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Ronnie Biggs

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About Me

I know ive made a mistake
Me, Myself, and I
Biggs was born in Lambeth, England. In 1947 Biggs at age 18 joined the British RAF but was dishonorably discharged in 1949 for desertion and served two years[citation needed]. In 1960 he married Charmian Brent, with whom he had three sons (one deceased). Biggs is most famous for the Great Train Robbery of 1963. Together with other gang members, he stole £2.6 million from a mail train. After being convicted and jailed, he escaped from HM Prison Wandsworth in 1965 by scaling the wall with a rope ladder. He fled to Paris, where he acquired new identity papers and underwent plastic surgery. In 1970, he quietly moved to Adelaide, South Australia. He worked in Set Construction at Channel 10 when a reporter recognised him. He then fled to Blackburn North, in Melbourne, Australia, staying for some time before fleeing to Brazil in the same year. His wife and sons stayed behind in Australia.

In 1974, he was found by the British police in Rio de Janeiro, but could not be extradited because the
He came home to face the music and British Justice showed its heartless face........
Even after so many previous injustices it has caused throught the world and hundreds of years.
They wonder why contempt shadows its exsistance, if they cant 4 give and show compassion how can the world forgive them ?????
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Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting go

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  • continued

    did not benefit from reciprocity of extradition to Brazil, a condition for the Brazilian process of extradition. Additionally, Biggs' then girlfriend (Raimunda de Castro, a nightclub dancer and prostitute) was pregnant; Brazilian law would not allow the parent of a Brazilian child to be extradited. As a result, Biggs was able to live openly in Brazil, completely untouchable by the British authorities. While his status as a felon prevented Biggs from working, there was nothing to stop him profiting from Scotland Yard's misfortune. As a result, "Ronnie Biggs" mugs, coffee cups and t-shirts suddenly started to appear in tourist traps throughout Rio.

    He spent the next three decades of his life as a fugitive and became something of a celebrity, despite having been a rather minor figure in the actual robbery.

    Supposedly, Biggs returned to England several times during the making of a documentary about the Great Train Robbery, always in disguise. He also recorded vocals on two songs for The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, Julien Temple's film about the Sex Pistols. The basic tracks for "No One is Innocent" (aka "The Biggest Blow (A Punk Prayer)") and "Belsen Was a Gas" were recorded with guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook at a studio in Brazil shortly after the Sex Pistols' final performance, with overdubs being added in an English studio at a later date. "No One is Innocent" was released as a single in the UK and reached #6 on the British singles charts, with the sleeve showing Martin Bormann playing bass with the group (in actuality this was American actor James Jeter).

    Following the extradition attempt, Biggs collaborated with Bruce Henry (an American bass player), Jaime Shields, and Aureo de Souza to record Mailbag Blues, a musical narrative of his life that he intended to use a movie soundtrack. This album was re-released in 2004 by whatmusic.com.

    In 1981, Biggs was kidnapped by a gang of adventurers who smuggled him to Barbados, hoping to collect some reward from the British police. The coup was discovered, though, and Biggs made use of legal loopholes to have himself sent back to Brazil. In February 2006, Channel 4 aired a documentary featuring dramatisations of the attempted kidnap and interviews with John Miller, an ex-British Army personnel who carried it out. The team was headed by security consultant Patrick King. In the documentary, King claims that the kidnapping may have in fact been a deniable operation.[1]

    Biggs' son by de Castro, Michael Biggs, eventually became a member of the successful band Turma do Balão Mágico, bringing a new source of income to his father. In a short time, however, the band faded into obscurity and dissolved, leaving father and son in relatively dire straits again.

    In 1991, Biggs sang vocals for the song "Carnival In Rio (Punk Was)" by German punk band Die Toten Hosen.

    In 2001 Biggs announced to The Sun that he would be willing to return to the UK.

    His son said in a press release that contrary to some press reports, Biggs has not returned to the UK simply to receive health care. Health care was available in Brazil and he had many friends and supporters who would certainly have contributed to any such expenses.

    His stated desire was to "walk into a pub a British man and have a pint of bitter".

    Biggs was fully aware that he would be detained upon arrival in England. Even so, he returned voluntarily on May 7, 2001, and was immediately arrested and re-imprisoned. His trip back to England on a private jet was paid by The Sun, which reportedly paid Michael Biggs £20,000 plus other expenses in return for exclusive rights on the news story. Ronald Biggs had 28 years of his sentence left to serve. Since his return he has undergone a number of health scares, including two heart attacks, and has failed to get his sentence overturned or reduced.

    On November 14, 2001, Biggs petitioned Governor Hynd of HMP Belmarsh for early release on compassionate grounds based on

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  • Leeanne Clarke 1/16/11
  • Leeanne Clarke
    luv Leeanne Clarke

    Sum lv from leeanne.'west belfast. N.ireland x ....

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  • luv Sean Dalton

    sir Ronnie did it his way. fuck the system...

    10/26/09 via Mobile
  • Leeanne Clarke
    Leeanne Clarke

    Hello there , hope all is well and treatin yous good , im just passin by 2 send yous my love an prayer xoxo

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  • Leeanne Clarke
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    Hi 2 all the biggs family, i hope all is well an treatin yous good.. Yous r always in my prayers x

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    Sum lv xo

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    hope he enjoyed his birthday xxx :D

  • James Burns
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    respect for the the man who should have been released years ago.. cheers ron ..........

  • luv Jason Jazz Thyne

    A free man & out of hospital,hopefully on the mend to a recovery that can let him appreciate & enjoy his freedom.Keep smilin' Ronnie,awra best Jazz

  • Leeanne Clarke
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    Sum luv, xoxo

    8/19/09 via Mobile
  • Ronnie Biggs
    Ronnie Biggs

    TanKz 4 supporTin ronnie lads and ladies u are d legends also

  • Debs

    The cunt should off been kept in jail life should meen lift.he's just an old con + killer.

    8/13/09 via Mobile
  • William Walker
    luv William Walker

    you should have been back with us a long time ago Ronnie pal . Shame on the rats who kept you from freedom whilst letting the scum of the earth roam free

  • Leeanne Clarke
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    Happy birthday ronnie xoxo

    8/8/09 via Mobile
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    let this man enjoy of what he has left on this earth..get well ronnie..sum luv for ya..show no remorse u paid your death to society...enjoy ur freedom

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    Congrats ronnie thots an prays wit u x x

    8/7/09 via Mobile
  • Johner D
    Johner D

    great news for ronnie and family ...enjoy what ya have left ronnie and the sweet and pure taste of freedom ...legend

  • Leeanne Clarke
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    I just heard the itn news, and ronnies gettin compashionate leave, my thoughts and prayers will b still with u ron an family .. God bless xxx Leeanne clarke from w.belfast

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