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Crescent Moon

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  • Sweet cuppin' cakes!

    Hey blog readers
    I realised just today I don’t watch that many shows on tv. I do watch a lot of tv but I only watch a few shows out of the hundreds I could. Pretty much I only watch like Scrubs or Friends and mostly cartoons. When people ask me if I caught whatever shows last night the answer is basically no, I don’t watch Heroes or Ugly Betty or whatever. If I am feeling like a real treat I will watch My Super Sweet 16 where a bunch of 15 year olds plan super expensive ridiculous parties which is pretty much the funniest thing I have ever seen. I love to watch a show where a bunch of girls get their panties all in a twist because their Gucci dress is actually Versace or whatever.

    It pretty crazy because these parties end up costing more then their weddings and other 15 year olds stand around telling MTV that this is the party they will always remember when they will only like back in 30 years and be like “Remember that super expensive party of that girl we don’t remember? Man that was insane, I hope our kids don’t turn out like that.”

    Seriously how do normal 15 year olds celebrate their birthdays? I haven’t had a party in years; I don’t know I am not super fussed about them or anything. If I were I would grab some pizza with my friends or see a movie or bowl or something, that would be pretty sweet. If I wanted to try super hard I might buy a dress and shave my legs or something and then go grab some pizza, because I am a pretty high class lady when it comes to high living.

    Whatever man, I dunno.

    0 Comments 294 weeks

  • just bloggin' in the wind

    so a couple weeks ago i managed to hurt my foot pretty badly. i managed to step on a
    piece of glass broken off from my night lamp and it went a couple centimetres into my
    foot. it was pretty bad, but i didn't get any on our rug (white) and our sofa(also
    white) which is a pretty big achievement because i was bleeding pretty hard at the
    time. i was pretty bummed about cutting up my foot because i had gym the next day
    and we were meant to be in the fitness suite (a big ass room full of equipment like
    fancy ass weight lighting things and exercise bikes and shit). because my foot was
    fucked up pretty bad, i couldn't bandage it up the normal way, and used a blood
    stained tea towel around my foot for the rest of the time (including the time i was
    in bed). everything pretty much sucked after this because i couldn't walk and ended
    up hobbling everywhere and taking a bunch of time of school to sit around and get

    after a couple days of hobbling and complaining i finally went to the doctors where
    they poked my foot for a while and eventually decided that i had tendon damage and i
    had pierced it pretty bad. its been pretty much a month since i stepped on the glass,
    so it has basically healed, although it is still pretty red and tendons take a pretty
    long time to heal apparently. it's not all bad though, when the area around the cut
    stopped hurting i drew a little smiley face so my foot did not look sad, and i got
    to show everyone my awesome cut, and maybe one day i will have a cool scar i can
    show people and tell them about the time i did something reckless and awesome, or
    try to teach them a lesson about how you can get badly hurt if you do whatever and
    end up with a pierced tendon.

    a pretty cool thing too, is now i can tell when it is going to rain because my foot
    starts hurting, although knowing that is not particularly impressive because you can
    just look up the weather forecast on the internet, or watch the news. anyhow i guess
    the moral of this story is be careful what you step on and check your couch for
    glass before you go jumping on it. and also do not watch friends and blog about the
    time you cut your foot instead of doing your history coursework because that is what
    i've done and i am pretty much screwed.

    0 Comments 300 weeks

  • Top 16

    -Don't change your bebo top 16
    -Fill the people in below
    -Answer the questions truthfully

    Number 1: Moogle (aka. Margot)
    Number 2: Ellie D
    Number 3: Michael
    Number 4: Mii-Chan
    Number 5: Lizzy
    Number 6: Aimee
    Number 7: Lauren
    Number 8: Anny
    Number 9: Neil
    Number 10: Peter
    Number 11: Alice
    Number 12: Rhys
    Number 13: Paul
    Number 14: Ruth
    Number 15: Geoff
    Number 16: Parker

    Have you ever done anything illegal with 4?
    Oh yeah ;) (obsessive fangirling)

    Have you ever loved 5?
    For ever (^_^)

    Have you ever thought about kissing 1?
    Yes, but she does not like my kisses ):

    Have you ever danced with 3?
    No, cause he is terrified of me

    Have you ever hugged number 2?
    Yupyup (but she does not enjoy it)

    Have you ever gotten drunk with 1?
    Um, I don't know?

    Have you ever played a sport with 16?
    At Guides

    Have you ever had an inside joke with number 2?
    Many many times (noooses...)

    Has any of your top 16 ever seen you naked?
    Lots of them probs ( D: )

    Have you ever taken a shower with anyone in your top 16?
    Yeah like, in bathing suits..

    Have you ever had a crush on any of them?
    On a few of them, yes.

    Have you ever seen number 4 do anything stupid?
    Yeah (^_^)

    Have you ever had a class with 13?
    Yeah, a few

    Have you ever seen 14 in a swimsuit?
    HAHAHAH, she would beat me into oblivion if I did!

    Have you ever done anything with 11?
    If by "done something" you mean DEBATE CLUB!

    Have you ever ridden in a car with 6?
    Nope, but I would trust them enough (^_^)

    Have you ever traveled anywhere with 11?

    Have you met 8's family?

    Have you ever eaten anything in front of 7?
    Yeah, though I don't like eating in front of people

    Have you ever hated 4?
    NEVER! (Unless she starts enjoying Lee/Gai- bleeeugh)

    Have you ever fought with number 1?
    Since we are sisters... yes lots.

    Have you ever seen 3 do something embarrassing?
    Only being freaked put, but probs.

    Has 7 ever given you a present?

    Have you ever seen anyone in your top 16 cry?

    Has anyone in your top 16 seen you cry?

    Have you ever played on a sports team with anyone on your top 16?

    Have you ever done something dangerous with number 16?
    If by dangerous you mean ebing beaten (TToTT)

    Has 5 ever called you?
    Yeah, but not too much, we mostly msn

    Have you ever slept in the same bed as number 3?
    Only when he didn't know (mwahahaha...)

    Have you ever fallen in love with number 1?
    Oh... uh.. yes of course... (¬_¬#)

    3 Comments 330 weeks

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  • Michael

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  • Tara L
    Tara L

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  • Mii - Chan
    luv Mii - Chan

    jeebus ellie!! i miss ur, mine and neils hentai fun at break times!! love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxx do something soon yeaaaaa????

  • Paulio Dude
    Paulio Dude

    It appears that I have been misplaced in your Top Friends list :P Lol I sound retarded OMG I AM SO SORRY I CANT MAKE TONIGHT I COMPLETELY FORGOT I ALREADY HAD PLANS :( MY PARENTS ARE GOING AWAY THIS WEEKEND SO APART FROM WORK ON SATURDAY I WILL BE FREE :) xxxxx loves xxxxx

  • Paulio Dude
    luv Paulio Dude

    ELLEN IMLAH IS AMAZING!!!! that is all

  • Mii - Chan
    luv Mii - Chan

    haha who's a pussy?

  • Mii - Chan
    luv Mii - Chan

    really? wow im so happy for you good luck ^___^ xxxx

  • Mii - Chan
    luv Mii - Chan

    oo really? what happened? very good, very good indeed ^____^ *highfive!* xxxx