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why the fuck does this keep happening to me :(

12/31/08 | me too! | Reply

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</3~Every Day I wonder If There Is Any Reason I Am Still Here~</3
Me, Myself, and I
<<<<<< WELL tis me

Taken <3

Living Life as it hits ya

Piss Head Sammie still lol

Lives for Family, and Friends

Wanting to live happily ever after

Laughs alot

Cries even more

21/10/2007- a date ill always remember forever

Bit of a nutter but who gives a flying fuck

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Red Hot Chilie Peppers, Hinder, Eminem, Smashing pumpkins, Bring my the Horizon, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, The Cranberries, Crowed House, Aerosmith, Blink182, Linken park, The Subways. Amy Macdonald, Slipknot, Prodigy, Hit the Lights, Papa Roach, Plain White T's, Billy Tallent, Lost Prophets, Bowling for Soup, Reverend and the Makers, Pigeon Detetives, Nickleback, Electirc Six, Blur, White Stripes, Fugees, Greenday, Corrosion of Conformity, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Oasis, R.E.M, Queen, Queens of the stoneage, System of a down, The Ofspring, The Kooks, The Killers, The Rasmurs, Stone Sour.
Horror mostly........But some others are amazing like Dirty Dancing and Greece hehe, All time clasics you just gotta love :D
Fiends are the people that always stay true to you, they are never two faced towards you and are alwasy there when you need them the most, They will always love you no matter what you do and will always be by your side even when you dont realize it, ther arent many true friends in life many people mistake friends for randomers they dont even know, but they always come around and see people for what the trully are.
Scared Of
Spider :( WHAT sorta retard made spiders !!!!! ASIF a creature needed 8 legs AND needed to be ugly and hairy and scary :'(

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  • pweeze answer it ( stolen from danny)

    ur name:
    *fave position(s)?
    *do u fink im Fit?
    *if so how fit?
    *wud u have sex wiv me?
    *lights on or of?
    *would u have 2 b drunk?
    *would u have shower with me?
    *have u ever thought bout havin sex with me?
    *would u leave after or stay the nite?
    *do u like cuddlin afterwards?
    *condom or skin?
    *do u giv oral pleasures?
    *do u like to recieve oral pleasures?
    *have sex on tha 1st date?
    *woukd u kiss me during sex?
    *do u think I wud b good in bed?
    *3 sum?
    *ow mny times wud u like 2 cum?
    *do u like 4 play?
    *what is 4 play 2 u?
    *can we tak pics of the act?
    *wil u post this so I can fil it out 4 u?

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  • No Lolly No Jolly.
    luv No Lolly No Jolly.

    or8 same u or8 wubu2 ly x

  • Briony H
    luv Briony H

    i saw u todayz lol have my love

  • Laurenn Baby.
    Laurenn Baby.

    Hiyaa Saaam, its Laurenn; Danielles sisterr, well uu should knoww mee seen as ; i had to pick u up when u was drunk in my house :L u okaaay ? and did u enjoy danielles 18th? and my cousinn, ive heard! :L wbb; x x x

  • Briony H
    luv Briony H

    hey av my love x

  • Dannii
    luv Dannii

    :L lmao and he wont say out ;) xXx

  • Dannii
    luv Dannii


  • Dannii

    :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L LAST NIGHT was very funnnnny my ankles killin :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dannii
    luv Dannii

    sammii.......................... how cum im not in ur top 10 your in mine ;) hows you enyways see ya tomoz gawjuss :L xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx N SUM LOVE WONT SUM BAK :L

  • Dannii

    fuck it you only live once plus ya yung so y not :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx remember were not in on munday nd boxin tuessay 8:30

  • Dannii

    i hope u mean it gawjuss i wud av hit him aswell was der enythin on der if u no wot i mean ;) nd i will lol wot u doin this w/e xxxxxxxx ill give u lov bk wen i get sum xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dannii

    so how did the date goo ;) you shud be careful u no :) and wot did simon say to u on review :L tap bak soon yh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • ºBarbie.
    luv ºBarbie.

    Hiya Hunii You Okey ? Wb Love Yu x

  • Dannii
    luv Dannii

    sorry gawjuss i was ill still am :( hahaha i went home after boxing :L and soz bout ur nan :( hope she is ok xxxxxx are you in on munday i havent a cllue wot we are doin :D enyways bouts scott you shuld be carefull remember wot he did too ya dont wont happernin agen you shud be avin fun like me ;) :L we shud do it agen dont you think :L :L i thought it were sick lmao and its ok we both got to face it evry day but ohh well life moves on next chapter :L :L enyways im nahh cuz im just talkin shit :L butt ill see ya munday gawjuss xXxXxXxXxXxXxXx P.S love 4 yas :) :) :D :L <<<

  • Dannii

    hey samm carnt beleave you went ome other day :L i went ome after boxing :L i was fucked and i cought cold from it im still ill nahh :L :L enyways hope ur ok :O you and scott wile simon was down stairse :L :L naughty girl :L sees ya munday xXxXx

  • Mr. Bump
    Mr. Bump

    ey up darlin dint no who it where at first haha sorry u ok thn n wubu2 u ad fun to day nick x

  • Dannii
    luv Dannii

    :L :L i lov em :) are you fuckred from today :L i no im sleepin tonight just like a baby :L :L and do u wanna sart goin to the gym cuz i cud do more exercise:L :L nd love reterned :) (L)>>>>>>>>  ;>>>>>>>>&  gt;> wot u up 2 enyways xXx

  • Dannii
    luv Dannii

    heya its danielle from nacro lol wot you up 2