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Rick Wakeman

im home and its ballox. Apart from me mates....

6/6/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 25, Luv 65
  • from Galadzaar of the Dragon Scale near lisburn
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: April 2006
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I come from a far away world where wizards battle on mountain tops for days on end, I transported myself here by finding a never before heard note, to get back to my homeworld i must play that same note again, this is why i battle endlessly on my keyboards trying to find the new sound.
I also have an interest in needlework light ales and am a part time inventors creator of the hat made of soup and the toilet phone.
On a lighter note Fear me For i am a PROG GOD.

In reality Im the mild mannered Graphic design student in BIFHE known as Pete, Im a daft reenactor (Celtic to 16th century or so)

Quick Update Im back Home for a year or two now Final year is upon me still no jon anybody got any? Rather Bored but glad to be back making stuff...
The Other Half Of Me
Xan Duffy

Xan Duffy

He is the Howard Moon to my Vince Noir echem...

Prog, art rock, metal, punk, electro (sumtimes), Paganfolk, Experimental, ambient, trance, instrumental, classical, Space rock and have let Industrial into the pantheon But still yes, fleetwood mac (the original lineup), Rush, dreamtheatre, the who, rodrigo y gabriella, sigur ros, ozric tentacles, joe satriani, the who, the beatles , peter green , the stranglers, the buzzcocks, motorhead, sabbath, steve vai, flaming lips, sigur ros, VNV, schelmish, kula shaker, muddy waters, bb king, ocean colour scene, the manics, NIN, muse, slayer, sepultura, goldfrapp, rory gallagher, jimi hendrix, FAUN, omnia, opeth, and so i watch you from afar, 65days of static, Hawkwind, Free, stone roses, cypress Hill, ravi shankar, pentangle, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep and of course cliff richard
The Wizard of Oz, it means so much to me Easy Rider, Yellow Submarine, spinal tap, lord of the rings, monty python and the search for the holy grail to my shame almost famous, requiem for a dream, Brasil, Brick, Conan stuff like that
I can waste no time on mortal games unless Reenactment counts I ve been working as a sports photographer for the last 6 months (royalty free) and It has renewed my boredom and hatred of all sports classes as non contact.
Scared Of
I have no fear, for I am fear Incarnate, ALL animals such as dogs and horses and am shit scared of heights. Also recieving Karma for what I have done... it happens frequently
Happiest When
playing six keyboards at once in my good hat and cape otherwise known as reenactments at a good festival
Angriest when
Im faced with Intolerance, Indecisiveness, Ignorance, Impatience when I get the dissapproving glances (too many culprits to name) and when I am reminded of my regrets (of which there are too many to list) when I do not have decent art supplies, when there is no time, when boredom and apathy strike and when I run out of rizzlas
All the other junk
Alright update time, love comedy good comedy really into my reenactment, want to write a graphic novel something a little more high brow than im used to, Im crude at the best of times, want to experience what life throws at me from now on not just sleepwalk through it, Like my art alot but need to become a little more prolific!

pedro_hobbit@hotmailDOTcom for my msn and email and whatever else you fancy

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  • Cara Reel
    Cara Reel

    I profited $326 in a few hours doing easy things! I learned from - http://goo.gl/xHoe7 You owe me one!

  • Mark Rodgers
    Mark Rodgers

    miss you already. looking forward til i see you again ye cunt!

  • Victoria Carswell 2/11/10
  • luv Dermo

    yeoman long time no see its dermy from the clan got my cast of so i'll be going next year again would you have Q's number good shit

  • Nicola Garrow
    luv Nicola Garrow

    Porcupine tree are playin Glasgow in December yusssss! xx

  • luv Dermo

    hey frodo man its dermot . I quit for 2 years hows things going?

  • Kevin L
    luv Kevin L

    Thanks for comin last nite it was class

  • Colm

    when r we heading out for a drink? lol fergus from the maxx want to head out as well

  • Emma Nolan
    luv Emma Nolan

    Thank you :) You're as wise as you are kind. Any craic? Where u studyin/workin these days?? xx

  • luv Martin Wilson

    hey frodo just wonderign would u be intersted in buying ur ches tand back plate back off me =) give me a shout if u want tit mate i need the cash

  • Delia Mcg

    Hey all the Jan term St Mary's students will be in lovely Belfast on the 13th and 14th they are staying in Jurys inn the organiser is called Tom he told me to give you his number and and E-mail No: 0876459119. E-mail: tmcellig@stmarys-ca.edu. I told them to head to the Empire. If your about call in and recommend places to go. i told tom that i'd get in contact with you to see if your up for recommending somewhere for them to go so they have a good time. Anyway if you around that area you should take them out, get them a bit pissed and make sure nobody beats them up lol speak soon

  • Delia Mcg

    Thank you! I'm so happy to be back again, Jan term sounds "awesome" im taking art around the bay which should be grand. Give Alex a kiss and a hug for me i'm going to miss running into her this semister!!!

  • Andi MaC
    Andi MaC

    cheese noises!!!! happy new year oh hairy one!

  • luv Yoyo

    Hey Frodo happy Xmas to u and all gang up North,have a good one and c ya in d New Year!Xxx

    12/24/08 via Mobile
  • Emma J
    Emma J


  • Kevin L
    luv Kevin L

    Hi frodo havin seen you in ages u penis

  • Gareth Haughey

    sorry to hear that, take it easy

  • Martin Wilson

    i know its great ill kill if ppl ruin it but

  • Martin Wilson

    i think tis a gift mate for the size of it ive seen just dear skin at shows that size for like 100-170quid that was 75 quid mate i went throught them all got the biggest one i could plus the guy give me all contact details incase i wanted more said he'd do a deal if it was in bulk =))