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isn't it sad how neglected bebo is now.

5/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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oh; this is definatly all for you..
Me, Myself, and I

     Haaaannah bruv (y)

facebook me fam; Hannah Oakford.

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thank you for giving a shit. ♥

as long as you're my best friend; i can reach anything, anything i can achieve.

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  • stole it off Tonia as i am trying to delay doing my history c/w (:

    In 2008:

    best friend: Rochelle Thomas, Sam Wade, Holly Jervis, Natalie Cooper, Ian Roper, Lucy WIlloughby, Ross Pollendine.

    lost any friends: oh woah, so many.

    went out of the country: a couple of times (:
    moved: haa yes
    new school: nope
    how many times on an airplane: uhmm, twice (y)

    have you changed: quite alot, but still pretty immature
    new look: yeahh
    most depressed time this year: uhmm, sept/oct/nov i guess.

    best time this year: spring break, march, most of summer

    did you get heartbroken: chaa

    favorite season: summer or winter
    least favorite season: autumn
    good birthday? yeahhh was brilliant (y)

    did you in 2008...
    get arrested: got pulled over for pretending to be a car :L
    kiss a girl: yeah, quite a few =S
    had a crush: well duurrr
    get dumped: yeah bruv
    lose a family member: yep
    get bad grades: HAHA the WORST grades i have EVER got!
    get a myspace: i had one alreadyy
    get told a secret: lots
    tell a secret: my own secrets.
    do something you totally regret: uhm, yeah i guess, but not the things i should regret =/

    in 2007 i :

    [x] broke a promise
    [x] made a new best friend
    [x] fell out of love
    [x] lied
    [x] went behind your parents back
    [x]cried over a broken heart
    [x] disappointed someone close
    [x] hid a secret
    [x]pretended to be happy
    [x] kissed in the rain
    [x] slept under the stars
    [ ]kept your new years resolution
    [x]forgot your new years resolution
    [x] met someone who changed my life
    [x] met one of your idols
    [x] changed your outlook on life
    [x] sat home all day doing nothing
    [x] pretended to be sick
    [x] left the country
    [x] almost died
    [x] given up something important to you
    [x] lost something expensive
    [x] learned something new about yourself
    [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
    [x] made a change in your life
    [x] found out who your true friends were
    [x] met great people
    [x] stayed up til sunrise
    [x] pigged out over the summer..
    [x] cried over the silliest thing
    [ ] was never home on weekends only Sunday mornings to recover then back out again
    [ ] got into a car accident
    [x] had friends who were drifting away from you
    [ ] had someone close to me die
    [x] had a high cell phone bill
    [x] wasted most of my money on food
    [ ] had a fist fight
    [x] went to the beach
    [x] saw a celebrity
    [x] gotten sick
    [x] liked more than 5 people at the same time
    [x] became closer to a lot of people

    last person who..

    slept beside you:
    uhm, in a car? Daff, in a bed, Aaron i think.

    saw you cry:
    my mummy, two nights ago

    made you cry:
    my dad, a few days ago.

    went to the movies with you:
    natalie andrews =D to see Yes Man

    you went to dinner with:

    you talked on the phone:
    Matt Norriss i thiink.

    made you laugh:
    Ryan Tinsley walking home, before that Ian (:

    alphabet quiz:

    a is for age:
    15 [16 sooon!]

    b is for beer of choice:
    ergh, bud i guess

    c is for career right now:
    in year 11, work at herbie's pizza 8] and a photography thingy (y)

    d is for your dog's name?
    i never had a dog =[

    e is for essential item you use everyday;
    ahh there is alot of stuff i use everyday.. iPod, eyeliner, deodrant, etc. etc.

    f is for favorite TV show at the moment:
    Skins, Scrubs, Special Victims Unit. MIAMI INK

    g is for gay:
    i'm straight, but i have lesbian tendencies at times =/

    h is for home town:
    Uhmm, i'm originally from Brapnell, but i moved to Shithurst (y)

    i is for instruments you play:
    is vocals an intrument? keyboard/piano. the tiniest amount of guitar ever and i wanna learn bass (y)

    j is for favorite juice:

    k is for whose ass you'd like to kick:
    oh wow, SO many people's, cba to list them all haha!

    l is for last place you ate:
    my kitchen

    m is for marriage:
    engaged to Daff ;)

    n is for your full name:
    Hannah Louise Oakford

    o is for overnight hospital stays:
    when i was a baby

    p is for people you

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  • geeeeenuis music quiz - i know i have one on my facebook, but I HAVE TOO MUCH FREE TIME =D

    Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
    Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track name correctly.
    Step 4: For those who are guessing -- looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!
    Step 5: If you like the game post your own

    1. cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort, suffocation, no breathing..
    2. it's too bad put your lipsticks on, back seat of your best friend's car..
    3. grown up she just turned 16, stuck in the moment, dead at the scene..
    4. ywaaaaaaaaa.. shh be quiet, you might piss somebody off, like me motherfucker..
    5. so what's the craziest thing you've done lately?
    6. fate is an elegant, cold hearted whore, she loves salting my wounds..
    7. you have my heart, and we'll never be worlds apart.. (this is a cover version!)
    8. and when it rains, on this side of town, it touches, everything..
    9. am i more than you bargained for yet, i've been dying to tell you..

    10. the temptation is all to great, and now it's gone and it's all too late..
    11. cross the border, into the big bad world, where it takes you 'bout an hour..
    12. here we are, we're at scene one, the camera rolls.. [if anyone gets this WITHOUT cheating, i am AMAZED!:L ]
    13. save some face, you know you've only got one, change your ways, while you're young..
    14. wake up, you're a drama queen, carry on like you're supposed to be..
    15. you don't love me, the way that, i love you..
    16. did you see the way she looked at me?
    17. and i thought it would be funny, to leave you hanging in suspence..
    18. oh oh oooooh. aahbaabadabadabadaa, oooh, didn't i treat you right now?
    19. start today, now show us how you feel, make your way, it's time to choose..
    20. i used to know you like the back of my hand, until today, you held your place..

    give it a go, it's JOKES =] xx

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  • musiccc, [note the 'daily bands' are ones that i have just heard on that daaay]

    as ian stated to me the other day 'i find a new band everyday..' and tbh i think he's right (: soo, here's a list of bands that i dig.. i suggest you check them outt.. they're in a random order, and keep checking back because, if ian's right, there'll be at least one new one everyday (: soooooooo, here's the list.. ooh, and if you have any bands that you like that aren't on the list, leave a comment (: lovelove.


    *Page 44.*added 13.02.09

    jesserit. framing hanley. the music. the king blues. set it off. the music. son of dork. in case of fire. mr lightweight. army of freshman. a skylit drive. hit the lights. a rocket to the moon. family force 5. 3OH!3. hundred reasons. papa roach. shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames. pull tiger tail. air traffic. furthest drive home. we the kings. keepsake summer. jason mraz. il divo. eye alaska. sugarcult. sargeant. the blaqk year. the maine. run kid run. every avenue. artist vs. poet. handshakes and highfives. watchout! there's ghosts. breathe carolina. divided by friday. neversaynever. skyline stereo. kate nash. forever in motion. retrospect. better than toast. blue skies. look closer. this building. my burning wings. three days grace. saving amiee. metrostation. dance gavin dance. the friday night boys. all time low. city and colour. chris cornell. cuban cigar crisis. arctic monkeys. red means go. kelly clarkson. busted. blue. avenged sevenfold. the subways. MGMT. paramore. Hadouken!. Razorlight. Paulo nutini. kings of leon.simon webbe. ashley bruce. streetfight silence. the fratellis. s club juniors. s club 7. linkin park. fallout boy. duncan james. the last shadow puppets. foo fighters. the kooks. amy winehouse. caution. mcfly. kill hannah. rhianna. evanescence. vampire weekend. muse. one night only. oasis. miami. the holloways. dizzee rascal. TI. kanye west. alphabeat. avril lavigne. blink 182. sum 41. boys like girls. the courteeners. the racontuers. you burn first. lily allen. staind. creed. death cab for cutie. does it offend you, yeah?. escape the fate. forever the sickest kids. get cape wear cape fly. go;audio. hellogoodbye. inner party system. jonas brothers. kimya dawson. mouldy peaches. keith urban. rascal flatts. lifehouse. ostprophets. madina lake. mayday parade. MSI. the killers. my chemical romance. panic! at the disco. pete and the pirates. plain white t's. puddle of mudd. the red jumpsuit apparatus. ryan cabrera. secondhand serenade. steer clear. kids in glass houses. the airbourne toxic event. the automatic. the pigeon detectives. the script. pendulum. the spill canvas. tyler hilton. you me at six. born ruffians. duffy. enter shikari. national product. jack penate. the fray. elliot minor. russell watson. jamie t. scouting for girls. calvin harris. colbie caillat. cage the elephant. yellowcard.

    ildivo - hallelujah (aleluya).
    hellogoodbye - oh,itislove.
    plainwhitet's - 1,2,3,4.
    boyslikegirls - thunder.
    avrillavinge - iwillbe.
    those five songs?
    make me want to fall in love again..

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Framing Hanley - Lollipop

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  • Tristan Nero
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    ayaye tristan bruv!!!!! how are we??/

  • Tristan Nero
    luv Tristan Nero

    hi. by the way how are we??

  • Hayley.
    luv Hayley.

    i lovelovelove you.

    4/22/09 via Mobile
  • Maxim
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    thats bettter baby xxx

  • Maxim

    my boyfriend corrupts my inoccent mind. but i love him anyway (: Im a good boy, what you on ? love you x

  • Marshmellow.
    luv Marshmellow.

    Partyyy on ;) x

  • Maxim

    Babe beo sucks, and how can you say no one likes me on here when apart from me you got no happy bdays on it :) xxx

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  • Maxim
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    Ha you can tell people think bebo suck, cas its 10 09pm and im giving you ur 1st happy bday comment or you just dont have many friends lol xxx

  • Knuckles
    luv Knuckles

    lol, yeh i dont really use bebo anymore.. facebook FTW!!! and you can hav love back (:

  • - Matt -
    luv - Matt -

    - Omg i got well worried for a minute there lol i guess i hate you too even though i clearly CLEARLLLY dont (: Thursday was amaaazing and i thank you sooo much for being your amazing self (: Loveeeeeeee

  • Maxim

    Better, You can keep your legs for now :P haha

  • Maxim

    Oi , you call that a top friend, im like the outcast your 2nd on mine and imlike fuckin 8th on urs see where the love is xoxox

  • Marshmellow.
    luv Marshmellow.

    hey hunny, just to let you know, cant come to YMA6 on friday >:( i will tell you tomorrow :( ! do you think it would be possible for daff to seel the ticket, really sorry :( love you x

  • Maxim

    yer sure u did :P , hopifully i get my tezxts at midnight, i dobt i will tho :( but lol, so u never cam on msn you suck xoxo

  • Maxim

    not when u said u would lol xoxo

  • Maxim

    LIES You never called ! Your Evil ! Pure Evil xo

  • Maxim

    i dunno if i an actuly get into a town babes , umm i try to come and help, and if i do i pre warn you i havnt screamed since the pub so yer mite be bit wrong haha xo