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Robin Mcallister

Very strongly support the right to keep and arm Bears.

3/8/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Beware of the dog,he is hoplessly addicted to bass!Wow aWow!
Me, Myself, and I
I live for politics and political correctness.Morality and Patriotism are a few of my favourie things.Never use words with me that end in -ist,I will think you are the type of person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.Which is the best?Two for de price of one,or buy one get one free?Only Gordon Brown know de answer to this one,he see you when you sleeping,he know wot you are thinking! My Prrrreciousssss!!!!GGGrrrr!!!
 !Fat budgeting lardarse.I love solicitors,accountants,credit
 ors and other theives.
Feel the noise of Mr Bong, tell me why I like this song, mning, mnoo, mning, mnong.P
 rimal scream, chillis, roses, Mylene Farmer, Kate Bush, Rammstein, Mihail Krug, Hi-Fi, Hard -fi, fi-fi, Foo fighters, GreenDay, SLF, Sex Pistols, Basement Jaxx, Libertines, Liberal Demorcts and Hard action for reelmen.Scoooter!!!Beloved, Di
 vine Comedy, Death in Vegas, Linkin Park, Sash, Traumatized horsemelodies, Nine Inch Fingernails.Ok end of rant.{for now}
Cnn news, I get off on propaganda at regular intervals, 10 oclock, 6 oclock, whatever.I loves Lord of the Ring, cause its true and very from the heart.The creature Gollum is misunderstood, he had a hard time and wanted to make every one else suffer.And Braveheart, although the story is set in the recent past, it always puts me in the mood for shortbread, and foreign tourism.
Bird watching, and the pursuit of foxes. AND ROCK CLIMBING.Fingering, and pretending your interested when you are not really.Bedroom olympics and haberdashery.Standing on chairs, and similar objects, quite exhillarating.I gain great pleasure from my modest collection of wheelie bins, I got a green one, a brown one and a mysterious, cool blue box thingy for newspapers and othe fictional things.I will probably get some more when my council tax goes up, tho.Snowboarding is ace, golfing is a complete pile of wank.Sos cricket.
Scared OfSharia law-its bad for me!
Sharia law-its not good for me.And its not very nice.Not what I would like for Christmas.Basically, it aint Mecca for your average non-beleiver, but if it floats your boat, hey, go for it, I m a stoner too.From time to time.Why anyone would want to be pegged down, under a blood red sky, and have their entrails ravenously devoured by a small goat.Id rather be blown up in an airport, failing that, on a plane, by an amusing little beardy man, with killer blue suede shoes, or bottles of lethal lucozade, and obviously would like other passengers to experience the same thrill as myself.
Happiest When
Spendin time wiv me mates, rock climbin, travelling, readin a good book, thrrowing stones at sheeps, but it aint nice when they start firin back, mate and thers more of them than you.Fire!You wooly bastards, get a job , you smell.Driving in the small car of justice, sometimes very fast, or not so fast, or not at all.Very happy when people are nice to each other, its, well, nice!Gettin oot o ma nut.And my two daughters make me happy, they are awesome, they rock!!!Comin back on shore afta a spell stuck in the sea, back to the beach, normality, and very nice things, And my collie dog Corrie, the dog of justice, her political resolve is unresolved.Listening to Traumatic Horse Melodies, possibly the best band in the world.And gettin morroccoed!!
Wot?I said, how much is it for a gallon of milk?

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  • Debsrae

    Hi robin how r u hope u keeping good.

  • MuNlOcHii GalS
    MuNlOcHii GalS

    WHO are YOU currently SEEING you NEVER told US From Emma and AMY?

  • Vince Mars
    Vince Mars

    alright baw bag where are you?

  • Vince Mars
    Vince Mars

    baw bag

  • Vince Mars
    Vince Mars

    your site is fucking mental

  • Emma Gray
    luv Emma Gray

    hey there you bam! your site is cumin along no bad! whats e crack!? im just about to split to ma bed! BORING! but blanket bay is calling! remember dina say fuck or bugger!