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Kylie Foster

Home from Miami :-(

4/16/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

The hardest part is letting go of your dreams
Me, Myself, and I
Hey im Kylie, Im 21 and live in Redruth. I did drive a saxo which is in my pics, most ppl have seen it around lol but now i own a silver MGF!. Dont rlly no what else to say so if there is anything you wanna no just send me a comment (plz do my sister has told me i need more lol).

----♥♥-♥♥----Put this
---♥♥---♥♥---On Your
---♥♥---♥♥---Bebo If
---♥♥---♥♥---You Know
-----♥♥♥----Who Died
The Other Half Of Me
Peachy La rue
My chemical romance, funeral for a friend etc etc
Fast and furious, hostel, anything with Josh Hartnett
Happiest when
At a gig/rocking out at the corn exchange woop lol
Scared Of
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www.faceparty.com/kyky_rulz, www.myspace.com/kyky_rulz

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  • Proper Cornish

    You know when you're Cornish when....

    Body: 1. Flip Flops are still acceptable in Mid November.

    2. In the summer conversations go like this: "shall we go surfing, skim boarding or just go to the beach?"

    3. There is a ten minute debate to decide which beach.

    4. Nights out are: Monday- L2, Thursday- Corn, Saturday- your hometown or Newquay if you can afford it.

    5. A five minute hustle down the main street takes half an hour because you have to stop and chat to every other person.

    6. Working any day in the summer is such a drag.

    7. Whilst away from the county you keep looking longingly at pictures you took over the summer.

    8. You can't decide whether you appreciate Cornwall so much more or so much less now that you are not in the county.

    9. You know your Cornwall speech word by word so that when someone you have just met from up the line tells you they have been to Newquay you don't have to waist time thinking about a witty remark.

    10. You HAVE gone hedge jumping.

    11. It WAS fun!

    12. You DID almost die in someones garden on the other side of the hedge!

    13. You still remember The Zone when it was The Twilight Zone, and when L2 used to be Loft in it's original location.

    14. Even when you have loads of uni work the offer of comming home for the weekend by your parents is ALWAYS taken up!

    15. Water in Cornwall tastes better. Period. Everything else just tastes wrong.

    16. 'sweet' is an acceptible phrase for any situtation.

    17. But while using it outside of Cornwall people look at you funny.

    18. The rest of the country is inferior. Fact!

    19. You know you can't get decent surf clothes anywhere else in the country.

    20. You have to wear your flip flops and boardies when travelling out of the county in the vain hope that it will be sunny and people will think your normal.

    21. You were wrong about it being sunny, you are bloody cold and people are looking at you weirdly.

    22. You consider it normal that you spend the whole summer walking around in no shoes.

    23. You are outraged that clubs and bars out of Cornwall won't let you in wearing boardies and flip-flops.

    24. Planning a night out is just not necessary, just turn up.

    25. Just turning up is also valid while visiting friends' houses.

    26. You find it hard to keep the smug expression of your face when friends from up country say, "wow, what a cool place to live, you are so lucky!"

    27. At some point in your life you have wanted a VW Beatle or Camper Van.

    28. You just don't understand how anyone can be bored in the summer.

    29. You know where to find firewood for evening beach fires.

    30. You know that in the summer Newquay is full of chavs.

    31. You always take a camera- a photo op is always available.

    32. When you go for a run, it's usually on a beach, or through fields.

    33. You know exactly where to go every night of the week for cheap drinks promotions or open mic nights.

    34. Before you speak openly you look around to check that there is not anyone you know listening.... but still you cant be sure- spies every where.

    35. If you do something embarrassing, chances are that one of your parents friends saw it and has already informed them about it.

    36. You still deny it though.

    37. Any county above Cornwall is known as being 'up country'.

    38. Everyone knows that if you go to Tall Trees people will lose all respect for you.

    39. If you ever have the misfortune of working, lunch is a pasty.

    40. You have mastered walking through town in the height of the summer swerving around all the tourists but still get incredibly angry with them for walking in the middle of the road.

    41. You hate emits. Period.

    42. You laugh at emits and shake your head when you see them.

    43. All schools are rivals in Cornwall 'cause it's such a small county and 'cause they all have to play each other at hockey. rugby, netball, football, etc.

    44. When you meet someone from the rival school you ha

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  • Peachy La rue
    luv Peachy La rue

    heyhey, was bored so thought i'd make you feel loved :) got a costume for halloween so we can get very very drunk :) xxxx

  • Ashley Foster
    Ashley Foster

    haha yeh watever gay boy !

  • Peachy La rue
    luv Peachy La rue

    kyky smells :) :)

  • Amy
    luv Amy

    kylie is a pisshead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i seen ur fanny

  • Chris Dawson
    Chris Dawson

    hey how u doin

  • We Love The Corn Exchange
    We Love The Corn Exchange


  • Danielle

    hello ... i was looking through bebo after my nan was talking to your nan and mentioned that poss you would have something on the site. Im danielle im 14 and im your cousin im quite shocked myself your nan Eleanor is my nans sister:L quite scary!! i live in the middland you have another cousin and she is rebecca age 11 .. if you still not convinced tell your mum my dad is lez and he had a sister called Lynn please contact me back :) xx

  • Amy
    luv Amy

    we will be there chicken lol is there anyone else me n joe know goin wbxxxxx ps peachy says u smell lol xxxxx pps av sum love xxxx

  • Ashley Foster
    Ashley Foster


  • Amy

    rite!!!!!!! saturday 27th of this month! we goin out for me bday! be up mine n joes in redruth for half 7 or so! dont forget ur drink lol and plz rememebr devil ears! we all wearin red n black and fink we goin twilite bout half ten wb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ashley Foster
    Ashley Foster

    ello poonannyyy

  • Sam

    Allors, how did you last exams go, that sociology was awafull lol. serves me right for getting all complacent "sociology is common sense" hmmm it seems i have stolen your comment virginity! xx