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  • Male, 19, Luv 87
  • from ozzy
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 2,522
  • Member since: March 2008
  • Last active: Jun 3
  • www.bebo.com/JackM3835
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

If Чоυ Doпт Like BuRrNlEy ..
Tшо Bυττопѕ Aιт+F4 Aпd Jog Tна Fυск Oп

║º¦ Name→ Jack
║º¦ Age → 15
║º¦ Sex → male
║º¦ Remix → MIni
║º¦ Date Of Birth → 21/01/1994
║º¦ School→ Mount Carmel
║º¦ Home → ossy
║º¦ Single/Taken → taken
║º¦ Hair→ blondish
║º¦ Eye Colour → blue
║º¦ Height → 5ft 4
║º¦ Shoe Sizes → 6
║º¦ Lives With → dad
║º¦ Bro/Sister → 2 bros 1 sis
║º¦ Teams → the mighty clarets haha
║º¦ Fav Colour→ claret obviosly
║º¦ Fav Drink → boost
║º¦ Percings → none
║º¦ Tattos → noo
football bfc
Happiest When
my pets
i have a dog called millie

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  • jus do it

    you must answer the questions seriously

    Am i a laugh?
    Am i stunnin?
    Am i fit?
    Am a funny?
    Would you kiss me?
    Would you shag me?
    would you feel me up?
    If you could let me do anything to you what would it be?
    If you had me for 60 mins what would happen???
    Would you consider me a gd mate?
    Do u like being with me?
    Am i bright/Clever?
    Am i stupid/Dumb?
    Do you think i will do well in life?
    What do you think i will become?
    What was the 1st thing you fort of when you 1st met me?
    Do you still fink the same?
    What reminds you of me?
    When you think of me is it good forts?
    Do you ever think of me?
    If you could take me somewhere were would it be?
    If you could give me somethink what would it be?
    Am i a gd mate?
    Do u trust me?
    Do you think i would be there if you ever needed me?
    Are you going to put this on your blog to see what i put about you?
    Any think else before you go?

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    WOULD You ...
    - Go out with me?
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    - Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
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    - Dance with me?
    - Help me with homework?
    - Tickle me to death?
    - Let me tickle you?
    - Stick up for me if i was being put down?
    - Carress my body?
    - Play strip poker with me?
    - Say yes if i asked you out?
    - Get wasted with me?
    - Instant message me?
    - Greet me in public?
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    - Love me?

    9 Comments 260 weeks

  • Could u ever

    Try this..!
    1. would u give me ur number?
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    9. would u tell me u think im cute seriosly?
    10. would u buy me a drink if i didnt have money?
    11. would u take me home for da nite?
    12. would u let me sleep in ur bed?
    13. would u fuck me?
    14. are u gunna re-post dis for me 2 let me answer ur questions go on please?
    15. do u think im attractive, stunnin or sexy or none?
    16. do u like my style?
    17. do u think im funny?
    18. do u care about me?
    19. would u dance wit me?
    20.wud u let me fingar ya?
    21.enifin too say b4 ya go?

    5 Comments 261 weeks

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What Will Your Kid(s) Look Like?

My result is: Triplets <3

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Spare Saver

Awarded for scoring all spares in one game!

Challenge Champ

Awarded for winning more than 25 challenges!

Super Friend

Awarded for having more than 50 Bowling Buddies!

1: Connor - 214

2: Mason - 214

3: Matt - 211

4: Blake - 194

5: DOraa - 190

6:  - 186

7: Danny - 185

8:  - 178

9:  - 146

10: Eddie - 136

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  • Penny H
    luv Penny H

    hellow long time no speek lol u ok chik ?xxx wb xxx

  • Chloe-Elle

    iyaa mini ,, u okaiieee ? wubu2 ? not in to any trouble are you ? lol only joking x

  • Shit 'Ed.
    luv Shit 'Ed.

    I know, u wanna meet up on a saturday or something? I'll take you mcdonalds? Up to you bro xxx

  • Shit 'Ed.
    luv Shit 'Ed.

    Ooooops forgot to click love haha x

  • Shit 'Ed.
    Shit 'Ed.

    Jackkkkkk what have you been up to little braav? Write backkkkk God its been ages since i've been on this haha ! Have some love nigger peaceout xxxx Miss You :(

  • luv Sophiebabbiee

    hi, i herd ur bak wiv olla dont say i dont do anythin for u ;) oh n hope u okais !! wrt bak asap x return luv pleeze

  • Joshh

    jack thomas mason (: how you doingg babes? you done mucht his weekend? comment me back! loveyaaasmell;) x

  • Liam G
    Liam G

    me and chantelle are still waiting for you to add us

  • Penny H
    luv Penny H

    iyaiiixx wen do u want me to twat tht gall thn xx?????? wb

  • Paige.

    ii left a nice comment for blake ;) xx

  • Blake

    you r gay

  • Paige.

    victoryy for burnleyy ;) , xx

  • Nicky Baxendale
    Nicky Baxendale

    or8 do i kno u wb

    5/1/09 via Mobile
  • CarlyGardner

    Hiiyaa :D Thats From After Skoo LOL When I Ignored Ya Hehe xx

  • Emma Lovesdancing
    luv Emma Lovesdancing

    have some luv xx

  • Penny H
    Penny H

    hayy abe go msn xx

  • Penny H
    luv Penny H

    go on msn xx

  • Penny H
    Penny H

    chillin lol bored shitless be my other half xx love uu two xxx

  • Johnston'
    luv Johnston'

    helloo, yeah good + youu? have love back ..! xx

  • Penny H
    luv Penny H

    iyaaii babe u ok wuu2 xxx retern plz xx