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Glenn and the Floorshow

Please Applaud

10/16/08 | me too! | Reply

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28 luv

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Self Published
Artane Ireland
We are influenced by the bars we play in...
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About Me

Headin to the Green Grocers at 8 in the evening for a cauliflower...
Me, Myself, and I
'Hailed by critics as a self confessed guitarist, Glennn Cullen hold his cards close to his chest in a game of poker. Born and raised in a house, Glennn and his band find themselves overwhelmed by the sea. An enigma in the mysterious and entirely open sense of the word, Glennn tries his best to walk everyday maintaining his exercise and a healthy diet, however in the current climate he finds himself cold.

'Together with band mates Glennn wishes to take the world to the market and pick up some rarities. When world domination is complete, Glennn and fellow band mates wish to bring world peas to an end; when asked to comment on this Glennn stated, "it'll be easier than world peace." His satirical and unscrupulous outlook through his window is thought of as pragmatic by his peers and hugely sexual by all things female; cats, horses, even the lowly hen.

'In conclusion we know nothing of Glennn, only that he will not rest until everyone hears his songs. Enjoy. :) '

- Time magazine

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Glennn Cullen - The Last Time Ever I Saw Your Face

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  • Prepare For.
    Prepare For.

    :L yeah i seen it fergus told me about it in fibbers... i think i needed more camera time :P

  • Goose
    luv Goose

    Ha yeah definately!! Great craic was had down those many stairs behind the stage :L ! Deadly night! Look forward to seein' you's play again sometime ;) !

  • Goose

    Great set last night lads hope to see you's in the green room again for a smoke :L !!

  • Kaz
    luv Kaz

    glennnnn and the floor-staff here in bebo land. who would have thunk it!?! That's an amazing cosmic floor-fillin' sound you got going on there that would fit very well on the golden discs Xmas play-list. good work! kaz x

  • wildnightsandlieins
    luv wildnightsandlieins

    nice man, funking nice. if there was an album to buy id steal it and say i bought it BUT NONE THE LESS id listen to it:) have an aul gaaaaaander at the poems yonder and let me know of what yea think. yea get love for being a talanted bastard and for saving me arse A FEW times in the shop. . . .

  • Hazey
    luv Hazey

    hey guys.. nice gig at our freshers... i liked yes muchly! ;)

  • Betty Boobs
    Betty Boobs

    Cant wait for Mayo! xxx

  • Deirdre O'Connell
    Deirdre O'Connell

    Thanks for the detailed description!! The thesis went fine in the end was happy with the result, worth all the stress! Sure i might drop into dorans thurs for a gander, dont hold me to it tho!

  • Deirdre O'Connell
    Deirdre O'Connell

    Ah I was fine not a bother! Still trying to recover from that shocking image of paul though! the circumstances of which were never explained!! Anyway has the new ensemble coming along? You playing many gigs?

  • Alicia Browne 7/16/08
  • Jane

    Well done on the radio!!! I'm sure you'll be glad to know Glennn that my Dad listened aswel!! I really wanted to text in and ask where my shout out was... You should have told them your wearing a kilt to your brothers wedding. That would have been funny. Anyway, enjoy and if your lucky I'll head to the gig on Wednesday. Ahh only kidding, I'll be there.. Talk to ya soon!

  • Laurie

    you have awful aim...... touche mon frere x

  • Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'Brien

    Ah yeah...

  • Laurie

    depeche mode me hole! nah didnt find it.... wasnt that bothered looking anyway!! x

  • Paul Byrne
    luv Paul Byrne

    Yo , any gigs lined up?

  • Laurie

    krakow? random place....was it worth the hangover?......it always is!x

  • Laurie

    glenn and the floorshow, i love the bank, it looks like a place thats gonna get robbed......do u have any big cling film? hahaha x

  • Rachel Flood
    Rachel Flood

    aye aye

  • Savio Peelo
    Savio Peelo

    love it.

  • Alan Craig
    luv Alan Craig

    Your all very sexy