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Elli-Beth Is The Best

stillll won't let me uploadIMAGES#!ewm, what a contration.

8/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
The Other Half Of Me


worksTHEweasle on a cooool monday morn. auck!!{:;

she's too large to have a location in myHEART, so i'll keep her in my stomach!.  
deeeeek:- she told me she would bethere for the longHALL. however, she wrecked my dreamsANDsent me crashing>!< whyeekwhy did i think that it could have been different this time?!mFt#!

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  • luv Brad.Loves.BeckyJanya.

    bradley ell is sharing da luv. just had me dick pierced mate, fuckin nakkin dis, i gots a cum lump in my stomach n its fukin u all ova. just done lucy fukin cee up the fanny lip an a toof got stuck on me jap.

  • Lauren
    luv Lauren

    How can i thank you for pulling me through this dark patch its getting worse but hopefully i will get over him iloveyouu x

  • Babey.
    luv Babey.

    hey beautiful :) x

  • Rachel 'Ox
    luv Rachel 'Ox

    i love you ...

  • Helen Ess WifeyForlifey
    Helen Ess WifeyForlifey

    Hiiyahhh a was going to send you love but i have non left but you no iloveyou any way wuu2 ....x (L)

  • Gemmarr
    luv Gemmarr

    sorry im a tad late in replying love! i was out last night :) loveyou

  • Adams

    reeeceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!<  3 do you fancie metro tmra or smitt? loveeyou x

  • Louisee

    OiOi Did you not get my text? ): Thouuu diss nott reply ... checky git! :D Chiwinn with mehh oddball (Y) see youu latazzzzz.... xxxx

  • -Sophie Jane Babyx
    -Sophie Jane Babyx

    reecereecereecee-)). Me lovesyou alott tbhh. Knownn youu sincee a was likee 5 eeee! Hadd somee mintt memories hahaaa membaa thuu time whenn a was cryen coz you and my joanne was sayen a was haven a 'bitch fit' lmfao yous SHOCKING cunts heheee. A tell you nothink everythinkk b'coz ii knw 4 a fact you wouldn't tell any1 ur a puua starr(*). My BESTESTTfriendx3 ilyttmab. f+a

    8/15/09 via Mobile
  • Louisee
    luv Louisee

    maz, hows it garnin in Engaaa;? missess you miwss ); lushhh food, and hot chocolate, just the way we like it) hot, hot hot weaffzz, (h) luvvhh for donemm

  • Helen.
    luv Helen.

    &&&& Another Love Return This One Toooo Iloveyouuloadsss ;) BUT Shhh We Dont Want Rachel And Carl Too Find Out Lol Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Helen.
    luv Helen.

    Welll Hello RingtingREECE How Are You ? And Why Have You Got A Picture Of Mee And Megann On Your Page Saying STALKER :O ? Loll Its A Very GOOD Job I Love You :D Haha Here Is Some Love Coz Your Fat Return It Or Your DEAD!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Helen.
    luv Helen.

    && My last love Xxxx

    8/11/09 via Mobile
  • Helen.
    luv Helen.

    &&& anotherr you fat fuck ilu xxx

    8/11/09 via Mobile
  • Helen.
    luv Helen.

    Love for you ilu xxx

    8/11/09 via Mobile
  • Louisee
    luv Louisee

    bye bessun! bebb, thanks for making me better yesterday (Y). misssyowaaa;x

  • Rachel 'Ox
    luv Rachel 'Ox

    i wish i could shead a tone or two :| unlike some ( reece) who need to shead three or four ton laaarrvsss for yoouuu myy lardd arseeee

  • Natalie Cook
    Natalie Cook

    fuckyou! you know you love muhhh!(L) & your just too stingeeeey too giz me a luvv so:E ima reject yi! xoxoxox!<3

  • Natalie Cook
    Natalie Cook

    pfft, you wish twat! :E wheres me love ninjaaaaa? over&;o ut!xoxox


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  • kit - (kickinthetit's.}

    yowYOWyow>!<ring|ting|rrrrr - something you've never
    heard of?
    i tend to swing with everyone. :#}
    i don't really belong to any one group in the terms
    of the citizens i usually hangwith.
    ahum, i do have some soft spots though..

    m'witttt's:- i've learnt aload from a bunch of people
    i never thought i would have. :]})
    like, they show me an understand of how to
    stand up for myself[:;
    they're the most pleasurableANDloyal persons(&:
    they'll make any exception too just lookafter
    their own. honestly, it's an honour!!
    praatttt's:- she's the most lovable really. it's lavers
    that i can take pitty on someone's weight problemANDtowards
    how much someone can't sing - even if they do give
    it their all.
    she has00000000 fitness whatsoeverANDshe's
    large bothWAYS. :;} just, i bet she wishes she
    was the same size as her minuteMINUTE sizeO
    myMYmyone1 back-up card(:;
    i melt when she sings at me thoughANDcan't resist
    a sharp grin everytime she apeeeps at meh.
    - a furture relatonship, in the making. (Y)
    mFthow - she'll be knowledgable of it. (L#)
    zoh: uck, bitchtit's!
    strongbow|missssses her when she's not inwitttt's.
    now she's back i'masure that we'll end up doing
    afew we regret.
    *from the day i met her, i was prettty much captivated(*:
    if i'm in reuirement of anything, she always does
    everything she can to conjureup something
    perfuuuuuuuuuu. ;$$ -VISEv.
    (hell'sbell's} - allllphatPHATphat!.
    EWM, i could easily compare her to a heaftywalwus,
    but she'd probably blackmehout.
    she can bring forward something that isn't remotelyanything,
    but put it across to create something that seems
    comicalSO. O;
    her genitals have probably worked fifteeentimes
    of what they originally plannned. however,
    i can't help laffff her minuteMINUTE remarks
    about, 'reece, put ya dick in ther'.
    she makes it so my cheeeks!hairANDheart are
    even more red then they were, because
    i'm drawn towardsHER.
    bren'sadoll at heart.

    a trooooper of her own is beaaa:- the
    only regret i have was that i everEVER hated youANDeffectively
    got you drunkSO that you had to be tushed awaaay in
    an amb. (au)
    we're extremely sociable when we venture outOUTout
    in the world. (#)
    we enjoy allll sophisticated acts, such as;
    beingdrunk, gettingdrunk, wantingtobedrunk!
    AHUM, but bea'sBEA by it. :^)
    even without make-up and such, she can still
    look as impeccableANDas loafers as usual. (&)
    giz 'alf an oua wif this'un;];};].
    bea's turning out to be one of the one's i can chitttering
    too, whatever it potentially concerns!i don't want anyOTHER.


    y'awhmm, soz.BOX if you weren't included
    in this'al.
    -kickinthetits, ey?!

    1 Comment 208 weeks

  • :)

    i don't wish my life was perfect, infact, far from it. i just want things tooo be plain sailing and for once, something tooo go right for me.. but, i've seeen it inn my dreams. just LOVE! nothingg more, nothing lesss.. exactly what it says. from the way things are going though, i suspect that i'lll only ever get a slight taste of that when i'm the land offf noddd. i don't know what tooo say, because i know what i want but, i just don't know how tooo say it right anymore. everytime i mean one thing, a different interpretation comes out and i mess it up, just the usual ringtingreeece that i've leant tooo accept!.. some lads just want the first tooo lettters and when they've had there feeel, they don't want anything tooo do with you. i'm honestly not like that though, i'm not the usual boyyy. the people that know me know that i'm no space person and just take me for how i am.. it's why i love them but, i just wish that i could have that sort of realtionship with everyoneee.
    after being screwed by life again, i've learnttt that there's no point in being upsettt about it, just get up and get on with it, because you can't do anythinggg.
    and after alll? my frienddddsss are my wonderwallll(L)(8) &# willl always be my number oneees'.
    i'm gonnnna focus on the future now...
    i wannna keeep on singing&writing. i wanna write a booook[: loook after my friendsss<33. carrry on with the picturesss(= get a buzzz from schoooolinggg|-8. just laughhh at everythinggg. bollocks too relationships!!
    &# chinnnnn toooo the ones that have supported and helped me through everything, just being there meant the worldddd. i reallly hope i can give you backkk everything that you've given me...
    the reason tooo liveee and boggging what life brings with me.



    0 Comments 229 weeks

  • Another Songgg I Wroteee.

    wey, i'm over love now, so everythinggg's soundd.
    everythinggg with you was a mistake, but things have turned too hate.
    everything is nothing and i can't see clear.
    i'm just gonnnna face the world and ennirelate fear.
    it's stupid feeeling like there's nothing left, when the whole worlds there
    you've got life and breath.
    so i'm gonnna be strong with a smile on my face.
    and embracee what i willll have to take.
    the smile might be somethingg fake but, it's
    something you can't touch on or shakee.

    i'll keeep the memories and tear them with tears.
    i'lll wrip them apart with the sharpest shears.
    the c-d we made is as good as in the dump.
    a weight off my mind so it isn't so plump.
    everything, yeh.. everything turning to dust.
    i'm backkk tooo me so it's the biggest must.

    so when i loook back i will be proud.
    &* loud
    about how,
    i've with-stood
    what was backkk in the hood.
    i've tooook my chance and it payed offf.
    i'm backk to being me;
    nottt a steryotyped sloth.

    i'll keeep the memories and tear them with tears.
    i'lll wrip them apart with the sharpest shears.
    the c-d we made is as good as in the dump.
    a weight off my mind so it isn't so plump.
    everything, yeh.. everything turning to dust.
    i'm backkk tooo me so it's the biggest must.

    when i'm drouzed and away i won't remember a thing.
    i'm back, i'm back in the ringtingy skin.
    so, remember what this is;
    not a rhyme or a song, but a wake-up calll with fizz.
    i'm being alive without any hesitation.
    omg, this is the bestest sensation.
    although, i thought i'd miss who i was.
    tbh, right now i don't give a toss...

    i'll keeep the memories and tear them with tears.
    i'lll wrip them apart with the sharpest shears.
    the c-d we made is as good as in the dump.
    a weight off my mind so it isn't so plump.
    everything, yeh.. everything turning to dust.
    i'm backkk tooo me and that's the biggest must.

    0 Comments 232 weeks

close 69 things About Me

69 Things About Me

Height: 5''7 + a bit.
Weight: honestly? 9.5 clemm.
Birthday: 20th Mayyy.
Town you were born in: DURHAAAM.
Single or Committed: i'm withhh dawnnn. ;)
Favorite band: awkkk! ><
Favorite drink: cokeeee.
Favorite getaway: spainnn.
Favorite reality show: big brother.
Best thing to ever happen to you: loooosing my virginity to devvvv(L).
Favorite clothes: abbbbeyyyy or skinnnnies :D
Your hair color : brownn&red.
Pepsi or Coke: cokeeee.
Do you kiss on the first date: yehhh.
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilllla.
Favorite restaurant: nandoo's!
Favorite movies: etonementtt, vanessssa feltz; fooood for fat fuckerss.
Love or money: larvvvvvvvvv(:
Blondes or Brunettes: reddd 8-).
Your ambition: grades 8-|, lawyerrr or photographerrr.
Ever bungee jumped: wantttt tooo!
Ever swam in the ocean: uhuhhhhh.
Ever been in love: yarssss =//.
Ever broken someones heart: hopee not (yn).
Had your heart broken: i haveeee ://.
Broke a bone: fingerr, still twattted.
Favorite TV show character: skinnssss&shameless.
Cats or Dogs: doggggssss(:
Pizza or Burger: pizzzzza.
Your first crush: fizzzz! :L
Ever lied to your parents: whiteee liess ;).
Worst fear: thaat i'lll be short when i'm older.
Your weakness: biting my nailsss :-|.
Any tattoos: on me botttt babbbb. - i get plenty of pen tattoos!
Kisses or hugs: eitherrrr[:
Done anything you regret: nooo regrettts!
Passive or aggressive: aggressssivee i suppose.
Morning or Evening: eveninggg.
Summer or Winter: summmmmmmmerrr(#).
Ever won a sports medal: futuree?
Ever been out of your country: yesssss.
Your dream vacation: canada or austriaaa.
Best gift you have received: noiiiice complimentsss tbd.
Favorite Actor: peterrpubeee.
Favorite Actress: kezzzza or sezzzza.
Do you hate anyone: not truthfulllly.
Hip-hop or Rock: hippppppy (8).
Favorite perfume: manyyyyy :)
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: yeh, hannnah donnellly.
Country you: canada or austriaaa.
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: awh, i would lovee too.
Ever lied to teachers in school: i haveee =//.
Craziest thing you: shagggged a sheeeep(H).
Ever dyed your hair: alll of the time.
City you live in: newcastleeee.
Favorite day of the week: fridayyy or saturday :D.
Favorite childhood memory: fyndouneee tbd. FANTASTIC!
Do you swear a lot: not realllly ;].
Ever puked at a party: nahhhhhaaa.
Ever danced all night long: ahaa.
Have a crush on anyone: i doooo.
Your best buddy these days: this spockk that they call geee geee's great grandyyyy.
Are you a health freak: sometimessss ://.
Vehicle you drive: lurveeeeeeeeeeeee.