quite depressing.

    Oh, and happy February!

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  • Contact details

    I just thought I'd post some contact details, since I'm not bothered telling people I actually have a cell-phone again 'n stuff, if for some strange reason you wanted to contact me, or add me on MSN(in most cases sending me mail on Bebo will probably get to me faster than cell-phone).


    Name: Vaughan "M.C. Intyre" Weatherall
    Cell-phone: (+64) 0276985309
    Email address/MSN: bobmasedo@hotmail.com
    XBL gamer-tag: fishcus (I don't have a gold account at the moment so this is mostly pointless)
    Common usernames I use: "Bobmasedo", "Fiscus/Fishcus", "PHANTORIM!!!!!"'
    KOL character: iseeacat(I don't play any more, somehow this character got no-delete)

    I can't really think of that much to put here.

    I wont post my home sorta details, but a lot of my friends know my addresses anyway, I'll probably be in contact with you if you're coming to my house... I'd find it more unbelievable than you actually needing any of these.

    0 Comments 290 weeks

  • List of par-tays

    I was curious as to how many par-tays I've had(... well people have had at my house), so I decided to just put my list here... other people might be interested, or something. I'll write stuff about them and try to do them in order

    1. Beach Par-tay/Jesse's Birthday - 6/7th July
    Mel and I organised this together, well at least Mel did most of it 'cause I'm lazy, but I made the invitations, originally a joke, but still used. We put far too much into thinking about this party, compared to the rest, half the people didn't show up and only a quarter of them dressed beachy. That was fun. For some reason everyone was dreaming of robots, then again, why wouldn't you?

    2. Jesse's Birthday - 28/29th July
    Matt: "Vaughan, have a party on Saturday?"
    Vaughan: "Err, I might be able to."
    Matt: "Jesse! Are you going?"
    Jesse: "Maybe"
    Matt: "Wow! It must be Jesse's birthday party"
    Prettymuch the story behind it. I was sort of worried about it because hundreds of invitations were made and given out to half the school, turns out that everyone who showed up was in our group anyway. I don't think anything that interesting happened.

    3. Emma/Jesse's Birthday(NINJA party) 10th/11th August
    This was probably a lot better than the previous two, there were a lot more people than the previous two(20+?) and people actually bothered dressing up and somewhat acting like ninjas. Also Ben and Mei started going out here, which nobody expected beforehand, at all, ever.

    4. Formal Afterparty/Jesse's Birthday 14/15th September
    In retaliation to news that the normal one had been moved to Port Chalmers I suggested the possibility of this, though I was avoiding doing so. Once that one got canceled, I decided that I really should, and did. Starting at midnight(i.e. after the formal), with keg in hand, it was probably pretty good, but I was pretty tired and felt bad all night, which got a lot worse with the whole camera thing and then I couldn't get to sleep, wow, I felt terrible by the time the guys came in to attack me and my nose bled for ages. Err... yeah, I think it was a lot better for everyone else.

    Was there something here?

    5. Pre-exam party/Natasha/Jesse's Birthday 27/28th October?
    I don't really remember this one that well, I guess that's probably because having exams makes you forget things, which is sort of inconvenient.

    5.5 Here I was purposefully avoiding having a birthday party for myself.

    6. Jimi Hendrix/Jesse's Birthday 24/25th November
    Wasn't that much of a party, I suggested it facetiously and it become a real thing somehow. Just 4 of us playing Guitar Hero and Frets on Fire really.

    7. Secret Santa Afterparty?/End of Exams?/I Don't really know/Jesse's Birthday/Leaving 9/10th December
    I'd say this was pretty fun, lots of people who normally leave stayed 'n stuff. We had things to talk about 'cause we had the secret Santa thing and we just had camping and exams. Yeah, that was pretty fun, I can't think of any particular events that happened, but I think we came out better off, lots of character development, plot turns, crap like that.

    8. Matt R(M.C. Beth)/Jesse's Birthday Party 5th/6th Janurary
    I think this was about 8 of us, getting together to celebrate Matt's birthday. Sure, Matt had work and he had his own birthday party on his birthday, but we still had lots of fun, what else is there to say?

    9. Mel's/Jesse's Birthday Party
    I don't remember really, I played Uno for a while and we jammed with the instruments in my room. I think it needed more people, everybody was sort of different moods from each other most of the time or something, would've been nice to see the birthday boy/girl.

    10. Jess'/Jesse's Birthday Party 15th February:
    Although Jess' real birthday was on the 5th of January, we decided it could be a split party with Jesse because she didn't have one on her birthday or something. This party was a little different because other people showed up like Amy, Rick and Rick's German. It was a

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  • Samari

    Well I think the real problem would still be the balance, but holding a camera while doing that must have taken much skill that I don't happen to have. That and I still just generally don't like cameras

  • Samari

    Hmm that picture would be a bit harder to imitate, I would probably loose my balance and fall out a window

  • Samari

    Haha atleast I can see my face? actually I could probably take a picture that would look remarkably similar to yours.

  • Samari

    If you could do that then you would really be the master of annoying Bebo addicts

  • Samari

    Well you could hijack Bebo and force everyone to pay you a dollar, then you would have successfully annoyed everyone and become a billionare at the same time

  • Samari

    hmm... is it just me or has your food applications failed to hide pretty much anything on your profile? You should add even more if you really want to annoy people

  • Georgie'Cherry Lyla'Fae
    Georgie'Cherry Lyla'Fae

    We'll have a big dance off!

  • Georgie'Cherry Lyla'Fae
    Georgie'Cherry Lyla'Fae

    I like to dance.

  • Georgie'Cherry Lyla'Fae
    Georgie'Cherry Lyla'Fae

    Aww :( Sowi. I didn't want them. Lol@scene. Don't feel rejected, I will be at the formal xP

  • Georgie'Cherry Lyla'Fae
    Georgie'Cherry Lyla'Fae

    I SCENE you today... Lol. That was great. You said bat. And turtle, and you offered me m&ms. HA! You didn't eat them! You need to eat, Vaughan. :L

  • Sam Paulin

    pfft, I reached the bottom easily.

  • Matt Ross
    Matt Ross

    Oi Vaughan, you better go to Canoe polo tonight.


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