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Mancuian Knight

i weren't born to be like who i am. i was made into who i am

9/12/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 13
  • from cadishead
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 8/31/08
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Name - karl leighton,

Place of growing up - manchester

Family members - Dad, Dads girlfriend and my sister.

Hobbies - watch and play football and i also play rugby which is my first love, i also train by doing running at a track in winton called cleavleys and its really helped me improve my general health an fitness. so i can go for miles ;)

I support and play - manchester united an also i play for irlam rangers. cadishead rhinos rugby team my homes team which i would loves to see them win something

Occupation - Plasterer, NVQ level 2, i'm quailtified now

Music - Rap, R&B, Rock, Indie, Garage

Addy - biggie_l8on@hotmail.co.uk

respect every1 around u and they will respect u, But if they dont get your gun an shot the #####'s
Rap music is mostly what i listen to but i also listen to indie, Tupac an notorious B.I.G are legends in rap.at the moment The Game is the best rapper out #### fifty, eminem, ludacris, dr dre, snoop dogg, xzibit, charmillionaire, DMX, Big L, D12, easy E, Ice Cube, NWA, Public Enemy, A.C and terra these are english rappers and i think ar mint
i like to watch alot of films in the areas of action, comedy, gangster, horror, some films -pulp fiction, warriors, scareface, godfather, goodfellas, casino, The fast and the furious, 2 fast 2 furious, die hard 1+2+3, scary movie 1+2+3+4, Rocky saga.
i've supported manchester united since i was a youth, An i also play for my local team irlam rangers, ive joined an atlethics club to help me with a general fitness, and phycial appearance
what makes me happy
meeting new people, chilling with my mates, playing football, running, drinkin beer.
stella, fosters, ouzo, hulks, turbo sandy, vimto , ice cold water on hot days

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  • Becky Davies
    Becky Davies

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  • Tara Stephen
    Tara Stephen

    Helo, am good how are you? went out last nite lol but am not to good today now as i dint have a minets sleep! what bout your self? wb mwah xx

  • Sexcc Biatch
    luv Sexcc Biatch

    heya karl ows u chick? nah cin u in agez lak aha wuu2 btw itz we brona dee am on nadinez account. wat u bin doin wi ur sen? wan bk x x x

  • Sexcc Biatch
    Sexcc Biatch

    aw haylo u am kl tah bbe aww bless ya xxxx

  • Sexcc Biatch
    luv Sexcc Biatch

    alri chick ows u bin??? wubu2 bmb yh xXx

  • Sexcc Biatch
    Sexcc Biatch

    hay:D am kl tah nwt mch propa bored lol did u ave a gd 1?? get nefing nice???? wel wan baccc soon yh xx

  • X Burlesque Glamour X

    heyyy merry xmasss u had a gud day? lotz of prezzies? jaydenz had loooadz, loadz more than me lol but i dont mind cuz hes my special little boy hehe ye it woz soo gud cuz itz hiz 1st xmas next wil be even more excitin cu he wil be able 2 open them himself lol but ye it woz gud how woz urs? u doin anythin 4 new year? gettin drunk obviously cuz u do a lot of that lol speak soon x x il send u my luv wen i get it bak :D

  • Sexcc Biatch
    Sexcc Biatch

    haylo u:D aint tlkd 2 u in a wile owz u been keepn? wan bac xXx

  • luv X Burlesque Glamour X

    wooo iv been a busy beee shoppinnng lol nah iv had apointmentz & stuff azwel as shoppin this week wooo jayden had sum fotos dun did i tell u? neway i got them 2day & theyre quite gud he woz sleepy but me n tha photographer guy were tryina get hiz attention 2 tha camera lol he looked in thee end & they came out gooood hehee hes sooo not camera shy lol hes just like hiz mummy :D hehe awww herez my love 4 2day then :D

  • X Burlesque Glamour X

    lol i stayed in bed til after dinner on saturday cuz i woz sooo tired. wel iv just had a baby sooo im gonna be tired lol. jayden slept aswel so we both caught up on our sleep. even though i feel like i need a year 2 get over my lack of sleep lol. wel im shoppin 2morooo hehee more prezzies 4 jayden. maybe sum clothes 4 meee :D i need a bigger wardrobe. iv got 1 at my mums & 1 at my dads & iv already taken over 1 of my dads lol. im loooaded wiv clothes i cud open a shop lol. but im addicted 2 buying them. ahhh well ya can never have 2 many. jaydens like me aswel. hes got clothes hes grown out of already & he hasnt even worn sum of them. his wardrobe wil be as big as mine wen hes about 2 lol. so wot u up2 this week then? x x il send u my luv in d next mssg

  • X Burlesque Glamour X

    ooo 4 a change iv dun all my xmas shoppin early & not left it til last minute like i usualy do. iv dun jaydens prezzies, all my m8z, & the rest of my family & iv also dun my m8z bday prezzies aswel like da 1z who r in december soooo im on top of it all this xmas :D im not gona bother goin out this weekend doin any shoppin or anythin cuz itz crap weather & i dont want jayden catchin a cold. sooo wot u up2 this weekend then? im gona try n catch up on my sleep cuz im absoluuutely nakerddd.

  • luv X Burlesque Glamour X

    ye i know i sooo cant wait til xmas cuz it wil be hiz 1st & next year wil be even more excitin cuz he wil be able 2 understand more about santa heheee & openin hiz prezzies :D wow cant wait :D . yup im still in my size 6'z n 8'z. i cant do any exercise tho cuz of wot iv been thru & its gona take a while 4 me 2 heal so i cant wait 2 go bak colege & do my dancin agen in january. & plus il see my m&z agen. so wot u planin 4 xmas then? just gettin drunk? lol x x

  • luv X Burlesque Glamour X

    heyyy ye im fine thnx & Jaydens fine aswel :D he had a lil cold but hes ok now. ermm da long nightz arent so long he wakez up like evry 4 hourz sumtimez he sleepz thru but hes so good. & hes gawjuss. i didnt realy put much weight on wen i woz pregnant cuz my bump woz just like a ball at the front of me lol so iv lost it quite quik & i can fit in my size 6 trouserz agen :D :D hehee. how r u neway? wot u been up2 recently? x x

  • Kellay.

    very what?