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:) Iloveyou

8/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from ♥leicster/kniton :)
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  • Lucyrose
    luv Lucyrose

    i love you (:

  • D.

    wow ilove you lydia. x

  • Lucyrose
    luv Lucyrose

    HellooBabeee HAPPY BIRTHDAYY (L) you alright gawjus? hope you've had a good dayy and ill see you tomorrow =D iloveyou, bmttve, x

  • D.
    luv D.

    i love uu lydia missing you making me laugh. hope i see u soon princess x

  • Lucyrose

    HelloBabeee yeah thanks youu? anooo :/ we had a good talk today tho hun thankuu x iloveuu babe wb x

  • luv Oopsy Daisy

    hii baby<3 ino i really miss u too (n) when we start back school we defffo needa meet up? cause ur so speciall to me and i love uu sooooooo much xx

  • AlexusEmmanuelle
    luv AlexusEmmanuelle

    love ageeen. year 8 was the best of years idc! :L

  • AlexusEmmanuelle

    i shuld do really buh things happen:/ lol. year ten inoe inoe. makes me feel old. and sad bwt the past.yr 7/8/9 bless.had some good times. lovex

  • AlexusEmmanuelle
    luv AlexusEmmanuelle

    goood. & enitt times flyingg :( aint done most the stuff i wanted tooo:/ buh neverminddd. lovee agen x

  • AlexusEmmanuelle
    luv AlexusEmmanuelle

    helloo lydiaaa. yeah im finee you? theyy beeen okaaay yeah.wbu? lovee bakk iloveeyouu(LL) x

  • Lucyrose

    i love you lydia alottttt bmttve (L)

  • D.
    luv D.

    i knowww i feel proper old now haha like were the older half of the school now:O bit scared about the gcses though :| i really dont wanna do performing arts! youu goin iquid tonight?? loveuu x

  • Carris Annette
    Carris Annette

    beautiful lydia:D

  • StarFace.

    yhh im kll thnx bbe my hols been good thnxx i crnt believe were gunna be in year 10 it feels like yday we was going in year seven lol x<3;x

  • Abbie May-
    Abbie May-

    Lydiaaaa I know we really need to meet up, yeah ok good thanks Hun, you? Love you so much x x x

    8/9/09 via Mobile
  • Abbie May-
    luv Abbie May-

    Heyaaaa Babess You alright gorgous? i love you alot xxx

  • StarFace.
    luv StarFace.

    lydiaaa (L) u okk? hows ur hols been bby? havemylovebbe x

  • Lucyrose

    Lydiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (: good good LOL last night was funny ";o uch you're hurting me!" "thats where she lives =p" "i dont want it yet" lol i love you alottt (: BMTTVE <3

  • Lucyrose

    i mean laundry place :P

  • Lucyrose

    BESTMATE im alright thankuu babe uu? inooo =D we had some good chats LOL walking down the road "what do we look like!" :L and that laundy placee. SCARY lol iloveyousomuchtooooo BMTTVE, always <3 sorry im out of love today hun, will give u some tomorroww (L)