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We Love Uncle Bryn

Gavin And Stacey On Bbc 3 Every Monday Night At 9..Tune in to see your favourite Uncle Bryn!!!

5/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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Uncle Bryn Is from The show Gavin And Stacey On bbc Three Every Sunday..

He Plays Staceys Uncle In the Show and He is Funny as hell!

He is One Of the Best Charcters For the Show..:)

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  • gavin and stacey

    Stacey is from Barry, near Cardiff, and Gavin is from Essex. But the difference in backgrounds and culture doesn't hinder their romance, which flourishes when they finally meet for the first time after hitting it off during numerous flirtatious work calls.

    Stacey's guardian-uncle, Bryn, has pledged to look out for his niece - when not obsessing over his faulty satellite navigation system - whilst Gavin is doted on by his sometimes emotionally volatile mother, Pam, who only wants the best for her "little prince".

    On the occasionally rocky route to Gavin and Stacey's wedding, the two very different sets of families and friends must learn to get along together. The couple's best friends, the forthright Nessa and best man Smithy, get along very, very well but, unfortunately, only when they're drunk.

    In series two, the honeymoon is over for the newlyweds as their married life begins in earnest at the Shipman family home in Essex. But, as the reality of living so far away sinks in, Stacey starts missing her home in Barry Island along with her mum and her Uncle Bryn. Meanwhile, Smithy and Nessa, are coming to terms with their own stark reality: they're not even friends and yet they're having a baby together.


    Gavin is 26 and lives in Essex with his parents, Mick and Pam. His best mate, Smithy, lives just down the road and they've known each other since infant's school.

    Gavin is a salt-of-the-Earth bloke – loyal, funny and big-hearted – and the sort of bloke that anyone would want as a friend. Gavin is gorgeous, but doesn't really know it, and he's never been in love – until now.

    Stacey is also 26 and lives in Barry, South Wales. Her dad died three years ago and she lives with her mum, Gwen. Her best friend, Nessa, is always round her house and Stacey relies on her for advice.

    Stacey's very fluffy, but lovely, funny, beautiful and kind. Unlike Gavin, she has been in love before.

    nessa(one of the best characters according to luke)
    Nessa is approximately 40 and works in the arcade on Barry Island. She's Barry born and bred, and yet she's worked in places as far flung as Peru, Namibia and Egypt.

    It appears Nessa has had sex with most of the men in Barry, plus several celebrities. Nothing really fazes Nessa. She's stoical and grimly accepting of life, but she's also loyal and protective of those she loves – especially Stacey, Bryn and Gwen.

    Smithy is 26 and is Gavin's best friend. He loves Gavin's parents more than his own and is always round his house.

    Smithy is very much a bloke's bloke – his friends are everything to him and he would lay down his life for Gavin – in theory, at least.

    He has a girlfriend, Lucy, who's 17 and three quarters (the 3/4 are very important) - well apparently she is, no one ever really sees her.

    Smithy loves unusual foreign beer, paintball and West Ham.

    ah, the one and only bryn,Bryn is in his late-forties, single and doesn't work. He lives across the road from Stacey and her mother, Gwen, and is fiercely protective of them – especially since Trevor (Stacey's dad) died, God rest his soul.

    Something of an optimistic loner, Bryn loves meeting new people and having new experiences – even if it is trying out a skinny wet latte. He's fascinated by technology and terrified of sex.

    Gavin's mum, Pam, is in her early fifties and has been married to Mick for 26 years. She adores her only son, Gavin – her "little prince".

    Pam is an Essex wife who doesn't have to work and who loves a good party. She's glamorous and fun to be with, and still has a great relationship with Mick. However, she can get a little hysterical when her lively imagination starts to run wild. She also loves Camilla Parker Bowles.

    Mick is a handsome salt-of-the-Earth bloke, just like his son, Gavin.

    Mick is in his mid-fifties and happy with his life. He runs his own company, plays golf and goes to the pub quiz every Tuesday nigh

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  • About Uncle Bryn

    Bryn West (Rob Brydon) - Bryn is Stacey's and Jason's uncle. He is the brother to Stacey's deceased father. He is single, unemployed and in his late forties. He lives across the road from Gwen and Stacey and is very protective of them.

    Bryn is in his late-forties, single and doesn’t work. Gwen, and is fiercely protective of them – especially since Trevor (Stacey’s dad) died, God rest his soul. Something of an optimistic loner, Bryn loves meeting new people and having new experiences – even if it is trying out a skinny wet latte. He’s fascinated by technology and terrified of sex.

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    Kris Marshall will star as ‘Carter’, Joanna Page as ‘Jeannie’, Ella Smith as ‘Helen’ and Robert Webb as ‘Tom’ in the UK premiere of Neil LaBute’s comedy “FAT PIG”, which will open at the Trafalgar Studios in London on Tuesday 27 May, following previews from 16 May. The limited season will finish on 6 September.

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  • Uncle Bryn

    LaraAlicia. by LaraAlicia.
    what happened between Jason and Uncle Bryn ? :S
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In the Zone... Gavin and Stacey - BBC Three

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