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HeLp Me Im FaLlInG ApArT...

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  • Group created: February 2008
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About Me

bleeding out
Me, Myself, and I
ok im sick of people being bullied ok.
if ur sick of people picking on u because your different.
if your sick of bein put down for who you are
if your sick of seeing it happen to the people you care about
if other peoples words are killing you.

cuz words can hurt as much as fists
and if fists are involved then its wrong.

Stop Being So Immature And Get Over Your Own Insacuritys Some Other Way

if your depressed and need help.
if your lonely and need to talk.
if your up late and have no one to talk to.
if ur scared and upset.
then come on here and comment.
cuz unlike most people these days... i actually give a fuck.
rayray pianomouse pancake duck

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  • Bum Poo Willy 8/26/09
  • Happy To Help
    luv Happy To Help

    Hey This Is Really Good What You Are Doing Helping People! If Any One Has Any Problems They Want To Discuss Then Visit Any Page Like This Or My Page, People Are Here To Help

  • Tashy

    I have the shittiest month ever 1. Me and my best mte have been agrue with one another over stpid lil things 2. My parents would let me go see my bf and he lives 4 hours drive away and has no money or time to come see me 3. I should of said ex bf he emailed me this morning friom japan "Dear Tasha I really dont know how to say this and this comes as a shock im sure but i cant be with you anymore, i just dont feel the same way i did anymore and i dont wanna hurt you but i cant keep on lying to you and myself im sorry i really am and i still want to be friends good friends but nothing more please dont be mad Love tristan" Of cousre my friend are all like you gotta more on you'll find soemone esle better 4. I'm broke all summer holiday and have f/**k all to do I need someone to talk to :( please

  • Sazi Pie
    Sazi Pie

    who helps when you need it?

  • Sheradin

    sounds like a good group its good to vent sumtimes this will come in handy

  • Turn That Volume Up
    Turn That Volume Up

    heyy if yooh peoples want a pic up put it in the photo streamy thingy or leave a request in the commenty thingy with a url for the piccy :) wow a lot of people have joined:) it makes me smiley xx

  • Natasha Anne.
    luv Natasha Anne.

    Such a good Group <3 Have some love =] xx

  • Ace'S High
    luv Ace'S High

    way to go ray, this is a really good thing to, Big-up's props and respect, can't wait till i can go up or u come back, miss you lots, wen i get big with my rapping stuff i ain't forgetting you. GO BABY GO!!!

  • Lets Start A Riot
    luv Lets Start A Riot

    yay im numa three woo and your right ray bulling is fucking discusting! nothing gives you the right to think your better than someone else just because your friends with cooler people or ur families loaded or any shit lke that down with the bullies

  • Luke Jarryed
    Luke Jarryed

    hey y was i added 2 dis site hey im second 2 comment sweet

  • Turn That Volume Up
    Turn That Volume Up

    why i made this site :| i made this site because well ive been bullied before and i hated it. and it makes me sick when other people get bullied. i know what its like to feel alone and unwanted and ive seen one of my best friends go through hell because of bullying and just having someone to talk to can help. a friendly word could be the difference between life and death. call me crazy but i actually care about people. xx rayray pianomouse


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