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Anyone for Pints?

6/27/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 25, Luv 86
  • from limerick
  • I am Down for Whatever
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BANG and your wife is gone. R.I.P Mrs Barry Scott -|-
Me, Myself, and I
hello don't know what to say but hey. i like stuff. everyone has a long me my life and i and im left here with this yoke. so im going to try and write a bit more but its nit working out very well. what shall i write. me no know. whats the deal with that what going on ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
 hhhhhh. So who are you. me really confused is it over yet. im not sure ian maybe it is. but i don't think so ian. thats what you get from talking to yourself. i get i now so i do. don't even bother reading this because it no sense making. so your in muti media. ya i am who wants to know. i do. why. because i don't know. whats going on. if i knew that do you think i would still be typing. well i suppose you wouldnt would you. ha ha ha ha all you can do at a tome like this is laugh or cry, me thinks i mite cry or scream. and to think you wasted all that time reading this for nothing
The Strokes, The Vines and the White Stripes
Fight Club, happiness
i don't like sports. sports make you smell. waste of time and hair gel if you ask me
Scared Of
my reflection and YOU
Happiest When
All the time. whats that i hear you say, thats impossible? i can tell you that it isn't ha ha your kind of stupid for saying that
I Like
playing guitar and a bit of piano and the bagpipes i realy like music :-)
and i really like food alot.
Old Mc Donald had a farm and bingo was his name oh with a quack quack here and a quack quack there here a quack there a quack everywhere a quack quack..B.I.N.G.O B.I.N.G.O and bingo was his name oh...etc

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  • Sukey Bernardino

    They are giving away mac book air's http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Mitch'S Wifey

    wanna b in u top friends dude!!! LOL :DD :DD :L

  • Erika Byrnes
    Erika Byrnes

    hey mr how're u keeping.. long time no see its been ages.. hope u had a good new yr.. goin out for my bday friday nite in aubars at 8.. hope to see u there.. have no number for u..

  • Gary Moore
    luv Gary Moore

    Thanks for the use of your skin

  • Fino
    luv Fino

    i just watched something 2 am i on fire on the back hahahaha rich

  • F I Ø N A
    luv F I Ø N A

    Happy Birthday Bro :DD

  • AliAli
    luv AliAli

    Thanks brother ur so thoughfull :)

  • Brenda Barry
    luv Brenda Barry

    haha i had a look there is a few rotton pics of me in there haha unlucky but other than that is lookin good thanks dude you goona put an s shaped spine on it 4 me? hhahaa have my love

  • Brenda Barry
    Brenda Barry

    awwwww sorryi didn't mean it in a laugh way i was tryin to be subtle, no i didn't even realise you had done somethin, what the link?? my purple has fades to pink :( and i hate pink sooooooo im gettin it done again on sat wooooo how are you anyway, you gonna come 2d cuckoo box on the 17th?

  • Michal
    luv Michal

    well lad:D long time no chat. maybe your blue hair is gone back to normal, dunno, i hope/ anyways, i was just checking up if your still up for a jar or two at some stage later on. how does sunday sound? or tuesday? think about it and come back to me kk??

  • Brenda Barry
    Brenda Barry

    hello there gorgeous hahaha hows the blue hair fairin out

  • Áine.

    no guistar trap!...amazing!:L :L

  • F I Ø N A
    luv F I Ø N A

    Here --> Just thought id give you your 80th love Haha!!

  • Sarah

    I have two jobs now so ive become very antisocial. I work in smyths and a pub/night club. I friggin love the money!!!! Ive planned to go to oxegen thats about it really...wanna try and go on a sun holiday but i dunno where if it was sunny in ireland i wouldnt mind so much. My cousin got a surf board there recently so im going to capture him and go on lotsa surf trips.Im sad that my board has practically become an ornament. Mad nights out i hope shall be plentiful but im gonna take each day as it comes. What about you???

  • Dr. Mc Furry
    Dr. Mc Furry

    Pretty much. Im just finishing up my masters and doing my Ph.D proposal which is due in tomorrow. Not making so much headway on that. Better than waiting in a queue for the dole office though. Damian's going back doing a masters in Mary I aswell. Seems to be the thing to do

  • Dr. Mc Furry
    Dr. Mc Furry

    How are you gettin on sir. Congrats on the finishing college. Join the club. Damian just finished up aswell

  • Sarah

    Heya!!! im finished for the summer now too :) The wonderful world of Sarah is pretty boring. Im working like theres no tomorrow and accepting hours wherever possible. The thought of the money is what gets me through. Nothin much happenin at the moment. You gots any plans for the summer?

  • Bricktastic

    oh and its mr hayes

  • Dr. Mc Furry
    Dr. Mc Furry

    Its himself.

  • AliAli
    luv AliAli

    No news either also borin. How come u workin so much?