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The Doctor TenTen

The Doctor is back in! roleplay?

Feb 14 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Think you've seen it all? Think again. Outside those doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me... nothing will ever be the same again!

I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old, and I'm the man who's gonna save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below. You got a problem with that?

Not impossible...just a bit unlikely

The Doctor: I'm a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists.

Time can be rewritten!

Oh, come on! Did you have to? "No turning back", that's almost as bad as "Nothing could possibly go wrong", or "This is gonna be the best Christmas Walford's ever had.

I'm old enough to know that a longer life isn't always a better one. In the end, you just get tired; tired of the struggle, tired of losing everyone that matters to you, tired of watching everything you love turn to dust.
all my characters its all fiction
Daleks, Cybermen, The Master, SIlurians, Judoon, And so many others...
The one girl in the universe i have ever...
time and relative dimension in space, my beautiful ship, amazing, alive and stuck, in the shape of a police box, i rather like it.. don't you
Happiest When
in space, oh and time travelling, trying not to get my nose into trouble

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  • Alex Caeleon (Harry potter Role play)

    Alex Is 16 and started Hogwarts late as he was framed for the murder of his parents.
    His dad Ryan was in Ravenclaw and His Mother Teresa was in Slytherin and suffered from schizophrenia. some elements of this has passed to Alex

    Despite both his parents being in separate house he was chosen to follow in his fathers footsteps and was picked to Ravenclaw by the sorting hat. There he has excelled but only because the schizophrenia side of him has helped him rather a lot.

    Because of his mental state Alex chose to spend a lot of his time alone in the library or in the ravenclaw common room and secluded himself from his friends.

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  • Screaming Mayday

    1. Put your music player on shuffle.
    2. Press forward for each question.
    3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn"t make sense.

    Hate me - Children of Bodom

    Horizon - D'espairsray

    Interloper - Slipknot

    Punk rock 101 - bowling for soup

    Safe ride home - cute is what we aim for

    Ayo - slick ross

    saying sorry- hawthorne heights

    say no - slick ross

    2x4 - Metallica

    Lake bodom - children of bodom

    i write sins not tragedy's

    Boom Boom pow - jefree star

    never let this go paramore

    homies - insane clown posse

    stunting like my daddy - lil wayne

    better then you - metallica

    blame it on tom - brokencyde

    E-YEA-AH - SnapKracklePop!

    FOR YOU:
    im with you - go audio

    escape- metallica

    do what you do - cute is what we aim for

    ima monster - blood on the dancefloor

    animals - nickleback

    brake brake - go audio

    despise- slipknot

    screamingmayday -DotDotCurve:)

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  • The First Contact War, Humans Vs Turians

    After discovering the Charon Relay, humans began a rapid expansion thanks to their new-found connection to the mass relay network. Hoping to expand their territory and driven by immense curiosity about the galaxy, they began activating every mass relay they could find.
    However, in 2157, their actions caught the notice of the turians, who found human explorers reactivating an inactive mass relay known as Relay 314. This was forbidden under the Citadel regulations after the Rachni Wars, but instead of negotiating, the turians opened fire. One starship escaped to warn the Alliance; a retaliatory force destroyed turian vessels, and the situation quickly escalated into war.
    To the turians, it was merely a police action against an ignorant species violating Council law; to humanity, it was their first encounter with another intelligent race - and it would shape their views of the galaxy for decades to follow.
    Not knowing what enemy they faced - at first, some even wondered if these aliens might be Protheans - humanity sent probes into turian space, armed with nuclear warheads to prevent the probes providing dangerous insights into human technology. With humanity's resources stretched thin due to exploration efforts, the turians managed to defeat several scout and patrol fleets. However, there were also extraordinary acts of human bravery. A soldier named Tadius Ahern was sent with a small squad to retrieve a data module, only to be beset by dozens of turian soldiers. With just a couple of defence turrets to assist them, a small strong point and no cover, Ahern and his men managed to fight the turians off for five minutes until their evac arrived.
    Eventually the turians broke through to attack Shanxi, the closest human colony to the mass relay, and settled in for a protracted orbital siege. With the turians in a superior position, able to kill any human soldiers from above, the Shanxi defenders began to starve, unable to get food or supplies without risking civilian lives. Eventually General Williams, Ashley Williams's grandfather, was forced to surrender the Shanxi garrison.
    The turians - who were also suffering logistical problems, as they had to ship in all their food - believed they had defeated the bulk of the enemy forces. But they would be proven wrong when a month later Admiral Kastanie Drescher led the Second Fleet against Shanxi, catching the turians by surprise and evicting them from the planet. The turians and humans prepared for full-scale interplanetary war, drawing the notice of the rest of the galaxy.
    Fortunately, the Citadel Council then intervened to negotiate a peace and bring the war to an end. From the Council, humans learned of the existence of the Citadel, and that there were many more sentient species in the galaxy who co-existed peacefully. In the end, only six hundred and twenty-three human lives were lost with slightly more turian casualties. The only notable engagements were the turian attack on Shanxi and its subsequent liberation by human forces.

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When We First met You Called Me A Stalker. All I Was Looking For Was Someone To Talk Too, But Instead I See A Friendship Stronger Then Ever

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  • Stranger'X
    luv Stranger'X

    <3 xxx

    Apr 23
  • Stranger'X
    luv Stranger'X

    OOC~ How are ya? Hope your ok we need to roleplay sometime! x miss you

    Apr 9
  • 'Heartless Detective.
    'Heartless Detective.

    It seemed that a little while after that, John’s wish or hope was answered with a call from Lestrade, apparently there was a cold case that had been opened up again due to some new evidence that had been found. It seemed like it may be obvious or at least to John it did after Sherlock had described it to him though he was adamant there was more to it than what people thought, really the ex-army doctor was not all that fussed so long as it stopped Sherlock going mad and trying to shoot walls, not that he could with the gun on John’s person where he almost always kept it, either there or he hid it very well, one time shooting the wall was quite enough really. Of course John would follow on after Sherlock, he always did so in case he was needed and besides that, he never really know what kind of trouble the consulting detective was going to get himself into so he went for that reason too.

    Mar 27
  • 'Heartless Detective.
    'Heartless Detective.


    Of course Sherlock had said Lestrade should bring the case file to him so he could look over it. He would look over it first then decide what to do after he had done so. It was moments after the call that he had arrived, dropped off the file then left, ordering John and Sherlock to tell him everything they figured out. Sherlock sat with the file and flicked through it quickly, scanning the information as he did so before a look of realization crossed his features “Come on” he stated, hopping to his feet and grabbing his coat while he dashed out of the flat, texting Lestrade the first thing he had figured out in the process. With a cuss John had quickly followed him “Where are we going?” he asked simply “To interview the witness, she lied” he answered simply before making his way by foot; it was none too far from there.

    Mar 27
  • Rose.T.


    At UNIT the alarm bells had gone off now and people were rushing around the readings they had gotten were through the roof and Rose was there in the middle of it trying with her science team to figure it all out and try and pin point the location of this massive spike in energy. Something had come into the universe form outside of it which of course in logical terms was impossible to say the least someone had said to her and that had remind Rose of someone else that had called a journey to parallel earth impossible and it made her heart skip a beat almost now it couldn’t be could it. She they hoped on to a computer and shouted for the team to leave the readings and scan CCTV now in didn’t take long for someone to spot it now- ” Oh my god! Captain Tyler”- Someone shouted and she pushed passed others to get to the screen now and she sighed- ” Perfect just perfect”- Shaking her head as she knew what was to happen now as the TARDIS was classed as a weapon.

    Mar 19
  • Rose.T.


    ” I’m sorry its policy"- A voice suddenly boomed and she turned to see that all the scientists had gone back to work as the high commander of UNIT was standing over her shoulder now- ” Okay then bring it in”- She said as the teleport on the far side of the room was boosted up and soon enough there stood the TARDIS in all it’s glory. Rose walked up to it and touched the door and it made a noise the lantern on top flashing - ” Captain Tyler if you please I would normally send a unit to bring in such people, but considering who we are dealing with I would request that you go alone and kindly bring him to me”- Rose stood to attention and saluted- ” Yes sir”- Having to loud up her gun and take it with her again policy as she was going this one alone not that she would need to us it she hope anyway.

    Mar 19
  • Rose.T.


    Standing next to her motor bike as she got her leathers on and her black helmet with the UNIT symbol embossed on the side, she sighed before heading off out the underground exit and on to the streets of London now the co-ordinates had already been set into her bike so getting there would be easy enough. Turning a corner now she spotted him and drove right towards him turning the bike with a screech so it stopped on his side right by him now. Taking off her helmet now her blond hair falling down from inside and she ran her hand through her hair to push it back from her face, before smiling towards him- ” Hello Doctor

    Mar 19
  • Rose.T.

    xD sorry ooc life been rather hectic :P . Your top of my list to do when i can next get on my laptop :DD xx

    Mar 3 via Mobile
  • 'FiestyHarkness

    That is absoloutely fine :) would you like some info on Amelia? So we can plan something awesome :D

    Feb 21 via Mobile
  • Stranger'X
    luv Stranger'X

    OOC~ Hey! Its stranger' :P how are you? Not heard from you in ages!! Xx I do hope your okay and hopefully we can roleplay sometime xxx

    Feb 20
  • Rose.T.

    Great reply (:. Will reply to it tommorow as its past 2am and my brain is shutting down :L xxxx

    Feb 19 via Mobile
  • Rose.T.
    luv Rose.T.


    It took her so long to get used to her new life stuck in the parallel world, but she was lucky to have someone with her now to help her through it all. It wasn’t her family, friends, work mates it was the one man who knew who understood how she felt and that was the half human Doctor, John Smith and she liked that as well and he did as well. Soon she get grew to really care for John and she knew that The Doctor was never coming back to see her it was impossible only the end of the world could do that and she knew that was a very long shot and something she didn’t want to happen at all. Their friendship eventually grew into something so much more and they loved each other totally, they were soon married and lived such a happy life, but they could not have children of their own so started the process of wanting to adopt it was nearly all complete, but on a task John was shot and eventually died after a long struggle to get better and her life feel apart again after only two year

    Feb 18
  • Rose.T.
    luv Rose.T.


    She missed him so much when he had gone, she spend every waking day in her bedroom mainly in bed, refusing to eat or drink, she just couldn’t handle it at all. She was becoming thinner and thinner and soon enough was admitted to hospital, where she underwent the best rehabilitation care her dads money could buy. It was a full year after Johns death that she returned back to Torchwood and begun to work and it wasn’t getting easier for her but she tried hard to throw herself back into life cause that was what John would of wanted for her. She never showed it at all to anyone, to them she was just Rose, back to normal and happy, bubbly, bright, but also when called to duty she was a ruthless solider and extremely good with a gun cause that was her outlet for her guilt and hurt inside. But she was still craving for John for the fun they once had, the love they had and she had to make a choice stay and live life like this for the rest of her life or escape and seek a new life.

    Feb 18
  • Rose.T.
    luv Rose.T.


    Rose had made her choice now had worked for 6 months on her plan to get away and one night she grabbed her new dimension. She went back home and quickly packed up as many bags as possible, in her car, leaving a long not. Heading back to Torchwood, she stood there now bags in her hands and she slammed down on the button.

    Now she was here at UNIT in London working for them and living on site in the barracks in her own space as she was a captain. Her arrival had triggered their surveillance machines and she had been tracked down and soon enough recruited to them and she liked it, UNIT was more ruthless and more fitting to her new solider side of her, she had soon be moulded to their ways and had become an excellent member in and out of uniform. The values the Doctor had taught her had to be pushed to the back of her mind now and she had almost forgotten who she once was with the Doctor, her mind had excepted the fact she was never going to see him again now.

    Feb 18
  • Rose.T.

    I meant 10 am :L

    Feb 18 via Mobile
  • Rose.T.

    Great we can do that one xD. Okies will send you one when I awaken tommorow :DD probably about 10pm ish Ive treating myself to a lye in :L

    Feb 18 via Mobile
  • ºtimegirl.

    hope it's alright,
    sorry if its too long ^^;

    Feb 17
  • 'FiestyHarkness

    Hey thanka for accepting me :) storyline? :)

    Feb 17 via Mobile
  • ºtimegirl.

    001: For all Lydia could remember, she was walking down the quiet street which she lived in the middle of London. The weather had been glorious all week. The sky was so clear you could see it shining away as the brightly lit sunlight struck down upon the planet Earth. The freshness of the air that surrounded Lydia as she playfully skipped along down the street was warm. Warm enough so Lydia didn't have to wear a coat but a small jacket. Lydia was holding tightly to her school bag, playfully swinging it back and forth as she made her way to school one morning. Everything seemed normal. Everything seemed quiet and alien free. But for now though. A small smile was greatly placed right across her jaw line as she soon spotted the old looking building which contained her school within. Her eyes narrowing ever so sightly as she saw all the kids at the same age as her playing and running around along with the playful screams.

    Feb 17
  • ºtimegirl.

    002: But, as she didn't know, is that she was being watched. A set of eyes were gleaming right towards her direction. The eyes that game from a middle aged woman, black clothing, black hair style and also a black eye patch that covered her left eye. She was sat in a black BMW car in the front passengers seat and leaning her arm upon the open window ledge and gleaming out as she was waiting for the exact right moment in time to get her. But, she would need to be quick as the child was approaching the entrance of the school as the seconds went by the clock. A sly smirk then written right across her bright red lips. Her smirk instantly faded when hearing a male's voice asking her a question, "Is that the child Madame?" the male who was sat in the back leaned forwards in the seat to take a look at the girl out through the window. His eyes was instantly fixed upon her and a smirk was then slowly growing upon his lips.

    Feb 17

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