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Sophia Dongo Is A Creeeeeeeeep :L , :*

4/24/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Tallaght♥
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I Cant Put Myself In Words :3
But Basic's 3rd Year. Still Young. Lives In Tallaght. Rocks Her Self To Town. Pisses Herself Laughing With Friends. Recks It At Concert, Came Out From Her Mam August The Second. Names Janice, But Called Different Names By Different People, She's A Bit Of A Creep, YEOWW But Her Friends Are Worst She Caught The Disease Off Them It's Catchable Your Warneddd:o , dont even judge me until you know me inside out.

Future Job Aca-Ting:D Really Good At It;o


The Other Half Of Me


I Wank With Her Ever Day? ;)

Aren't we all just learning to fly?'
if life aint just a joke,
then why are we laughing?
i dont care what y'all label whores think xd

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  • Rob

    You get my text? Xxx

    3/23/11 via Mobile
  • Paul
    luv Paul

    :* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    3/22/11 via Mobile
  • Karenn.
    luv Karenn.

    I amn't D; it is not pointless cause I'm right ;D and no ;o mine was only 30 :) eh eh eh eh yeah they were awesome ;) xxxxxxxxx

    3/22/11 via Mobile
  • S'A'Bx
    luv S'A'Bx

    cos all dhe blaack peoples say it :L :L nope he aint on nothinn :Z yeah unfortunately he's my real brother :( Paddys Day.. it was okay i s'pose but not the best :/ :L how was yourss? :o <33 xxx :*

  • Iffa'
    luv Iffa'

    its da date i got wiv aaron xxxxxxxxx

  • 'No.Regretz'

    nice, were yis drinkn?:* um was ah the rovers stadium then went clondalkin

  • Jasmine'

    how i acting like an ogar? :L what does an ogar act like :L yea ino i was locked :L what did you do paddies day :* xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • º-º Rachel
    luv º-º Rachel

    hi :D wats upp?

  • luv Rob

    Mail Xxxxxx

    3/20/11 via Mobile
  • Clodagh

    Dean Who&Leanne Who?:L :L Nahh didnt Do Much:Z :Z :L inoya :) :L :L :o

  • Hazels A Hyper Herion
    luv Hazels A Hyper Herion

    i did :P :P xxxxxo

    3/20/11 via Mobile
  • Clodagh

    ahh did cha go Park:) ? , nahh didnt rele do much babes:Z :Z yess wayy worse then a hobo:L :L xxxx

  • Marialetovampy

    whatsup?:* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jasmine'

    Ahh it was good .. I can't remember it :L :L :L that's smart isn't it of me :L I know ahah, hey I'm not an ogar :/ we are indeed doll :* . :( :L xxxxxxxxx

    3/19/11 via Mobile
  • Hazels A Hyper Herion
    Hazels A Hyper Herion

    good good (: and add me woman :P xxxxxxxxxo

    3/19/11 via Mobile
  • luv Rob

    Mail xxxx

    3/19/11 via Mobile
  • -

    npz love its just a romdom add..and am grand hows you ?? xX

  • Iffa'
    luv Iffa'

    you would want to :) Xxxxxxxxx

  • 'No.Regretz'

    yaaap(; so wahche do paddys nigh?<3

  • S'A'Bx
    luv S'A'Bx

    I Acc Dunno What It Meanss :L But I'd Be Scarlet Goin Up Te Someone And Askin Them :L Hehe Go For It ;) I'll Be Wishing You Luck ^^; Yuups Me Neither :( :/ >:( :L <33.x


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  • Stuff To Do This Year 2011 ;D

    So My List Of Shit I Got To Do

    Get MCR Ticket

    get blackout ticket

    2cd of april go see SEXXI (; Sean Smith

    go to the concert 16 februrary wednesday ;D

    get sophia a late birthday present

    get a new i-pod ;( *tears* my besfriend died...

    get new clothes

    get a pair of DC

    skull candy headphones

    new make-up

    get a set of nailvanish

    get more piercings

    get that hoody of henoc;l

    get maria a present

    sophia birthday

    clodagh birthday

    get her present

    her party

    nicolas gig

    get more ppl to go

    valentines day

    get more postersO;

    mocks;'( Tear


    junior cert start-¬.¬

    -junior cert finished <yessshhhh>

    junior night'.'

    summer < Pwahhh ;P >

    Tis All So Far ;L

    0 Comments 133 weeks