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Why does love always feel like a battlefield (U)

3/19/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
proud to be a jls girl thru &+ Thru
Stick wid these lads thru good and bad <3

Merrygold's Slut <3 ;; Humes' Slag <3

Facebook me: Jade-Dorothy Buttery

Sleep, Breath&+Eat ;D 5.2.10 ;; love these guys xx

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  • ºdanielleLovato

    aww dont worry sweety. if he does say something than ill knock him out, end of :) . im not letting some twat destroy my best friends lifee :) i love youu xx.

  • luv ºdanielleLovato

    i'm sure it wasnt that bad, i mean come on, your smarter than me :L . ohh, what has he said sweety? want me to knock him out? :') i love you siss<3!

  • ºdanielleLovato

    jadee; you fanny :L how did your IAA goo? i love you sissy! <3.

  • Sophie Akhtar
    luv Sophie Akhtar


    3/8/10 via Mobile
  • Sophie Akhtar 12/13/09 via Mobile
  • Maddy Masterman
    luv Maddy Masterman

    Loveeee :D

  • Rebecca
    luv Rebecca

    Alright science budddy you (L) lemony (L) cherry freshh (L) put it together makes ............ u okaiiii wuu2 and i got your christmas present and also type back please here some love love you (L) xxxxx

  • Zoe.
    luv Zoe.

    :O :O OMG jadee! thankss, i actully didnt relise i forgot him :O :(

  • Sophie Akhtar
    luv Sophie Akhtar

    luvv uu

    11/30/09 via Mobile
  • CharlieeH 11/17/09
  • Sophie Akhtar
    luv Sophie Akhtar

    love returned :D

  • Sophie Akhtar
    luv Sophie Akhtar

    Love you :D

  • Aston Merrygold Fan Page 11/14/09
  • Sophie Akhtar 11/13/09
  • CharlieeH
    luv CharlieeH

    HELLO OOPSY DAISY! i missed uu :D howsa uu? looves youu forever and aa dayy x

  • Sophie Akhtar
    luv Sophie Akhtar

    hey Love for M'B'G or is it B'F'G sorry couldnt help it :L

  • CharlieeH
    luv CharlieeH

    heey babeygirll! oopsy daisyy! im amazed after watching x-factor,poor marv and his cold bless him! looovesuu forever & a daay

  • Zoe.
    luv Zoe.

    JADEEEEEEEEEEE, haveee some loveee :D hopeyou had a goood halloween last night [: andd iloveyouuuuu. xxxx

  • luv Leanne. BabyG

    Love forr Mrs Humes 2 ;)

  • CharlieeH
    luv CharlieeH

    omds heeeey oopsy daisyy! makka pakka heree ;) lolls howsa uu? im in trafford xx


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  • Blog Post

    Good Afternoon :D Well evening
    sooo you know when you feel like everythings wrong well thats how i feel :(
    Everything is fine but it feels wrong it feels like theres something missing , like a huge hole in my heart ?
    Any suggetions of what it could be ?
    Do ten year olds know what condoms and Blowjobs are ?
    I mean seriously my younger brother was talking bout them at dinner table
    Grosss oorr what
    Can u believe it i cant go to my old school for work placement :(
    They didnt even reply my letter >:(
    I cba with blog atm
    do u think i should do video blogs ?
    Loves ya xxx
    JLS forever and a day xxx
    JLS buddies xxx

    3 Comments 197 weeks

  • Injections , infections and rejections

    They hurt more than you think
    im in really bad pain
    i got another 2 for cervical cancer , thn another 3 for summot else
    And thn maybe a swine flu one
    pffftt are you mad ??!!!
    Im in serve pain from a little injection :(
    Infections well everyone is ill now ty to tht stupid jab :(
    Rejections well
    ask my mate about tht story
    i hate BOYS There Pricks >:(
    Apart From Marvin Humes ;) :L
    Ohh please dont get me started on marvin agen if you read the last blog ud understand :/
    Ha another thing why do people fake them [ JLS]
    They dont have personal bebo etc they wrote it on there offical site you FLAMIN idoits
    i mean if your gonna fake someone make it gud plzzzz !
    I been there with fakes and it hurts :(
    It hurts like mad , its like someone literually got a sharp knife and ripped out your heart :(
    So if your fake just give it up it doesnt hellpp anyone :(
    Loves ya xxx
    JLS forever and a day xxx
    JLS buddies (L)

    5 Comments 197 weeks

  • Tears, Misunderstood and never gonna happens

    Sooo we all have those days were we feel like we could be anything or anyone
    Well Nope thats not me i am sooo misunderstood it mleaves me spechless
    i mean yh u think im just ur average tennager
    but im not , i have feelings like something mad
    i hdont want to be famous , i just want people to love and know me as me not all this media shit. and yes you all think marvin humes is just one big crush ...
    WELL its not i cant explain it you all think im just one of those stupid little girls im not i real cant explain it but its more its bigger than more its just cant be described. you see im not the one who enters im his biggest fan threads on fourms im the one who has more than enough love and i dont need someone to add me to a stupid list to prove it. Yeah half of those girls say thyd take a bullet for him but wud they reli cause i certianly no i tke anything for him
    wether tht be drugs , a life jail sentence , unbelieve pain anything you name it but theres just one thing i cant and thats stop loving him ok yeah so i know im 14 , he wud never like me , im not exctly pretty , or gud at many things but i get tht feeling like something isnt like a normal crush it just develops into more .
    tears yeah so i tried gettin gover him the other night well didnt tht fail bya half measure cause there is no way i cud ever do tht even if he gets married and has kids and wud never touch me theres still tht part tht believes tht hopes tht wants to hold on to tht dream.
    soo yeah as you can see people of bebo i have just tried to explain if words can make it happen how i feel about someone tht wud truly never give a flying fuck but oh well
    i love him and thts all tht matters
    anyway on other new
    UP is soo funny

    its worht the money to see :L

    Got jab tmz :/
    Oh well
    loves ya xx
    jls forver and a day xxx
    JLS buddies (L) xx

    4 Comments 197 weeks