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finally had a mcdonlads :D

9/24/09 | me too! | Reply

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paramore - ignorance ♫
Me, Myself, and I

← tαчʟor xo; ×3♥
чear 10

within a чear so manч changes have happenned,
good ones (L), bad ones (U)
lost a few friends, lost contact with them!
but gonna live life for how it rolls
for how thats what life is.

The Other Half Of Me
Death To Aliens

Death To Aliens

amazinn ladd :Dx

to taylor :) x
i fought i would hack your beboo and leave you a nice comment :) , am always here for you lovee no matter what happens like yesterday :L , i hope that you realise it i can tell you anythink and everythink and your the first person i come to if i do sumet stupid , just hope that i could do sumet about yesterday lool , from uncle paull i lovee youu (L)

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  • <i>annual;x

    tbh within ten days ive met some preety awesome people
    i went through ups and downs there but
    overall its been great :D
    ethan, ryan, mogely, chris, vicky, shannon,
    elysha, emma, georgie, ashliegh,
    lizzie, beth, sam and sam.
    memories with all of them
    love them loads :D
    wouldnt of changed anythin thats happenned :D

    0 Comments 204 weeks

  • mч amazinn friends (L)

    ashleч redgrave,
    ellie hughes,
    lebo makati,
    declan davies,
    callum rowlands,
    laura roberts
    albanч vaughen

    чou people are mч world wouldnt give чou up for anчthinn, чou've been there for me through the moaninn the hypes, the times i was upset and the times when i was happч as can be чou never think anч different of me.
    i tell чou all nearlч everчthinn i tell some of these people everчthin but even if i dont tell all of them everчthin theч sure can tell me anчthin !
    to be honest i would saч чou all are mч best friends and i love чou all so much (L)

    чou people here чou do all mean loads to me too:
    liam evans!♥
    mattч ainsworth
    ethan watts
    dan ( mogelч )
    chris ( lambч )
    rhiann canning
    dionne owens
    moo greenwood
    lauren dчson
    kayley edwards
    sam beni
    shannon чates
    vicki bird
    sam pimleч-jones
    shannon parker
    shannon roberts
    nathan jones
    yess, elgan williams aswell ;)
    em-mar-mar-mar ;)
    elysha leonard
    ryan dean ;) :L
    emily howell-smith
    tascha kelly
    hannah burns
    lucie wellie
    lauren roose
    hollie jones
    erika jones
    naomi clements
    mattч williams
    nчal hughes

    i love чou all чour all amazinn :)
    if ive left чou out leave a comment and ill see if чou should be in here :D

    14 Comments 252 weeks

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    »;Do Wε Havε Arguεmεnts?

    ThankYouu (:

    17 Comments 278 weeks

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well tbhh this girl means alot to me, i know i hardly see you but you do mean loads
we've had many memories together and tbff they were great
i love you alot
and we will have more memories together i promise
i miss you loads
i love you loads
best friends forever

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  • Bob X
    luv Bob X

    gta go nw bbz c u l8er xoxoxoxox

  • Bob X
    luv Bob X

    sharin the luv lerd xoxox

  • Bob X
    luv Bob X

    wuut lerd xoxoxox

  • Bob X
    luv Bob X

    hw u doin xoxoxx

  • Bob X
    luv Bob X

    hey bbz

  • Lauraa
    luv Lauraa

    heres the lurvee baybehh ;P love yhooooo :D xx

  • Lucié
    luv Lucié

    fanx fur da loveage ;) xoxox

  • Liam Ward
    luv Liam Ward

    woops forgot to put the love in lol

  • Liam Ward
    Liam Ward

    here is my 3rd love 2 day and ti trewi and ti tew lol jk ur nt tew

  • Liam Ward
    luv Liam Ward

    here is my love for the 2nd time to do love u lol

  • Liam Ward
    luv Liam Ward

    taylor u smell (in a good way) u cn have my love cuz u wanted it over msn lol i dont have a clue what 2 say right lol ummmm.... ok then heres my love bye :p

  • Doddykins

    Taylor Mate ;) How You Doin Like ? Bin Up 2 Much ;) ? Wb Wen You Can Ye Aint Got ANy Love Left But You CAn Have These <3

  • - Dysonn
    luv - Dysonn

    LUV! and do you like my paragraph bout kyle LOL!

  • Facebook.
    luv Facebook.

    lmao. luffff yhoo 2

  • - Dysonn
    - Dysonn

    thought seen as everyone was getting there arses on bebo i would join :L luff yuuutayy bbz ;)

  • Kaylie E
    luv Kaylie E

    heya hunni xx how have u been?? wot u been getting up to then?? w/b swn bbz xx love ya loads tay

  • Kaylie E
    luv Kaylie E

    lol hope u get well soon baby xx no cant come to 2* training this weekend coz i am staying at my best m8 aliees house down in flint all this weekend and kicking this girls head in while im at it lol just parties at jazs house at m8s n that also skul cw U?? w/b soon love you xxxxx

  • Kaylie E
    luv Kaylie E

    heya babe x :D ye im ill again 2day this time of the yeat=r im always on and off being ill i get it alot worse i feel really ill 2day got abdominal pain feeling sick and have a headache. :( wubu2? w/b soon love u loads xxxxx

  • Tara
    luv Tara

    Hiaaa, Yeah Ty, Why Is It Different Miss You 2 Ly2 ..x Love ";)

  • Sophie
    luv Sophie

    Hello Umm He Seed Thtt Yoou Wuddnt Of doone tht witth your elbow hahah ;) lol He sed Its Finne Thoo xx LY Havve Thhe Lovee