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guitar lessons are the baws man yasssss stooo knows

3/20/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 26, Luv 168
  • from greenock/ayr/tar b
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 12/13/11
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About Me

wayne krantz is a hero!!!!!!!!
Me, Myself, and I
hello my name is adam but people all me cunels i love music more than anything in the world i am at the moment i am doig my hnd in musi performance at james watt ollege in greenock ad am living in the hals witch is fuckin sweet im also in a few bands these are JAZZ BAT which i woud class as well mmmmm probs main stream rock/funk my other band is called DREAM TREE and it kinda like prog rock/yasssssss

pure big shout out to awww ma mate you know even beanz coz hes the man

the days we lost our dignity
the eager dare to stand
the ride home through victory
on the innocent they tread

but IRO-bot will never die
IRO-bot will never
but IRO-bot will never die
but IRO-bot will never die
The Other Half Of Me
Wee Yin

Wee Yin

she knows

paul gilbert, COHEED dream theater, metallica, john petrucci, muris varajic, allan holdsworth, shawn lane rip, lots of jazz guitarists, any kind of music ever made
paul gilbert guitars fron mars 1 and 2, red dwarf, south park, sex in the city so on 24 is sweet as fuck
two and a half men is also very fuckin funny
football i support rangers i also like golf, snooker, rugby, tennis, any sport really.
scared of
creepy ass puppets, having no thumbs TAXI DRIVERS THAT RUB SICK ON YOUR DOOR : /
Happiest When
playing my guitar i love my guitar soo much if i got hurt i would be so guted also like it when am with ma mates. or goin to t in the park or makin love.........................
 .......ly music
best song lyrics ever
1 dream theater In The Presence Of Enemies, Pt. 2
things i hate
bastards that play music on the bus or in public places (dont be that guy)
people texting when your talking to them (god dam it)
old people get right on ma tits(slow bastards)
lazy barsard that dont get up for college( o trike)

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Stuart Gorman Glasgow Jazz Festival 2007

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  • jazzbat are number 1

    just letin awww youz know that jazzbat rocked red last thursday n it was ssweet was such a good night ha ha ha ha n a good really drunk n made an asss of my self awwww good times

    0 Comments 247 weeks


    today iv been spending my time trying to learn sweep picking it going ok but its getin right on my tits big time lmao look at the vid n see wit a mean !!!!!!!!1

    0 Comments 265 weeks

  • neeed to name ma new guitar

    got it like a mounth or so ago and still havent names her yet help me out think of a nice name fur my pgm 301 lol help help

    0 Comments 271 weeks

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    They are giving away mac book air's http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
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  • Emma

    My 21st.. 8th Of Jan 2010 in the Liberal Club in Paisley. You Better Be There!!! :D xxxxx

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    Worship the tree!

  • Shagger.

    alrite shagger,whats fresh ? ur wee bro said ur gigin alot at the min,gid stuff ehh ! went 2 Artic Monkeys the other week but they werent half as grand as Kasabian a week b4 that !

  • Tammy

    Heyy :D Im doin good thanks :D What about urself? Aw was no problem atall your very welcome :L Oh thts very nice of you to rate me tht highly haha!:L Doin much this weekend? x

  • Lisa.G


  • XXmarisaxx
    luv XXmarisaxx

    dude ur actually awsome!!!! naw seen ya in a while crocodile wee need 2 get tht sorted!!! :)) xxx have a wee loveee xxx

  • luv Candykitten

    come geez a cunels cuppa tea like!:) haha some nice black ASSSSS that goes on for a while:P

  • Lisa.G
    luv Lisa.G

    ed = baaaad scene. nah nxt time, we're no goin to the 'steal yer hat' club or 'shite queers' club and no splittin up so the '2 couples n a single' situation happens either :P u guys goin out on wed...? into the arches? am down wi tunnel aswell, just want to get a drink at sumpoint LIKE

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    The Music Network

    Hey! Come check us out. The place to be to network with people within the music community :D

  • Shagger.

    alrite wee shagger,how goes it ?

  • luv Candykitten

    awrite curly heed. how wis ur wkend? ive had a migrane for 3days,suckss. wis out in glasgey las nite tho...had one of those drank heaps but didn't get tht drunk nights...boo. dang rain! xx have sum love i spose

  • Lisa.G

    yeh a guessed u wer steamin :P same. was gd, kinda fed up with that place tho but it was kimothys 21st so had to do it for the team haha still say we shuda went to octo but fuk it, was at the arches on sat there so its all sound. always another time :)

  • Lisa.G

    hows u :P

  • Gordon Jess

    awrite cunelss. u be down next saturday? my birthday and everyones gon to harleys i think. u coming man?

  • luv Kim

    flatmate love ;)

    10/10/09 via Mobile
  • Kimberley Mackay
    luv Kimberley Mackay

    Yeah i'm good thanks :) Just been working away really, it's rubbish but i need the money. Phoned up the Scottish Opera last week, i've to send them my cv and a covering letter and i'll get an audition. Hopefully i'll get in. Hows sound production going? Yeah i'll need to come up soon. Let me know when yous are free and i'll come up. :) x

  • Jamie

    I will return it to u !!! lol emm sarah jane had a wee gathering last saturday so we went to hers n folk came after the denizen gig, where were u?? I brought ur chain that night just incase u appeared lol Aww mind the lat time i seen u i was that steaming i thought i'd broke my leg and hunter had to carry me to Naomi's? lol :L U been up to much?? xxx