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7/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
monster hunter freedom 2 is the sequel to the game monster hunter freedom,with more quests to take,more weapons and more monsters of course!.You start off in the intro movie where you are knocked off a cliff by a tigrex(i will explain more) and are found by an experienced hunter that was riven to retirement by failing to hunt the tigrex.This is where you choose your path.You can be a blademasterwho uses greatswords,longswords,hammer
 s,S&W(sword and sheild) lance,gunlance and hunting horn.if You choose to be a gunner you will use the bowgun,heavy bowgun and the bow.Now you start off with easy prey,but as you get better and better you will get better armour and will eventually face the same tigrex that knocked you off that cliff

if you wish to join just click"become a member" and your in

if you want to surf and find your own pics heres a few links
<a href="http://www.freewebs.com/narugakuruga/">Visit My Website</a>

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  • White Fatalis Guide with Ankantor Bow!

    Its here and official! The White Fatalis Guide for the Ankantor Bow!!!

    Weapon: Akantor Bow
    Rathalos Soul U Helm
    Rathalos Soul U Mail
    Akantor Vambraces
    Rathalos Soul U Tasset
    Akantor Greaves
    High Grade Earplug
    Reckless Abandon+3 (with gems)
    Book of combos 1-4
    Potion X 10
    Mega PotionX 10
    Mega Juice X 5
    Power Juice X 5
    Power Bottle X50
    Herbs X 10
    Blue Mushrooms X 10
    Honey X 10
    Empty Bottle X 25
    Nitroshroom X 20

    Types of Attacks:
    White Fatalis does the following attacks

    Claw Swipe:This happens if you are standing in front of Fatalis.His left arm will come and swipe you out of his way.Quite easy to dodge

    Roar:Fatalis will roar to try and stun you.It is usually followed by Lightning Bolt/Claw Swipe

    Lightning Bolt:Fatalis will do a roar and red Lightning bolts will strike down in certain places.Usually easy to dodge as long as you are not standing near a white circle

    Lightning Ball:Fatalis will shoot a red ball of lightning from his mouth.If it hits,Instant K'o.

    Walk:Fatalis will do a sort of walk that takes out small amounts of HP but walks alot.Recommened not to go near him when doing this

    Tail Swipe:This happens in mid-air.When Fatalis is coming down his tail will make a whip type attack and will take out HP

    Lightning Ball-Sky:Fatalis will fly into the air and fire 3 Lightning Balls.Most Far away,but if your under his shadow he will aim downwards and strike you.Instant K'o

    Lightning Bolts-Tower:Fatalis will fly onto the small ruin on the tower and will stay there for a while.When this happens Instantly go to the safespot.

    Dive:Fatalis will fly into the air,turn around and dive at you.Easy to dodge

    Dive-Full Speed:Fatalis will fly into the air and go to one side of the Tower.When you see this,run for your lives.This is instant K'o and hard to dodge.

    Hard Mode:After you take out 1/4 of Fatalis' Hp,he will go into a session called hard mode.All melee weapons will bounce off but bows do not count.This Happens again when he has 1/4 of Hp left

    Safespots:Want to know how to survive fatalis' Lightning Bolt-Tower attack? here's how.Run to the group of broken tiles near the area where you started out.Stay in the centre of those tiles and you will not get hit

    Now to the guide

    First off you will see a little film then White Fatalis will enter the area.As we all know White Fatalis is currently the weakest fatalis with high HP but low defence. As you start Fatalis will be straight ahead of you.After the first lightning bolts come down they will always strike behind his legs.Staying near his tail but far enough away not to get hit is crucial.Keep attacking from this point.Try to Smash all of his horns and break his chest for the extra rewards.After this,do what you want to him.But stay near his tail.


    A:fire 3 Lightning Balls from his mouth,most far away but sometimes if you are under his shadow he will strike the ground.

    B: fly to the top of the tower and summon multiple lightning bolts that will last between 10-12 seconds.Sometimes longer.Head to the safespot and watch the fireworks

    Or C: He will fly to one side of the tower stay there for a minute then come flying in towards his target.If you get hit its instant K'o.Sometimes you will last but be at a dangerous Health percentage.Take Healing items straight away because he usually comes in with a lightning Ball/Bolt

    After he has landed keep attacking him.watch out for the occasional lightning bolt.They will show up as white circles on the ground.

    KEEP AWAY FROM THESE!! as it will one hit K'o you.Also,you will take damage from his feet so keep well away.Sometimes if you are in front of him he will swipe you with his left arm.Usually followed by a Lightning Bolt.Watch out for his tail too.I got one hit K'oed from it before.He also does this type of attack like th

    0 Comments 272 weeks

  • Smoulder Dragonsword Guide

    Due to many people asking me how to make Smoulder,i decided to make a guide.First off,you need to unlock red lao and get 2 horns,8 firestoen and 5 commendations(this is for if your maing it from raw materials) You can also upgrade from Bone Katana"Dragon" all you need is two elder drag bloods and 5 firestone.

    After you make Fire Dragonsword get a few more lao horns and this time you need something extra-a Teostra Horn,3 of 'em. after you make it her is the final upgrade and the hardest part:Smoulder Dragonsword

    You need to unlock Ash Lao for his horns.You need three Lunastra horns and 5 firecell stones.yes the really hard ores to get.after you got 95'000z and materials go to the weapons store.then upgrade it to the Smoulder.

    Hope this guide helps :D :D :D

    1 Comment 274 weeks

  • player profiles

    Conor M
    armour set: Dark Akantor
    fave weapon type:longsword
    fave weapon:Smoulder Dragonsword
    fave monster:L ao Shan
    all 30/30 treasures

    Luke S
    armour set:full ankantor
    fave weapon type:bow/longsword
    fave weapon:ankantor katana
    fave monster:red fatlas
    Gareth The Great
    name: Dragoon
    Armour set:full obitaury S
    Fave weapon type:lance
    Fave weapon:Requiem Spear
    Fave monster:Chameleos

    5 Comments 280 weeks

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  • Training Records

    Zero by Zero
    Post ur Training Records here can be found on page 5/6 on monster hunter freedom 2 or on 8/9 on Unite

    Training Detail Fastest Time Highest Points

    Yian Kut-Ku O:59 (light Bowgun) 3631 (light Bowgun)
    Congalala 3:43 (longsword) 4719 (longsword)
    Khezu 7:41 (SnS) 5128 (SnS)
    DaimyoHermitaur 1:57 (longsword) 7516 (longsword)
    Cephadrome 16:22 (longsword) 5584 (longsword)
    0 Replies 202 weeks
  • hey dont cheat

    Luke S by Luke S
    when mhf2g comes out u dont want to cheat so hear are some tips

    1. on the cheafe quests take ur time and when done them try do the agen to get rare items
    2. zenny matters so dont spend it on a shit wepon that u want to keep upgradeing like a bone blade u will get stuck soon.
    3. The naru is fast a strong much harder than a tirgex so do some research on youtube how to fight it trust me it helps.
    4. do not download game saves u can do it with an old game but in mhf2 it kills the fun.
    5. ur armor is importent so look out for water res and fire and dragon res ther the most importent to have.
    6. i bet u all did this. u went out with no wet stones DUDE ALLWAYS KEEP 20 IF U GO ONLINE FIGHTIN ANKANTOR WITH NO WET STONES UR FUCKED
    1 Reply 263 weeks
  • MHF 2 G

    Conor Moloney by Conor Moloney
    We all know its coming to europe and North America.what i managed to obtain is that it WILL be out this september.we talk about it and a re-appearence of an old elder dragon,then theres also the red shogun,narugakruga,olganos.well.he
     re you can talk about it
    0 Replies 268 weeks

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MHF2 Crimson DS tips & tricks

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  • Adz-Lambourn

    any one else got the new version for the psp

  • The Monster Hunters
    The Monster Hunters

    please join this group we are active and will answer any questions on MHF and MHF2 thanks :)

  • luv Zero

    i got the monster hunter freedom unite demo the monsters u have to fight is pips

  • Jamie S
    luv Jamie S


  • Jamie S
    luv Jamie S

    mh2u is comeing!!!!!!!!!

  • Eli Manna

    monster hunter tri should be coming out some time this summer unless it gets delayed

  • Avenged Seventoast
    Avenged Seventoast

    Great vids Aswell lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avenged Seventoast
    Avenged Seventoast

    Heyy, who wants a game online? I Really wanna play with peeps online but i dont know how to, how do ya do it? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!! Lol

  • Adam Neal
    Adam Neal

    Comment below. Do you mean the health bar is completely full across the top of the psp screen or are you saying that it doesn't deplete after getting attacked? And yes, MHF2G IS coming to the UK. It might be delayed though by a couple of weeks but oh well.

    1/28/09 via Mobile
  • Dan
    luv Dan

    i have seen onoutube tons of people on their PSP that show thmost health,any1 know how 2 do this? i know it's kind of cheating because you kow we da monster i vulnerable but thats why i wana know cos im HR4 (go there solo) and i can continue withuknwing wen the enemy will die because i know we i c take a break form it and wen its near and all that. And do you guys know 100% dat MHF2G is coming to UK in septmber 2009??? because if so dat will be bloomg amazing!! ty all happy hunting =] lov monster hunter

  • luv Zero

    i just got this game recently and im loving it my freind has a copy to AND HE USED ME AS A GOLF BALL WITH THEM BLASTED HAMMERS... i got my own back tough "he he" gunlance with wyean fire knoked him of the cliff >:D i have so far the Giaprey set for blademaster and a piece of kut ku armor and vesproid glovey things (ALL THE BLADEMASTER) and a bone sword "wolf" im just having trouble getting gold (my freinds fault he told me to bring a heavy bowgun and buy all the bullets for it (10000z lost) i hate im for that >:( im doing the rest of the dersert quests on 2 star lvl with the chief (like 3 more quests) and slay the vian kut ku (forest quest) lols i ran on a bit here

  • Danny W
    luv Danny W

    on my page there is a widget with a petition for Monster Hunter Frontier to come out in North America. Please sign it so we may get the game and play online!! thank-you for your time, and hopefully we will meet slaying some monster over the internet:P Have a good one!

  • Adam Neal
    Adam Neal

    There aren't any cheats/hacks in the game so you just have to keep working at the game to get better. Going on gathering quests with pickaxes to the jungle should help you get better weapons and armour if you mine for ore there. Any other problems just ask.

    12/11/08 via Mobile