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Conor Patrick

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  • Shooofle thingee

    Put your music player on shuffle.
    Press forward for each question.
    Use the song title as the answer to the question.

    - What does next year have in store for me?:
    Blue Eyes

    - What's my love life like?:
    Jude Law and a Semester aboard

    - What do I say when life gets hard?:
    There Are a million reasons for why this might not work out...and just one good one for how it will

    - What Do you think upon waking up?:
    I cant win

    - What song will I dance to at my wedding?:
    Flowers in the window

    - What do you want as a career?:
    our Bovine Public

    - Favourite place?:
    Alabama Acres

    - What do you think of your parents?:
    Contrast and Compare

    - What's your Pornstar name?:
    Sexy Plexi

    - Where would you go on a first date?:
    On Board

    - Drug of choice?:
    These Photographs

    - Describe yourself:
    Waiter at the Station

    - The song that best describes my school principal?:
    Seventeen Hands

    - What is my state of mind like at the moment?:
    I could Die for You

    - How will I die?
    The Firghtning reality of the fact that we will all have to grow up and settle down Some Day

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  • Beccy

    OMG... this girl is topless on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on PearlRohsonvaw@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Beccy

    I netted in $613 in three days doing stuff on the computer! It's all because of - http://bit.ly/bDVTra Dont say I never help anyone!

  • Mark K
    Mark K

    not sure yet bud hopefully soon but gta see xxxx

  • Mark K
    luv Mark K

    alryt love whats been happening? xxxxxx

  • Jordan
    luv Jordan


  • Mark K
    luv Mark K

    av you gt ma id and bag? xxx

  • Siobhan McGregor
    Siobhan McGregor

    yeah i thought it was quite a random comment - so i kinda guessed you were drunk. and plus when i was speakin to you in base ee weren't sober... so you makin the mixtape?! haha. sorry for forgettin your jumper!

  • Siobhan McGregor
    luv Siobhan McGregor

    yes please? were you on bebo at 3o'clock in the morning?! conor's a loser..

  • Siobhan McGregor
    Siobhan McGregor

    well i really want that mixtape conor.. we really do sound american when we say that. yeah no worries. il bring it then if i am goin.

  • Siobhan McGregor
    Siobhan McGregor

    erm il get it too you sometime soon. hows the mixtape comin along? haha. iv got a new laptop so all my music is lost.. i'm gutted!

  • Siobhan McGregor
    luv Siobhan McGregor

    you wish.. however i prefer the longer hair! when ee wantin your jumper back?!

  • Siobhan McGregor
    Siobhan McGregor

    ahh nice skin conor.

  • ChrissTef

    we dwarves are known sprinters. Very dangerous over a short distance..

  • ChrissTef

    I'm his gardener..

  • Rachel

    aw thanks :) i dunno when its out but his new stuff is great i think was tourin with the felice brothers for a while dno if he still is

  • Rachel

    thanks for the add fellow willy mason fan ! youve a deadly taste in music :) xxx

  • 8/4/09
  • Pello

    Ya mun, pubey knows. I preying that he still has that MandM costume! :L