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bring on villa:DD

12/11/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
this is 4 d greatest team to ever have stepped onto a football field...MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!!





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  • United First Team.....

    0. G. Obertan
    0. M. Owen
    0. A. Valencia

    1. E. Van der Sar
    2. G. Neville
    3. P. Evra
    4. O. Hargreaves
    5. R. Ferdinand
    6. W. Brown
    8. Anderson
    9. D. Berbatov
    10. W. Rooney
    11. R. Giggs
    12. B. Foster
    13. J.S. Park
    14. Z. Tosic
    15. N. Vidic
    16. M. Carrick
    17. Nani
    18. P. Scholes
    19. D. Welbeck
    20. Fabio
    21. Rafael
    22. J. O'Shea
    23. J. Evans
    24. D. Fletcher
    25. D. Simpson
    26. Manucho
    28. D. Gibson
    29. T. Kuszczak
    30. Martin
    31. F. Campbell
    33. S. Hewson
    34. R. Possebon (on loan)
    35. T. Cleverley
    36. D. Gray
    37. C. Cathcart
    38. R. Zieler
    39. J. Chester
    40. B. Amos
    41. F. Macheda
    42. R. Eckersley
    44. R. De Laet
    45. C. Evans
    46. D. Drinkwater
    47. M. James
    99. F. Brandy
    99. T. Heaton

    1 Comment 211 weeks

  • Some United Chants!

    That boy Ronaldo

    He play's on the left
    He play's on the right
    That boy Ronaldo made England look shite...

    United road, Take me home

    Take me home, United road,
    To a place that I belong,
    To Old Trafford, to see United,
    Take me home, United road,

    Viva Ronaldo

    Viva Ronaldo,
    Viva Ronaldo,
    Running down the wing,
    Hear United sing,
    Viva Ronaldo...


    An-der-son, son, son
    He's better than Kleberson
    Ander-son, son, son,
    He's a midfield magician,
    To the left, to the right, to the samba beat all night,
    He is fast,with a brass
    And he shits on Fabregas!


    UNI TED, United are the team for me, With a nick nack paddy whack give the dog a bone,
    Why don't city fuck off home?


    Follow Follow Follow,
    Coz' United are going to Moscow,
    There'll be thousands of reds,
    They'll be p*ssed out of their heads,
    Cause united are going to Moscow...

    Hello Hello, we are the Busby boys

    Hello, hello we are the busby boys,
    Hello, hello we are the busby boys,
    And if you are a city fan,
    Surrender or you'll die,
    We all follow United!

    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney

    Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney,
    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney.
    I saw my mate the other day,
    He said to me he saw the white Pele,
    So I asked, who is he?
    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney,
    Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney,
    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney.


    Oh Manchester (oh Manchester),
    Is wonderful (is wonderful),
    Oh Manchester is wonderful,
    Its full of tits, fanny and United!
    Oh Manchester is wonderful!

    Oh Merseyside (oh Merseyside),
    Is full of shit (is full of shit),
    Oh Merseyside is full of shit,
    Its full of shit, shit and more shit,
    Oh Merseyside is full of shit.

    Oh Elland Road (oh Elland Road),
    Is full of sheep (is full of sheep),
    Oh Elland Road is full of sheep,
    Its full of sheep, sheep and more sheep,
    Oh Elland Road is full of SHEEP!

    Oh Brian Kidd (oh Brian Kidd),
    Is still a Manc, (is still a Manc),
    Oh Brian Kidd is still a Manc,
    He fucked up Leeds United,
    Oh Brian Kidd is still a Manc!

    The Council House (the Council House),
    Is Never Full (is Never Full),
    The Council House Is Never Full,
    Unless they play Man United,
    The Council House is never full!

    The San Siro (the San Siro),
    Is Never Full (is Never Full),
    The San Siro Is Never Full,
    Unless they play Man United,
    The San Siro is never full!

    0 Comments 252 weeks

  • Liverpool - scouser scum!!

    You are a Scouser,
    An ugly Scouser,
    You're only happy,
    On Giro day.
    Your mum's out thieving,
    Your dad's drug-dealing,
    So please don't take my hubcaps away.

    You look in the dustbin for something to eat,
    You find a dead rat and you think it's a treat,
    In your Liverpool slums
    In your Liverpool slums,
    You shit on the carpet, you piss in the bath,
    You finger your grandma, and think its a laugh,
    In your Liverpool slums.
    In your Liverpool slums,
    You speak in an accent exceedingly rare,
    You wear a pink tracksuit and have curly hair,
    In your Liverpool slums.
    In your Liverpool slums,
    Your mum's on the game and your dad's in the nick,
    You can't get a job 'cos you're too fucking thick,
    In your Liverpool slums.

    He's only a poor little scouser,
    His face is all battered and torn,
    He made me feel sick,
    So I hit him with a brick,
    And now he don't sing anymore

    0 Comments 277 weeks

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  • Man United

    Sean Stringer by Sean Stringer
    Man Utd Fc
    little bit of SCHOLESY in our lives
    a little bit of GIGGSY down the sides
    a little bit of SAHA just what we need
    a little bit of RONNY with his speed
    a little bit of RIO in defense
    a little bit of ROONEY he"s immense
    a little bit of singing from the fans!!
    a little bit of FERGIE he"s our man!!
    0 Replies 276 weeks
  • Da Busby Babes.. always remembered!!

    Sean Stringer by Sean Stringer

    United's flag is deepest red
    It shrouded all our Munich dead
    Before their limbs grew stiff and cold
    Their heart's blood dyed it's ev'ry fold
    Then raise United's banner high
    Beneath it's shade we'll live and die
    So keep the faith and never fear
    We'll keep the Red Flag flying here
    We'll never die, we'll never die We'll never die, we'll never die
    We'll keep the Red flag flying high
    'Cos Man United will never die
    0 Replies 277 weeks
  • All d legendz of Uniteds History

    Shane Carolan by Shane Carolan
    A=appearances G=goals

    Sir Bobby Charlton-A=759-G=249
    Bill Foulkes-A=688-G=9
    Alex Stepney-A=539-G=2
    Tony Dunne-A=536-G=2
    Denis Irwin-A=529-G=33
    Joe Spence-A=510-G=168
    Arthur Albiston-A=485-G=7
    Roy Keane-A=480-G=51
    Brian McClair-A=471-G=127
    George Best-A=470-G=179
    Mark Hughes-A=466-G=164
    Bryan Robson-A=461-G=98
    Martin Buchan-A=456-G=4
    Jack Silcock-A=449-G=2
    Gary Pallister-A=437-G=15
    Jack Rowley-A=424-G=212
    Sammy Mcilroy-A=419-G=72
    Steve Bruce-A=414-G=51
    Denis Law-A=404-G=237
    Lou Macari-A=400-G=97
    Nobby Stiles-A=397-G=19
    Steve Coppell-A=396-G=72
    David Beckham-A=394-G=85
    Allenby Chilton-A=392-G=2
    Ole Gunnar Solksjaer-A=366-G=126
    Shay Brennan-A=356-G=6
    Stan Pearson-A=347-G=148
    Johnny Carey-A=346-G=18
    Billy Meredith-A=335-G=36
    David Sadler-A=333-G=27
    George Wall-A=319-G=100
    Charlie Roberts-A=299-G=23
    Denis Viollet-A=293-G=179
    Roger Byrne-A=280-G=20
    Paul Ince-A=277-G=28
    Johnny Berry-A=276-G=45
    Andy Cole-A=275-G=121
    Norman Whiteside-A=272-G=67
    David Herd-A=265-G=145
    Harry Gregg-A=247-G=0
    Sandy Turnbull-A=247-G=101
    Ruud Van Nistelrooy-A=220-G=150
    Paul McGrath-A=199-G=16
    Tommy Taylor-A=191-G=131
    Eric Cantona-A=185-G=82
    Duncan Edwards-A=177-G=21
    Joe Cassidy-A=174-G=99
    Teddy Sheringham-A=147-G=45
    Noel Cantwell-A=146-G=8
    Jaap Stam-A=127-G=1
    Eddie Colman-A=108-G=2

    2 Replies 278 weeks

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    United will kill leeds 2 day luff united

    1/3/10 via Mobile
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    hahahahahahahahaha u lost against villa

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    is this page ever updaded

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    18 TITLES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!! ;) ;)

  • Manchester United Supporters 5/15/09
  • Roseanne

    Tevez is a work horse... so waht the doesnt get loads of goals... he helps make them.. wins the ball... passes well.. if he ever loses the ball he makes dam sure he gets it back... I DONT WANT TEVEZ TO LEAVE!!!! thats why im making a poll... we get a high number of votes im sending it to sky sports news to show fergie THE FANS WANT TEVEZ!!! http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb...

  • Football Talk 5/8/09
  • Emran R
    luv Emran R

    HAHA United v barca. Da best teams eva!!! But der will be 1 winner n dats da 1 true UNITED!!!!! Com on united!!!!!!!!! 2-0 ronaldo n giggsy will score

  • United we stand 4/23/09
  • Shane Carolan
    Shane Carolan

    to all liverpool fans WHOS TOP OF THE TABLE???????:o:o:o:o M A N C H E S T E R U N I T E D

  • Mini P
    Mini P

    we r still the best even tho we lost 4 - 1

  • Billy

    f*ck liverpool go on MAN U dont hve ant luv left

  • Pakman
    luv Pakman

    come on united glory glory man united glory glory man united glory glory man united and the reds go marching on on on simply da best !!!! Man UniTed 4 EveR Hope You like da brick i did i drew Logo of united !!!!!!!! eres a luv ---------------->>>>>>>>&g  t;