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Thomas Deveney


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  • Male, 25, Luv 48
  • from Glasgow
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 4,443
  • Last active: Feb 26
  • www.bebo.com/tamd88
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Im Tam Deveney and if you dont chew big red then f*ck u!

Wots hapnin! Like i said im Tam n if u dnt no me... i really feel sorry 4 ya! Heres the deal, i wake up in the morning and i piss excellence. Im a apprentice mechnaical engineer, almost qualified and makin the big bucks. I live for the weekend! I enjoy nites out in town, football and the odd spot of dogging. Canny beat it! Anyway, if u wanna no anymore, just ask!

Shake and Bake!
Like absolutely anyfin! got the weirdest cd collection eva!!!
Scarface, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Carlitos Way, Casino, Wedding Crashers, Anchorman, Talledega Knights, Shawshank Redemption and the ultimate classic... Debbie Does Dallas
Football of course... i couldv made it as a professional but i thot a career in mechanical engineering would be beta... how rite i wos, who needs all the muny n the fame?? Im Tam!! Celtic season ticket holder n follow them everywere they go! Hail Hail!!!
Scared Of
r u kiddin???
Happiest When
out with the lads getin a bev! eating wheels of cheese
the human torch was denied a bank loan

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  • Kim Sinclair
    luv Kim Sinclair

    merry christmas little one !!

  • luv Leeanne Goodman Nee Whyteman

    Hey Skanky, long time no see - u coping without me?? Have some love x

  • Little Kelly
    Little Kelly

    Wer r u these days thomas?? hows life and all that shizzle? Btw lol lol to ur bebo background...uncontrollable,..obvo  usly... lolxxx

  • The Sunday Club
    The Sunday Club

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  • Creme De Wee Yin
    Creme De Wee Yin

    jsut back from kavos and i was lovin the holidays till now i wanna go back to kavos hahaha u ?? awww ano we need a gazeebo expedition soon haha gotta luv the gazeebo anooo wats all this 8 weeks (N) poor show :P haha xox

  • Linsey Crum
    Linsey Crum

    Alright Tambo!!! How's you? It's all good over my neck of the woods, although Cereal bars just aint the same unless thier nicked !!! =( How's things over your gaff? xxxx

  • Tony Craig

    Ya durty wee bass lol Aye still in the Chryston and wi the burd,things running nicely!!! When you getting married

  • Steven Cameron
    Steven Cameron

    awrite m8 fck u take a long time tae reply man lol a stoped wrkin in dumfermline aboot a mounth ago nd wee dnt need tae siggn any cunt coz our taems full ae champions lol u still dain the farmin up kirky then

  • Martin Grogan

    ano m8 sum pple r jus so ungrateful haha!!!!! myb it was the fact u wok thm up every nyt at 2 n the mornin haha!!!!! uz gt tickets 4 nxt yr yt r wat?

  • Tony Craig

    Whats happening chief baills? You still getting yer baws licked with kraft cheese?

  • luv Martin Grogan

    who the fuk r 2009? get up!!!!!!!!

  • Natasha

    Hello there! How are you getting on? Things still good with Sooky? :-) xxx

  • Creme De Wee Yin
    Creme De Wee Yin

    hey am good good i am the master at gazeebos (H) haha awww lord finally yess i still have that lump on my head i blame that leathal stuff for my clearly soberness :P it was bad times haha how u beeeen ?

  • Steven Cameron
    Steven Cameron

    shmeg muncher? am gd m8 lifes gd wrkin in dumfermline the noo linzi nd the wee man are fine u still stayin in kirky gawny sebd me ur numba