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Taken Too Soon

Please add cherished pics of lost loved ones to the photo stream.. R^I^P All xx

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Brianna Lopez

Brianna Lopez was a 5 month old little girl who endured such pain and tragedy that no child should ever endure. I cannot read her story without tears welling in my eyes. This photo of Brianna is not a photo of a beautiful sleeping child. During her short 5 months, her family never took a single photograph of her. This photo is one of her autopsy photos. It has been digitally enhanced to hide the bruising.

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  • Brianna Lopez

    WARNING: Contains graphic and highly disturbing details:
    This child abuse story is about a 5-month-old little girl named Brianna Lopez. On July 19, 2002 Baby Brianna passed away. Her father and uncle would toss her in the air and not catch her. They sexually assaulted her. Her uncle raped her. They bit her. Her mother threw her, bit her and pinched her. She was bruised and beaten. Her grandmother and another uncle knew about the abuse but didn't do anything. Brianna also had several broken bones. She had bleeding from the brain, broken ribs, bucket handle fractures, all signs of shaken baby syndrome. They beat and raped her time and time again. Her mother "fell asleep" while they killed Brianna.

    Her mother's boyfriend, Andy Walters, got 57 years in prison. Her uncle, the mother's twin brother, Steven Lopez, got 51 years. Her mother, Stephanie Lopez, got 27 years. Her grandmother and other uncle got 60 days in jail. Remember all those who read this, Brianna was beaten and bruised from head to toe and nobody could help her.

    Brianna is buried in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When people kept visiting her grave, her family built a metal gate around her grave and locked it shut.

    The mother, the boyfriend and the uncle had their convictions overturned in a New Mexico Court of Appeals, but on June 21, 2006, justice prevailed: their sentences were reinstated by a New Mexico Supreme Court ruling.

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  • Adam Walsh

    Adam John Walsh (November 14, 1974 – c. July 27, 1981) was an American boy who was abducted from a Sears department store at the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood, Florida, on July 27, 1981, and later found murdered. Adam's death earned national publicity, and Adam's father, John Walsh, later became an advocate for victims of violent crime and the host of the television program America's Most Wanted.

    Convicted serial killer Ottis Toole confessed to the boy's murder but was never tried for the crime. Although no new evidence has come forth, on December 16, 2008, police announced that the Walsh case was now closed as they were satisfied that Toole was the murderer of Adam Walsh. Ottis Toole had died of liver failure on September 15, 1996

    On Monday, July 27, 1981, Adam's mother, Revé, let him watch a small group of older boys play video games at a Sears store in Hollywood, Florida, while she walked a few aisles away to shop for a lamp. When Revé returned to the video game section, she was frightened to find that Adam was gone. And so was everyone else. She was only gone about seven minutes.

    She then told a Sears associate, who announced over the intercom for Adam to meet his mother at one of the information desks. Revé later said that she had no confidence that Adam would be able to locate the desks. Adam and his mother were never reunited.

    There are claims that a security guard threw the children out of the store for bickering over the video game, and perhaps Adam was confused and thought he had to leave too. Investigators think Adam had been mistakenly associated with a group of older children who were causing trouble and told to leave the shopping mall. It is suspected that Adam was abducted near the front exterior of the store after the other boys went on their way.

    Adam's severed head was found in a Vero Beach, Florida canal on August 10, 1981; the rest of his remains have never been recovered

    Adam's kidnapping and murder prompted John Walsh to become an advocate for victims' rights and helped to spur the formation of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). As a result of his advocacy, he was approached to host the television program America's Most Wanted.

    The Code Adam program for helping lost children in department stores is named in Walsh's memory.

    The U.S. Congress passed the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act on July 25, 2006, and President Bush signed it into law on July 27, 2006. The signing ceremony took place on the South Lawn of the White House, where leaders from both sides of the political spectrum joined John and Revé Walsh. The bill institutes a national database of convicted child molesters, increases penalties for sexual and violent offenses against children. It also creates a RICO course of action for child predators and those who conspire with them

    Jeffrey Dahmer, arrested in Wisconsin in 1991 after killing more than a dozen men and boys, was also named as a suspect in the Walsh murder. Some have suggested a Dahmer link to the case for many years, but the allegations earned widespread publicity only in early 2007. Dahmer was living in Miami Beach at the time Adam was murdered and two eyewitnesses place him at the shopping mall on the day that Adam was abducted. Dahmer preyed on young men and boys (the youngest being eight years older than Adam), and his modus operandi included severing his victims' heads. Since this rumor has surfaced John Walsh has said that he has "seen no evidence linking his son's unsolved kidnapping and slaying to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer."

    Ottis Toole, repeatedly confessed and then retracted accounts of his involvement. Toole, allegedly a confidante of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, was never charged in the Walsh case, even though he provided seemingly accurate descriptions on how he had committed this crime. Police investigated Toole for the Walsh murder, but lost important evidence in the case, including the bloodstai

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  • Danielle Beccan

    Danielle Beccan was just 14 years old when she was tragically killed in a drive by shooting near her home in St Anns, Nottingham on 9th October 2004. She and her friends were returning from the annual goose fair, when shots were fired from a passing car Danielle was rushed to hospital where she sadly passed away.

    In life Danielle was bright, bubbly, full of energy and fun. From an early age she was a real performer and had a flair for acting. At school she excelled academically and in sport she often achieved grade 'A' test scores and like most teenage girls she loved fashion, music and dancing. Sadly Danielle's life was snatched away before she had the chance to turn her dreams into reality.

    The Danielle Beccan Memorial Trust began when pledges and donations were offered to her family following her death. Danielle had attended several youth projects in the area where she lived. They did, and continue to do positive work in the local community. The family decided that as well as having a lasting memorial to Danielle, they would also like to put something back into the community. The aim is to set up a centre for performing arts and personal development that will work alongside other agencies to build a better future for our young people. Many inner-city youngsters do not have access to performing arts outside of the school or youth club environment. Performing Arts is an area where many young people feel free to express their feelings, especially music and dance. We can tap into this and work on motivation, goal setting, challenging negativity and raising career prospects and their own expectations for themselves. Street culture is not all that is out there, but when you live it day in and day out you cannot see beyond it. This needs to be addressed and challenged. By focusing on drama, music and dance as well as mentoring and motivational sessions, we can encourage self expression and challenge negative values that breed violence and result in death. Sadly Danielle was not the first young person to die in violent circumstances, and even more tragically will not be the last.

    The trust want to be part of a multi-strategy, city-wide campaign involving parents, schools, local government, healthcare and social workers, religious groups, the police force, youth groups, sport and leisure providers and agencies tackling gun crime and other violent crime.
    So far the trust has benefited from proceeds from the sale of 'Danielle', a tribute CD compiled by her friends. We have also received sponsorship and fundraising from the GMB Trade Union as well as other donations.
    Fundraising events and activities continue.

    To me Danielle was a series of contradictions and I mean that as a compliment. She was shy yet outgoing, quiet yet LOUD! Intelligent and capable yet sometimes silly and unsure of her own abilities. She seemed confident even when she was nervous. She was a real show off, yet at the same time humble and thoughtful. She had a very strong personality. Lively, vibrant and busy; When she felt something it was all or nothing, no grey area and she let you know exactly how she felt. She wore her heart on her sleeve and it used to drive me crazy because she would never go and sulk quietly to herself if I told her no. She let me know she was unhappy, but looking back I respect her for that because it meant she would never let herself be pushed around.
    As she grew her interests changed from sport and drama to self improvement. And in case you're wondering, that means clothes, bling bling, hair gel and the perfume counter at Boots. She developed a very good relationship with a full length mirror! She was the girl next door. Who doesn't know a teenage girl like that? She had her ups and downs like all of us, but despite the fact that she lived an ordinary life she was far from ordinary.

    My Danielle was and is to me a beautiful, spectacular, blessed and much loved daughter. I am so proud to be

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  • Coral
    luv Coral

    <3 to all angels xx

  • Blaah

    amazing group :) feel sorry for the kids :(

  • Trisha S
    luv Trisha S

    god bless u little children u had horrible lives how can anyone hurt something so tiny helpless and beautiful these people r monsters and deserve all they get good nite sleep tight angels xxxxx

  • Áinee Farley
    Áinee Farley

    mii wee bro died :( he was asleep when he died / cot death :( he was 5.5 weeks old i wasnt even born :( :( mii gran died :( mii granda died when i was 6 months old :( :( R.I.P

  • Caroline Rafferty
    luv Caroline Rafferty

    another angel for heaven R.I.P sweetheart xxx

  • Its All About Mee
    Its All About Mee

    could u add me x

  • Tamara Quinn

    evil monsters what a waste poor little one xxx makes me sick that people can do that, evil monsters

  • Lynsey Burke
    Lynsey Burke

    This brought tears 2 my eyes, hope they suffer in prison n a hope there lifes made hell by the other inmates no child should be treated like this, what a waste of a beautiful life if they didnt want her they could have put her up 4 adoption n a woman who couldnt hav kids could have brought her up i hate people like this xx xx

  • Kelsieebabiee
    luv Kelsieebabiee

    ahh u poor thing :( rip let de angels look after yhoo i hope they die them assholes rip xx

  • luv Xx-Olivia-Xx

    rest in peace angels i lost a nephew at 6 mths old and we will never get over his death he would be nearly 5 now and he was a very happy baby well loved and he was taking from us died in his sleep a cot death how can any one hurt a baby its sick..... miss him and love him always r.i.p little angels xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • .
    luv .

    R.I.P Angel im thinking of u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxx

  • Xx Rachael XX
    Xx Rachael XX

    Rip Angel. They are nasty peice of work. i hope your okay up in heaven my darling. you will be sfae up there now. RIP ANGEL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxx

  • Shannon Gibson
    Shannon Gibson

    rip :( xxxxxxxx

  • Emma

    Add me please

    5/29/10 via Mobile
  • Kiella
    luv Kiella

    Rip angles xxxxxxxxxx

  • Coral
    luv Coral

    LOVE 4 ALL LOST< such a horrible thing, makes me so upset

  • ILovekennyxx

    :( :( why would your mum leave yu with them if they r drunk xx and why would yu uncle rape yu fs fuken sick dicks

  • Claire Whittaker 5/14/10
  • .'Amy'.

    R.I.P hunn XXXxxxxXXXX :(

  • Cilla The Ghirl

    ur in my prayers babe xxx