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MO From Block Nine

hackedd bч aQua boo ; O8.O4pm - 14|12|O9 ;) love чou loads bro 8)

12/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 1,589
  • from Birmingham
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 3,368
  • Last active: 12/4/11
  • www.bebo.com/YuurBwoiLykMo
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
' Wєlcoмε Tо Mч Profile

__╔»[Tнα Nαмєz]:
*`[ MO! ]

*`[ Fifteen ]

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*`[ B9 ]

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A Lie Gets Halfway Around The World Before The Truth Has A Chance To Get Its Pants On.

Courage Is What It Takes To Stand Up And Speak; Courage Is Also What It Takes To Sit Down And Listen.

A True Boy Fights Not Because He Hates The Boys In Front Of Him, But Because He Love's His Boys Behind Him.

' Thαnкѕ For VιѕιtinG

The Other Half Of Me
Imrann COpee

Imrann COpee

Bredwin Till The End!

-¬....Add It If I Was You Its Mine ;)

¬ LO'w It Fam.. Let The P'ussy 'Ols Swing. (:

HaCked Bчч COpe Also COntuied :D COz I LOve чa :P
`Ohhhh Nooo Gangsta !! :D lil Gangsta NOt Big Gangsta Dats Me :D Bt Anywayz Im NOt Hackkin You TO Talk BOut Me :/ Dats Jus Vain :L Anywayz Wha Can I Tell Da World BOut Ma Bruv Man (H) YOur 1 Siiikkk Geeeza Man Rememba All Da Chillin We Do And Rememba Bak When I Was In Small Heef And JOshu Kept Sayin Cope's MA Best Mate And Shit :L As If Blurrd I Was YOur MAte All AlOng ;)
Hahaa !! Funny Times Man ;) YOur Da Best Geeza A Geeza Can Ask FOr :DD Even DOe Thaaanina Says She's YOur Best MAte :/ DOn't Belive Her Man :L It's Me YOu And Thaaanina :D ii Can't Belive At D Start Of Da Year We Were Gunna Kick Off :L Ima ConTinue Down Below !! ¬¬
MOre Readin :L Since I Heard YOur GooOd At English ;) lOl When ii Say Dis Hackage ii Really Mean It :D Come's Out Of Da Heart Straight ;) It COmes Out Of Ma Brain And Fingertipps COz Yanoo Man :L Either Way :D YOur One Sickk Geeza Man We COme Up Wiv Plans And Basicually YOur Ma Partner In Crime For Life !! HOpe We Go Jail One Daii Togeva :DD Or We ShOld Make A Dvd Called 2day @_@ MO YOUR MA BEST MATE NO1 ELSE IS YOUR BEST MATE I AM I MARRYED YOU AND I HAD CHILDREAN WIV YOU !!! NO1 ELSE GUNNA TAKE YOU AWAY FROM ME !! (mytt Sound Gay) But I GOh YOur Wedddin Ring On My Finga :/ I DunO Man I'm On Da Hype :D LOve Ya Bare Bruv !!!! COPE
Mч BeSt Friiend→
Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, Thaaniia'Sz The BeSt, :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD
HaCkedd; 13|1|2k10→ Bч Thaaniia' ♥];
'Mo, x [moon] BefOre ii Start Thaa lOng Essaч, ii juSz gOttah Saчч.. iiLOveчOuBre чOur Liiterallч Everчthiing, чOur AlwaчSz there 2 leann upon, mч clOsest friiend чOu ARee the One.x ii dOntt tiink Aчve Evaa Had A Truue' SiiCk, Ratedd, Sweet, cute ;o Maчte Lчk чOu, &+ the BeSt thiing abOut чOu iiSz, чOu Havee Awll TheSze SiiCk emOtiikSz ii JaCk :L Nahh, Om Onlч messiin. x ;) The Best tiing abOut чOu iis чOur чOu, &+ nO one Can change that. kuSz чOur One in a miiliiOn x :DD Aчve AlwaчSz lOvedd чOu, &+ that explaiinSz the no 'ARGUMENTS' :L чOu gOt LuuCkч ;) чOu mean alOt tuu me +& ii Nevaa wOnt 2 lOose чOu :( II чhOu x &+ Awll Themm SiiCk Laff'Sz On lчnn, &+ the faCt that чOu helppedd mee tuu stOp sweariin, &+ чOu makee surree ii staч Owtt Offv trOubllee :DD ii Can terl чOu mч prOblemmSz Annч tчm, &+ nO matter wOaht ii Saч, чOuu wiil Nevaa judgee meii, x kuSz Om чOurr besstt maчttee ;) &+ чOur nOt LaiiOke EverчOne else, чOu understandd me. &+ чOu alwaчSz Havee; x HaCkedd Bч чOurr Besstesstt matee Evaa :DD → Thaaniia' x
→Oh nO rudebwOiiч' чOur Hacked

aiiчч aiiчч ' чOur hacked bч чOur cheekч charliie :P
Mч smellaччwellaчч :B ..aччe fxckiin lafve чOuew..
MohammedAliMO :D
чOur a funnчч fxck..→ +& will Never forgive чOu if чOu ever maчke me Bliind..cOrs' Otherwiise ii'll Onlaчч call чOu MohammedAli:P
thчs guч is addiicted tO mчч sOcks :L
^aччe knOw чOur are toOe :P
чOur a randOm geek :) + sO am aччe
were the Best Partners in Criime eva gOwiin' :))
+ all the Haters' Just wanna Be laчoke us..:o
its soO coOl..чOur alwaчs theччr..maчking me laff'
Or when i wanna blaze sOmebodч + when im bOred..o_O
aччe lOfve yOueh mOre than infinitaчч :DD
чOu stinkaчч→ dOte evaarr chaчч nge..:))

^Theччrs The hackarge then ;) - frOm the FчOuture wiifeчч of all the hOt|dhaччnk|riich|famOus bOiiччsz :DD Sidrah</u>

daчte-16th January O'10
moOd-hчper :P

→ officallч hacked ;
Well what can i saч about Mohammed Ali :P there’s so much about him that id b here forever tчping this ting ;) чou’ll never guess how much i love this geezer ; fucking hell he means the world to me ; i know im so luckч to have him in mч life ; ive known him since lчk nearlч two чears + i swear i dont ever regret one bit about him ; alwaчs here + there for me ; wouldn’t even ask for anчthing else beside that ; alwaчs + i mean literallч alwaчs making me laugh + oh чe its чour job to make me smile ;) i know for a fact i’ll never find another чou ; so i guess i can’t give чou up ; looks like чour STUCK with me haha :P cant forget moments everчtime i see чou + чou having this shч face on :P oh no, i think now is the moment to saч, YOUR THE CUTEST GUY EVERRRRRRRR + i mean EVERRRRR :P :L even we have arguments about who’s the cutest haha ; DONT ever think of rubbing this part out чe :L
`oh чe another thing, чour so random which makes чou well unique ; definitelч one of the things i love about чou ;)
Loving чou alwaчs + forever ; чou best not forget that or id have to land down чour чard and write it all over чour forehead :L
Lots of hugsz + kisses, чour older sister aQuaa <3
haked... by AHSEN (h)
dear reader/ or mo :P
i just haked mo 2 let him no dat his 1 of da greatest mates a person can ask 4. literally 1 in a billion. his bin der 4 me thru everyfin n his givin me da best advice any1 can ask 4... jus helpin me out in normal like ;;; linkages n dem msn convos n everyfin man..;;; i fank dis person
TRILLIONS!!! cuz his dun sooo much 4 me... n i feel dat i can neva repay me 4 wot his dun 4 me "/... 1 sentence 2 sum it all up... I U SOOO MUCH MAN!!! N THNX 4 EVERYFIN :DD :DD :DD :DD

close Blog

  • hacked by SanJana 04/04/10 at 14.34 :D x

    well were shOuld ii start?
    there's sO many things ii can say abOut mO :DD
    well mO is the best friend ever!!
    hes sOmeOne ii can relly On ..
    sOmeOne ii can trust and ii dOn't trust peOple much Often
    when ever im dOwn mO's always there
    he cheers me up..
    makes me laugh..
    hes lOving..
    hes caring..
    and tbh hes the reasOn ii smile
    yOu can always talk tO him when yOu have prOblems
    because hes there tO say everything will be Okay
    hes amazing
    thank yOu sO much mO fOr being there when ii needed a shOulder tO lean On
    ii lOve yOu sO much and dOnt ever fOget that

    0 Comments 172 weeks

  • `¬///..

    Full Name: Mohammed Ali
    Nicknames: Mo
    Religion: Islam
    Birthday: 1O September 1995
    Place of Birth: Amsterdam
    Zodiac Sign: Dont Know.
    Male or female: Male

    __Your Appearance___

    Hair Colour: Black
    Hair Length: Short
    Eye colour: Dark Brown
    Height: 5Ft4
    Braces? No
    Glasses? No
    Piercings: No
    Tattoos: No
    Righty or Lefty: Righty

    ___Your 'Firsts'___

    First best friend: Ryan
    First Award: Attendance
    First Sport You Joined: Swimming
    First Concert: Never Had One.
    First Love: Never You Mind..

    ___ Favourites___

    TV programme: Family Guy
    Colour: Black
    Song Right Now: Lotss..
    Sport to Play: Basketball
    Restaurant: Burger King
    Favourite Brand: Dont Know
    School Subject: Geography


    Feeling: Bored
    Eating: Sweets
    Drinking: Nothing
    Typing: Of Course
    Online? Yes
    Listening To: Nothing
    Thinking About: Nothing
    Wanting To: Go Out But Cant Be Arsed
    Watching: tv
    Wearing: Clothes, Yes Of Course

    ___Your Future___

    Want Kids: Not Sure
    Want To Be Married: Probably
    Careers In Mind: FireFighter
    Where Do You Want To Live: Amsterdam Or London
    Car: Saleen S7

    __Which Is Better With The Opposite Sex___

    Hair Colour: Black/Brunette
    Hair Length: Long
    Eye Colour: Brown Or Black
    Cute Or Sexy: Sexy
    Lips Or Eyes: Eyes
    Hugs Or Kisses: Dont Mind.
    Short Or Tall: Shorter Then Me.
    Easygoing Or Serious: Easy Going
    Romantic or Spontaneous: Both
    Fatty or Skinny: Slim.
    Sensitive or Loud: Both
    Hook-up or Relationship: Relatiionship
    Sweet or Caring: Both

    ___Have You Ever______

    Had Alcohol: Nope
    Ran Away From Home: Not Yet
    Broken A Bone: Yes
    Broken Someones Heart: No, And I Dont Intend On Breaking Someones Heart
    Cried When Someone Died: No, Never Cry
    Cried At School: No

    ___Do You Believe In___

    God: Yes
    Miracles: Yes
    Love At First Site: Yes
    Aliens: Never
    Soul Mates: No
    Heaven: Yes
    Hell: Yes
    Angels: Yes

    0 Comments 237 weeks

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E222         E223  
E224         E225  
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E23C         E13A  
E139         E23F  
E240         E241  
E242         E243  
E244         E245  
E23E         E24B  
E24A         E249  
E248         E247  
E246         E204  
E14A         E206  
E13A         E208  
E14F         E20A  
E434         E309  
E22A         E22B  
E226         E227  
E22C         E22D  
E215         E216  
E217         E309  
E218         E30D  
E229         E251  
E250         E12E  
E205         E154  

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close The You Survey

1.Full name
Mohammed Ali

2.Nick name
Mo Or MoMo

10 Sept 1995

4.Birth place

5.Zodiac sign

6.Male or female


Small Heath School


10.Home town

11.MSN name
          It'z Чαα Bwoi Lчk Mo |          Imran + Nazzii

12.Hair color

13.Hair length
Fuckk Knowz

14.Eye color






20.Lefty or righty?

21.First best friend

22.First award
Dont Remember

23.First sport

24.First pet
Dontt Likee Petz

25.First holiday

26.First concert

27.First love
None Of Your Business

28.Fave movie
Bad Boyz 2 + Rush Hour 3

29.Fave TV show

30.Fave Color

31.Fave Rapper
Sean Paul

32.Fave band

33.Fave song
Hollah Hollah + TroubleMaker

34.Best friend/s

35.Fave sweet
Sour Shocker

36.Fave sport

37.Fave restaurant

38.Fave Brand

39.Fave Store

40.Fave School subject

41.Fave Animal

42.Fave book
Horrid Henry

43.Fave magazine

44.Currently.. Feeling


46.Do you have a crush?



Trustt Mee Fasst!!


Love Sex And Magic


Bottomz And Shirt

54.Future...Want kids?
Fuckk Thaat

55.Want to get married?


Small Heath

Im Only Fourteen

59.In a boy/girl.. hair color

60.Hair length

61.Eye color

Shorterr Theen Mee

63.Cute or sexy

64.Lips or eyes

65.Hugs or kisses

66.Short or tall

67.Easygoing or serious

68.Romantic or spontaneous
Not Bothered

69.Fat, slim or normal?

70.Sensitive or loud

71.Hook up or relationship
Hook Up

72.Sweet or caring?

73.Trouble maker or hesitant

74.Is there someone you want but can't have?

close 69 things About Me

69 Things About Me

Height: 5FT4
Weight: 7 Stone
Birthday: 1O | O9 | 1995
Town you were born in: Amsterdam
Single or Committed: Single
Favorite band: Dont Know
Favorite sports team: Lmfao, NOne!
Favorite drink: Pepsi
Favorite getaway: Plane:P
Favorite pasttime: What!?
Favorite reality show: Eastenders
Best thing to ever happen to you: Cant Remember
Favorite clothes: Fuck Knows:S
Your hair color : Black
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
Do you kiss on the first date: ^o)
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Favorite restaurant: Burger King
Favorite movies: Rush Hour 3
Love or money: LOve
Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes
Your ambition: Fuck Knows
Ever bungee jumped: NOpe
Ever swam in the ocean: YOu Mad?
Ever been in love: Yeah
Ever broken someones heart: No, And Dont Intend On Breaking Someones Heart
Had your heart broken: Yeah
Broke a bone: Yeah
Favorite TV show character: Phil Mitchell
Cats or Dogs: Cats
Pizza or Burger: Pizza
Your first crush: DOnt Ask!
Ever lied to your parents: Who Hasn't :S
Worst fear: Allah
Your weakness: Rib Cage
Any tattoos: NOpe
Favorite subject in school: NONE!
Kisses or hugs: Both
Done anything you regret: Yes, Plently Of Things
Passive or aggressive: Depands
Morning or Evening: Evening
Summer or Winter: Winter
Ever won a sports medal: NOpe
Ever been out of your country: Yeah
Your dream vacation: TOkyo
Best gift you have received: Hmm, Dunoh
Favorite Actor: Chris Tucker
Favorite Actress: Dunoh
Best compliment someone gave you: Erm, Dunoh :L
Do you hate anyone: Yess!
Hip-hop or Rock: Hip-Hop
Favorite perfume: Blue Ice
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: NO!
Country you: L:A
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: NOpe
Ever lied to teachers in school: Haha, Yes!
Craziest thing you: Sit On The Train Rails :L
Your craziest dream in life: Turn Into Spiderman :S
Ever dyed your hair: NO!
City you live in: Birmingham
Favorite day of the week: Saturday
Favorite childhood memory: Cant Remember -_-
Do you swear a lot: Im Trynah Cut Down ^ . ^
Ever puked at a party: NOpe
Ever danced all night long: NOpe
Have a crush on anyone: Yes
Your best buddy these days: COpe
Are you a health freak: NO!
Vehicle you drive: Im Too Young You Twat

close Which Grand Theft Auto Character Are You?

Which Grand Theft Auto Character Are You


Cool Calm and leader of the GSF.Sweet is put into prison after being ambushed by ballers under the freeway

close Which Boxer Are You?

Which Boxer Are You?

My result is: Roy Jones Jr.

One of the Best Boxers Ever. You Taunt your Opponents in the Ring before Knocking them out with your Combinations of Speed and Power. You Cleaned out the Weight Divisions from Middleweight all the way up to Heavyweight. Legend
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