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Jessica Hywood

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  • Female, 20, Luv 15
  • from moura
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 311
  • Last active: Feb 13
  • www.bebo.com/JessicaS8862
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
lol bullshit if u want me fukin inbox me luv ya's :)
any that gos down well
really dont have 1, but to size it down mostly comedy, spooky, and of course chick flix lol
dont have a fav sport but willing to try new sports actives
Scared Of
creepy crawlies, thunder storm
Happiest When
at home with my daughter. and not forced to go all over the country side :)
fav book
aim in life
to rase my daughter to have a good eduation and get some were in life, have a son, do some tafe corsez but not have to do it out of town... :)

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  • Kye Feichtinger
    luv Kye Feichtinger


    11/20/12 via Mobile
  • Jessica Hywood
    Jessica Hywood

    heyy what a same not many pepz go on this any more :(

  • Christie-Lynn

    heya! xo wassssssssup! xo ily

  • Teneal M
    luv Teneal M

    hay bub miss yas heaps love yas all tinny

  • Rebecca Calam
    luv Rebecca Calam

    hay. congragulations on you being pregnate. miss ya. should catch up some time. me in emerlad now. not to far away from you. miss ya heaps. love ya bye

  • Lynda W
    luv Lynda W

    cool i hope u had a good christmas and i hope u a good new year miss ya lots

  • Lynda W
    Lynda W

    hey how ya goingwe friendsagain

  • Cody.

    i didnt add you you added me wtf who are u

  • Crystal B
    Crystal B

    Suprise Fucking Suprise Turn To Water When Its Face To Face Think Your Real Hardcore On The Keyboard But When It Comes To The Crunch Ya Backk Off Ha! And Running To Your Mum Was Fucking Pathetic Fight Your On Battles That You Brought On Ya Self Ya Stupid Little Girl =] Ex Fucking Oh Hunny

  • Crystal B
    Crystal B

    Its Crystal Since You Blocked Me I Made Another Bebo Your Very Very Lucky You Never Come Out This Weekend When I See You I'll Fuckin Order You Out Than We'll See How Tough Ya Are =]

  • Tin-Again.
    luv Tin-Again.

    Hey. Omg I heard you are coming out this week end. Is that true?? I am so coming out to see you :) Hey are you and Brett still going out? Your page don't seam like it! Hope you are you two were a good couple. Every one saying you to cousins though. But meh that's charleville for ya. Bye bye xx

  • Bowlsy.

    Hey Its Crystal Here AKA SLUT Look Here Cunt Bring Ya Fucking Mates Here I'll Take Ya All On =o Is Fucking Your Relations The In Thing? :L Haha Why Delete My Comments? Scared Are Ya? Your Fucking Pathetic Troy Said Your Poridge Your A Fuckin Idiot Right!! Loves Of Love Crystal Ex Ohh Ex Ohh___<3.x

  • Owen Forster
    luv Owen Forster

    yeah itz all gud sorta, hope u avin fun. i really want 2 catch up wif u guyz i jst dont no wen it will b heres sum love 4ya

  • Owen Forster
    luv Owen Forster

    hey horn bag, watz goin??????????????????????????????  ???? on i aint ceen u or heard from u in ages, dont b mean i miss tlkin 2 ya so get the f@#$ on online would ya puddin ps heres sum love, share it plz

  • Owen Forster
    Owen Forster

    hey sweetie, i really need 2 tlk 2 u, u will laugh ur ass off at me or disown me, eitha way i dont care. get bak 2 me asap plz puddin

  • Owen Forster
    luv Owen Forster

    send me sum love girl, u claim u luv me :L so prove it

  • Owen Forster
    luv Owen Forster

    oops 4got 2 send u sum love 2 well here it iz

  • Crystal Baynes

    Pfft Your Not Engaged Wake Up

  • Owen Forster
    Owen Forster

    sorry sweetie i gave it 2 my man :) :D well u can ave sum next round puddin

  • Owen Forster
    Owen Forster

    hey sweetie wat up? long time no tease, im in a debate wif myself should i give u the last of my luv or should i give 2 my bitch. dam decisions decisions umm will ave 2 get bak 2 ya on that